X-Men: Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

I love X-Men Dark Phoenix Superheroes I love comics, as you know, I’ve seen every X-Men movie and that the X-Men movie franchise corresponds to a car that’s supposed to go straight, and somehow the car stopped.

Sometimes on the street and drive off and get into car wrecks blah blah blabbity be a very unreliable narrator I think I think my favorite X-Men movies are probably just out of your mind and honorable mentions, maybe even X-Men, but you know that Logan is the first X-Men’s First Class Days of Future were who would probably be like my top favorites. I said, Logan agrees, and these are like my favorites, but apocalypse was cruel Last stand was cruel Wolverine Origins Wolverine cruel we go on and on, but these X-Men movies are crazy.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix – RapidDrama.com
X-Men: Dark Phoenix – RapidDrama.com

I hope I said I’m top notch because I love that, but apocalypse, maybe you just kill yourself, then I honestly think The Dark Phoenix I think it’s the worst thing I do. I think the only thing I liked about the dark phoenix was that I thought that the only thing I like when Jean died was that she became a phoenix, and in the end when you look in the background a little phoenix as if you were swimming on a sunny day over the blue sky.

I think that’s the only thing that’s a pity, because those moments are as if the action sequence could be mentioned for a few seconds, which take place on the train, as soon as everyone pulls off their collars, there are some moments with a magnetic bed or decent, but like in this room, it’s not essentially different from what we saw in the franchise, which you know is not an action sequence.

In this movie, it’s as if it’s going to blow up your mind or that Destroying expectations or something that could freak you out, and I find the death of mysticism was so crazy that it was so annoying and I always thought I felt it was a false mystique and Mike I put on me Do not know, Jennifer Lawrence her death her character exit just felt like contracted I just felt that way, instead of being like that tearful moment I really was like it was the worst thing he did well accounts.

What was this whole scene in a contract like hastily planned? How about if I had that there was no emotional impact when mysticism died? It was more like and then mysticism is trying all the time to push that wedge between her and Charles, who does not make any sense, as if we should be like the ex-wives you know you know how much Women have done is like what are you talking about, ex-wife? The movie you’ve been in is pretty much headed by a woman who turns almost everything upside down, something Jean Gray does not like as if he’s floating in the same as always, whatever happens. Charles, I will kill her. Why are you? Yes, there are too many of them.

There are too many of them. Yes, yes, there’s a moment when a helicopter crashes A magneto and Jim Florence was or no magneto and Jean class they had such a feud with this helicopter. They all looked like I saw this movie in 2001, okay, maybe I might have liked it more, but I mean, we’ve just seen the same we’ve seen too often, they’re arguing the same, it’s the same kind of action sequences that they’ve seen before it’s the same kind of crazy dialogues they’ve heard ‘I’ve heard before it’s a 1, it’s a 1 in 10 to me it brings nothing new to the table.

There is no repetition value. There are no scenes that made me cry or hit my emotional heartstrings. The CGI is decent at best. I was bored in the middle of the movie, which I never did. I just could not stand it. It is a unique piece. It brings nothing new to the table. It is not refreshing. It is not stunning. It’s not the best X-Men movie yet. It’s just full of done, done, and I’d like to hear a different opinion because I just did not like the movie.

It was just like oh my god, why I’m so bored, whoa, so I knew this movie all those x-men movies have made the dialogue really bad and there’s a terrible moment in which one Scott Cyclops looked like you were going to touch them, I’d kill you as if you were not just sounding like a little pipsqueak, like Cyclops Cyclops throwing the F-word around Jessica Chastain and her whole bow feel pointless and utterly futile Oblivious to Jessica Chastain is literally just like an evil alien woman who comes to relieve Jean Gray’s relentless power, as if that was Jessica Chastain’s whole point, her whole existence in this film could then erase everything, oh my god, yes It’s an autumn that I do not know if you think about it.


  1. It’s honestly not as bad as everyone said. Great acting, totally shit writing. Nice action scenes. Of course it’s better than apocalypse.


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