Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4

It all comes close, so 20 years ago, Toy Story 2 was the first movie I’ve ever seen in a theater, and now, 20 years later, I’m watching Toy Story 4. The emotions are high. I can not wait to see this movie Check out what the big fans have to offer and welcome me on my world today. We’re talking about the eagerly awaited sequel to the Toy Story trilogy, this is Toy Story 4. I need your comments below. Let me know if you expected this movie and did it pay off? Let’s talk about Toy Story 4.

He was always sure that he cares about his child, no matter if it’s Andi or Bonnie. However, when Bonnie reluctantly adds a new toy called a 4-key to her. A road trip adventure with old and new friends, Woody will show how big the world can be for a toy.

Obviously I was expecting this movie very much, but like many others I was a bit hesitant because the first three movies mean so much to me personally and I know you mean so much to most people that I will not say all because I know some people who do not love the Toy Story movies, if I have to admit that I’m going to do it now, I will not tell her I said, my wife does not love the movie, she enjoys it, she likes her, but she does not keep her the way I hold her right in my heart.

Right, the first Toy Story came out in the year I was born toy story as I said in my intro it’s the first movie I’ve ever seen in a theater and the third one is the first one I did in an IMAX, that was cool, but in my opinion, it was the perfect ending to all those characters in.

At the time, it was the perfect ending for Woody and Buzz, and then we hear Toy Story 4 coming out just then if they are just milking the franchise, then it’s just another sequel to Pixar that may disappoint that it’s going well at the box office, but that’s why they do it to make money, and I had the I still thought that

Movie would be good because it is Toy Story and you know those characters and Pixar never doubt that I’ve learned that, even though they’ve disappointed me once or twice, but overall, they consistently deliver one of them The most consistent studios in the Yes I was a little doubtful about why we are doubtful because we have this character so close to our hearts that I’ll get involved right away.

Josh Cooley made this movie and man, you can just say that guy loves Toy Story, which you can tell he loves these characters damn, because the level of nostalgia, mixed with the harp that’s in Toy Story 4, You begin in this movie without spoiling what the music starts to play. You get a look back at those characters The movie starts with some flashbacks, and you get a glimpse of what’s going on during certain periods when Toy Story 2 or 3 may not have hit properly.

Toy Story 4 Movie Review –
Toy Story 4 Movie Review –

I did not think it was on End of Toy Tour III There were questions that needed to be answered, this movie taught me that there were certain relationships in Toy Story 1 and 2 that were not necessarily taken into account in Toy Story 3, and then you get a Toy Story for them begins to answer questions that you never knew would bring another element into Woody’s character. Woody is absolutely the focus, he is the main element of this story, and it has always been a Woody and Buzz story, and certain elements in some films give priority to Buzz, and certain elements in other films give priority to Woody. This is absolutely 100 percent of Woody’s movie.

This is his story right where his journey begins, where he ends at the end of this film is all about him, the one he has in focus and should have better in the center of your film than Tom Hanks, perhaps his most honest and Realistic Performance, but you realize he can do it A bit older and he brings that older mentality into the character of Woody and it works so well, because you realize that Woody is weathered, that he’s gone through what he understands Maybe he eventually found his place in the world, but now he does not know where to go, and like the Toy Story movies, they always hit those topics and those topics that animation movies simply do not have.

Nowadays, you have characters, they are trying to find their place in the world. They have characters who no longer feel right, and all they need is camaraderie to be loved by a child. All of these elements are elements that have been used in other Toy Story movies. But it just felt different, it’s a completely different Toy Story movie than the movies, but when it comes to the score, the score is in this one Movie like the boys that Randy Newman is back, baby, and it’s reminiscent of all the other movies I’ve heard in this movie many elements of Toy Story 2, such as music voices and certain moments in which I watched the movies last week have. I had these sound effects and the sounds and songs in my mind where they played a lot Toy Story 2 music movie and Toy Story 2.

There were some iconic musical moments in this movie, so it was really nice to hear it Nice to listen back to those moments in this movie, and I found the score incredible, the visuals in this movie, oh my god Toy Story, it’s fantastic, almost perfect, but has never been known for its photo-realistic graphics and myself In the first trailer I was a little bit concerned with how well they changed the animation style.

I do not know if I like that, but I did not care about five minutes in this movie and I loved it when we finally arrived, because the colors and visual elements in this movie are as much as stills as they Just capture it and then directly enlarge it to frame it because they are so pretty and so. The movie is just so well done, so beautifully done, Austin, as it is that the story was not worthy at this time to this tired of returning franchise, although his franchise is not tired.

This is a very interesting story because you have all these new characters and the main layer here is four keys and four keys were weird Toy Story 4 right now out of the movie I can say it might be the funniest of all Toy Story movies it could not be the most emotional, if I know that I’m often mistaken emotions in this film may not be the deepest feelings there are, but the jokes were so great that Tony Hale is unbelievable. He is just like that. I do not know what to do with my life.

Why am I alive? It’s really scary to think that there is such a kind of horror territory and there are so many moments in this movie that come close to horror, certain dolls, certain elements about the villain, it’s scary that one This is the best place to bring in horror and suspense, and this villain is one of the best villains I’ve seen all year, because you think the villain understands where the villain is from comes, but there is also an element that is just super scary, and I don’t know why you just have to step back, but four keys are wonderful. The return of Bo Peep is great She’s a lead actress in this movie and it was so nice to see her back on screen, one of those unanswered questions. They get many questions answered about their character.

Then you have Keys and Peele, who have some of the best jokes in the entire Toy Story franchise, they were weird, you realize that they’ve strayed a bit from the script, but that has helped Keanu Reeves as Canada’s biggest stuntman as Duke Boom is on the canvas, he is great.

My only major complaint about the story is that we did not focus so much on characters like ham and rex and Mr. Potato Head, but that’s fine, because Toy Story 3 has really brought us many of those characters who are there and in attendance, and you’re not upset that they’re not recording the entire movie, but I would have liked to see Um see more, I would have liked to see more Woody and Buzz moments, and they are great, but maybe a bit more, and I’m sitting in a theater with a few parents and kids, and the end made me I shed some tears and I can not tell when a cartoon made me move that way last time.

Toy Story 3 did it from the inside out. I think it did, but there are only so many moments in this movie that are so straightforward and you can tell people behind the scenes that they care about what’s important to Buzz, all of them Characters lent interesting dynamics, and that the end of this movie is perfect is not a thing that’s wrong from the heart the use of all the technical elements guys I love Toy Story 4 I found it unbelievable that it blew me away, because I hesitated a bit. Do not doubt that Pixar does not always deliver at this level, but if they do, it’s fantastic that I get a story for a 95% love the movie loved everything at showcase liked the emotion first.


  1. Toy Story 1 – save buzz from Sid
    Toy Story 2 – save woody from Al
    Toy Story 3 – save all the toys from lotso
    Toy Story 4 – save forky from Gabby
    Toy Story 5 – save Bonnie from Andy

    By the way, loved the movie.


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