Tom and Jerry’s Giant Adventure Movie Review

Tom and Jerry’s Giant Adventure Movie Review

Tom and Jerry movie review and this time I am reviewing Tom and Jerry’s Giant Adventure which was released in 2013. And before I start this review, I wanted to say that I just realized that I have been calling Nibbles as Daffy in all of my tom and jerry movie reviews till now and… I have no idea why I did that.

I guess I was thinking of Daffy the Duck or something while writing my reviews and Nibbles’ other name wAas Tuffy so I mixed Daffy and Tuffy and I wrote the script for all of those reviews at the same time so, yeah… What’s weird though, is that I never corrected myself during the entire video making process but what’s even weirder is that nobody even corrected me in the comment section till now. Anyways, let’s begin the review of this movie. Okay so this movie starts off with a really well done narration but it tries to make us sad or something right in the opening scene, like Pixar did with UP, but fails to do so. It just doesn’t work as well as UP’s opening scene did but again.

The classic Tom and Jerry chase scene in this movie is pretty average and doesn’t work as well as most chases in the opening of other Tom and Jerry movies and the only thing that made this one stand out among others was it’s good animation. But without the animation, this chase scene is absolutely nothing and it couldn’t make me laugh or even smile and yeah, I really didn’t like this chase scene very much when compared to the chase scenes of other Tom and Jerry movies. Okay so now let’s talk about the characters of this movie. Tom and Jerry were obviously great.

The new character of this movie named Jack is also pretty good, I guess? I mean, he is just an average Tom and Jerry movie character but he still went along really well with Tom and Jerry which made this movie a little more entertaining to watch. He has a song too which, I thought was actually pretty bad and probably my least favorite part of the movie. Droopy is in this movie too and it’s so satisfying to see everything go not in his way for once. It’s kind of annoying how everything goes his way in most of the episodes and movies so it’s nice to see that not happen for once. Tuffy, not Daffy, is a big mouse here and I liked this change because this movie’s main villain is the giant guy or Ginormous or whatever so it was really clever to have the small baby character as the big giant one.

Tom and Jerrys Giant Adventure
Tom and Jerrys Giant Adventure

The scene where Tom was shocked by Tuffy’s size was kinda funny, just like Mr. Bigley, who is the villain of this movie for the first half of it. I don’t know why, but the way Mr. Bigley talks and walks is kinda funny to me. Anyways, let’s talk about the final scene and I thought it was pretty annoying how they kept stretching it on and on and on. Like, they defeat the giant guy once and he returns once again and then they wrap him up with the magical vines but he escapes and returns once again and it goes on and on and on. And none of the chase sequences were intense and just felt really unnecessary. This movie could have easily been shorter than it already is right now. And in the end they give half of the golden egg, which gets easily cut like butter by Tom, to Mr. Bigley as payment and Storybook Town starts attracting more people once again and bla bla bla.

This ending was okay but it could have been way better. In fact, this entire movie could have been way better. Okay so while I will say that this movie isn’t all that entertaining, I will have to accept that it’s animation is just amazing! It starts showing off it’s animation right from the opening chase scene and maintains that fluid animation till the end of this movie which is just amazing! I think this movie might just have better animation than The Fast and the Furry.

The scene where Tom, Jerry and Jack were getting transported to what they called “The Real Storybook Town” by the beanstalk was animated in a truly beautiful and stunning way. Rating- 6.5/10 Best Moment.


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