What Men Want

What Men Want

What men want, is the gender change of what women want. What women want is a movie with Mel Gibson could hear the thoughts of women Listen to the thoughts of men and this is one of those beautiful clothes, in which I understand myself, why it happened, that the joke since Decades Forever Like A Comic Comedian.

That’s the joke when women live, yes, but when men do, they make a following What women want and what men want. I am surprised that at the beginning of the 2000s it did not happen that you have to do the movie well. It is only logical that everyone feels exaggerated, and comedies can use exaggerations and exaggerations for their comedy, as dramas themselves can do. For the sake of drama, the concept is a comedy. The comedy has to be funny.

This movie is not so funny. Many jokes just fall to the ground. Some of them are crazy rd Slyke I think that was ad-lib, it had to be ad-lib from someone who is not so good at advertising, otherwise it’s in the script and some people were allowed through it on the screen of it profited the doubt that I would say that it was ad-lib, all dudes in the first act of this movie are meathead jocks, other than her assistant he is a nice guy, but everyone else wants to bring some chicks, dude they are in the parking lot dude, they are exaggerated to make a point, only the movie has the feeling that cartoony are joking some of the jokes.

What Men Want 2 – RapidDrama.com
What Men Want 2 – RapidDrama.com

I’ll give it well where it is due, but more of them were not in fact, though the voodoo saleswoman she actually was really funny, she was the funniest part of the movie, not just the funniest part of the movie, by far the funniest part of the movie was Luna’s Choppa Lee, who was specially worked on in a scene on the poker scene that I thought would turn out to be a sweet sink so she can go in and out like Molly’s play, but the most important thing about a poker scene is that you can work out the poker game, but this card game, as it was, is like having a lot of people doing cameos, as I am doing right now.

Sitdown at a table, we will make a montage through this suite that likes to play a lot of people of which one can tell a lovable story, and this movie has a lasting quality that is scattered somewhere in the comedy that falls on it He must learn to connect with people, but the concept that men and women want to be with people who love and are respected is here, but some sort of would like to tell that story of her. Show and the guys in our office, what’s up.

Somehow she wants to do the love thing. There are just so many things that they want to do that no lesson turns up, because if you want to make a chaotic movie with a comedy that falls on its head and over the one or four lessons you want to tell, but do not really know what to say.

Make the movie at least time-saving. Do not make the movie too long. The movie felt way too long I will not remember this one day when one day, because as I said, it’s a good concept, but men want what women want, only lessons are there to be learned, and comedy is there in the concept, but no, not right this time what men want you did see what did you think about whatever you’re thinking of comment.


  1. Remmeber that scene when Mel Gibson kicked that woman in the crotch when he heard her think something misandrist? Nah me neither.

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