I’m checking because I have to deal with using all Venom “Spider-Man” movies before this movie comes out. Pretty good. The right poison is one of the many films that go too far. Few super your movies like this and sometimes they look like a new companion – amazing for this one. I started a little bit weird and unusual could be both positive and negative.

The cast of a Tom Hardy as an ID Brock Gift his son was a fan of poison and he wanted to be in that movie to impress him even though he did not know much about the character Michelle Williams was selected for, and Wayne Eddy’s fiancee At least, Tom Hardy was much more aware of the role of the poison than Topher Grace in Spider-Man 3. Topher Grace was the poison that was poorly played.

Rich lady was not really a great supervillain, but just a villain whose voice was well edited it was like the real poison at a glance Veno I can be an action thriller, the sound fits almost perfectly in the daredevil thriller fashion, he said reaches almost as dark spots, but he does not dare the last step, but immediately switches to humor, while this new cynical poison is not quite back Such a good character establishment, a more intense atmosphere, harms the nuance that the menu of a scene or which restricts to venom.

Venom : Movie Review –
Venom : Movie Review –

You can credit Tom Hardy for showing the reluctant anti-hero so dysfunctional that he takes his gestures like twitching and joking with everyone. The alien attackers are very exciting and screenplays can be problematic, but Tom Hardy only goes all-in with his stubbornness when it comes to poison. CGI is inevitable, it’s sometimes unconvincing and more physical choreography would do more miracles than a black eye wants to see it as a movie, but in the end, Poison needs a tight Spider-Man. He could have been a stronger, faster version of Spidey and with Tom Hardy, an antihero who could have had such an interesting clash, even if he wants to opt for a science fiction thriller that already has a new movie with a simple one Reminder Upgrade is, unfortunately, everything has done better.

My biggest problem with this movie was that the poison behaves like a chaotic character jumping on cars that fight in the head and also do not scream loudly, which causes the audience to cover the ears that really annoy them, like when they jump on Carson, just swing away and every time they face the SWAT policeman, it was as if I had done it, if you had done it bars and those that really annoyed the screen.

The Ludwig here The results were really impressive in the final battle, and scenes like eyes, lungs, pancreas were really good, but sometimes I felt that the score was too dramatic, as he had done in other films than black panthers he won best composing the Oscars was good that was not as bad as his own rotometer, but I would not say that it’s a good movie, it’s never really good movie I know you k Nnten make it much better, but if it is so, how can the best?


  1. I finally realized that Spider-Man’s greatest Villain is not The Green Goblin, The Hobgoblin, Venom, Carnage, Kingpin, Chameleon, Mysterio, Sandman, Shocker, Electro, Hydro-Man, Vulture, Doctor Octopus, Lizard, Rhino, Scorpion, Kraven The Hunter or Mister Negative. It’s always Sony

  2. Couldn’t agree more with you. The Eddie/Venom scenes were the only scenes i cared about in this movie. Everything else was meh. Riz Ahmed is an incredible actor, but he’s definitely miscasted in that role. I didn’t give a shit about Eddies relationship with his girlfriend because there was really no time spent on their relationship. And obviously my main gripe is that it was PG instead of Rated R.


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