Toy Story Movie Review

Toy Story 1995 is too intense for little kids, it’s certainly sweet, but it also has some potentially scary moments Pixar‘s classic animated adventure follows the silly antics of a room full of toys that come to life when people are not around, to see them on all coasts The movie is full of fantasy, fun, and thoughtful lessons.

Toy Story 1995 –
Toy Story 1995 –

It was designed especially for families. Strong themes such as loyalty, friendship and teamwork shine in the main characters. It also shows courage and humility right up to the end of the story, stating that there are a few scenes that parents should look for.

Most disturbing of all, a bad neighbor likes to abuse toys and mutilate and create mutant hybrids that are damn creepy. Movie is fine for kids, five enough for age-appropriate media recommendations.



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