Virus Movie Review

Today’s films are based on true events, and they were created far too early to offer one of our typical intro performances. So let’s just start. Virus is a medical thriller in Indian Malayalam language directed by Sheikh Abou published a week ago a knew in advance that these were real events, but until graduation I had no idea why these events tell the story of the outbreak of Nipah virus 2019 in Kerala, in which the Knipper virus claimed 17 deaths. I have not even heard of it before the film has a huge mortality risk of up to 75 percent, and there is no vaccine or special treatment for it. The only thing you can do is support the infected and of course, try to quit.

The virus spreads and you also find out how the first patient, patient zero or index, got infected, and those different elements are in the Focus of this movie. But we’re not following one or two specific protagonists through the story. But several and the movie never stops jumping from one virus to another.

I’m not so good with names anyway, but it’s even harder in a foreign-language movie, which does not make it easy to fully work through this movie, but it’s a movie in which you can invest a lot of time and energy as virus become emotionally tense And most of me has acted incredibly and to make a movie so fast after the actual events and with this quality is a feat in itself. The heroes of this story are the healthcare professionals who have fought against the virus and the lives of their patients,  probably the three most prominent roles.

Anu and Toby know Thomas as District Pervy Abram. All three characters are based on real people, although the names have changed. This also applies to the rest of the cast I will, unfortunately, recognize many faces here. I am not really familiar with the actual events and of course the film has a disclaimer in advance that some elements have been altered for dramatic purposes but overall I think that viruses could be very close to what happens apart from a few Filmmaking decisions that I’ll talk about in a moment, it’s very sound and realistic, as you may have learned to appreciate in general from the youngest director of Malayalam cinema, Archie Gabbu. It gives us actors enough room to unfold and the human drama is what the virus does best.

Virus 2019 Movie Review –
Virus 2019 Movie Review –

It does an excellent job of portraying the threat of such an outbreak and the consequences for the people and their families and friends and what it means to work in that environment onments which means deciding that you want to help people and are ready to move on putting yourself in danger by doing so in a very strong long opening sequence, the witness or Dr. Abbott Hawkman’s break from Serena Bossy works in his shift in an accident war, which is referred to in the US or in the north of Nam as an emergency room. It’s a long montage and among them someone who has become infected with the Knipper virus, since I later found out that the skin of Buzz’s performance was one of the movie’s highlights.

With these many people, we’ve always only learned a little bit more about each other than about others, and I thought his character had a bit more depth than the average, and I guess there is a deeper backstory to it with his role in that Outbreak is interwoven.

Mostly, he manages to connect the human drama with a thriller aspect to find out who is patient zero and how many people he was in contact with is such an important piece of work to gather all the data and use the data, to prevent further infections f teamwork and also do not panic It is this political element interwoven that the cost could be a terrorist attack and I liked how the size tests were presented and do not lose your mind about it and stay calm and collected,  but simply because they can not see the left again. Also, this concept of a deadly danger, which is not visible, is very well addressed.

Of course, it is a very different matter, but it reminded me of the recent mining Chernobyl, which is at least initially invisible to the eye, and the way in which virus explodes and the fear is very strong now exists A few things that I find too stubborn or too flashy for something, and because the acting and storytelling skills are strong enough, they did not have to be in the first third when they realized that it was the nipple virus very short little montage This shows virus and fear in big letters on the screen and for a second I thought we would get another opening scene.

I think it should visualize the thoughts and figures of one of the characters, but towards the end it felt very exploitative, if we find out what was causing the outbreak, there was also this scene where a photo was analyzed to the point where every technical aspect presented in the film was treated in a normal way that I liked because there are often computers and screens and programs in many Hollywood movies.

In this exaggerated way, Sci-Fi has become This time shown in a movie. It was already clear what the cause must have been, and yet I tried to create his little tension ne environment is not only the photo very conspicuous, but the way it is being reviewed was also a bit too much. another general aspect is the music that I am a bit torn about. I think Soosh’s school in Shyam is good, but there were moments when less thought could have been more, but it’s not a big criticism.

I think Virus starts very strong and ends up very strong – the photo shows the whole middle part, another two confused and outstretched, it could be that a language barrier has contributed to it However, I found it difficult to track everything, and there were also a lot of small flashbacks, which I did not immediately recognize as flashbacks of the two and a half hour long movies and maybe not always so smoothly A good idea to combine a few characters into one.

I do not think she has taken anything from teamwork and other science to history a new character Now he’s already in a trailer, so it’s not a real spoiler, but I have not seen the trailer before and all the time I wondered how great it would have been if Sabine Shahir had been there too and well, he only matters a little bit playing on viruses, but it is a very important role, and he not only gives a great performance, I often hear that it is getting worse for that is that they are realistic in human being in schism Tosya.

Immediately after a flare over a snarky and a master castle. I give Virus 7 out of 10. It’s more like 6.8, but I’m not fixing it! If you know what you think about viruses, and let me know what your favorite Subin Shah performance.


  1. Nipah outbreak in kerala was one of the major issues discussed by the Indian medias last year. It was a fearful situation as showed in the movie. The whole state of kerala were still those days. It was terrible situation were people are disallowed to interact in society. Kozhikkod, malappuram districts have reported most of the cases of Nipah. .

  2. You gave a good review…the entire story is based on true events. So I didn’t find anything lagging behind or boring! nice work.


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