They said it was not possible, but after nearly a decade of planning, it’s finally the biggest movie of the year, Uglydolls. By the way, I’m not kidding about the nearly decade-long part this film was originally meant to do by lighting.

When they got their rights in 2011, they were given to STX entertainment studios and real-effects studios to create the animation. While people call this a rip-off of trolls, they’ve been in development for quite a while, though this is the case. It seems like trying to copy the success of trolls. Whether you like Dreamworks trolls or not, you can not deny that they were successful with this movie, and they revived an old toy.

But Uglydolls are not as recognizable as trolls Thinking of what kind of story they might make out of Uglydolls, the story begins in this city called the Ugly City. Where a bunch of spoiled dolls lives and a character, Moxy wants to go out into the big world in which she can find her own child being together and although the Ugly Ville looks like a beautiful place to live, she wants to leave it behind, it does not make much sense and if she wants to be with a child, why does she feel then none of the other dolls? By the same token, it seems like everyone can celebrate well all day and sing the conflict. Moxie’s friends help her out of the Ugly Ville, they find this place called the Institute of Perfection or whatever, There are a lot of humanoid puppets there.

Uglydolls -
Uglydolls –
These perfect looks are made for kids and there we find the antagonist Lou, who keeps control of everything, Moxie and her friends have to train, if they want to have the chance, to go to the big world I think this movie is definitely unique, but for a movie about hugging your mistakes this movie is really nothing special.

This is a musical, there are a few songs that are alright, but they were both from. The trailers of the rest of the world. Music is just kind of memorable, the animation is alright, it’s just passable and the humor is ok as if there were a few lines that made me giggle, as if one of the human puppets were saying that I’m an individual, just like the rest of you and also.

The character Lou has a lot of fans, and if they want to do the gauntlet, To go out into the big world, or whatever a fan says, I want to do your gauntlet, I just did not expect that movie at all and then there’s a character that reminds me a lot of the rainbow rock Sanada desk But apart from these three things, which are very small.

The musical event of the year is that it’s not good if you’ve seen Uglydolls, which I doubt you have an endgame. I was so dominant right now that no other movie has a chance this weekend, but if you’re curious and were so ugly, tell me in the comments and see you next time.


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