Tom and Jerry: The Fast and The Furry Movie Review

Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry. So let’s begin the review! Okay so in the Opening of the movie we see the normal cat and mouse chase between Tom and Jerry and Spike also gets involved and all but this time they overdo their cat and mouse chase and destroy the entire house! The owner of the house comes in it shortly after and I really like how Spike just gets out of there after she comes in because he knows that she will be furious to see the state of her house and she was, indeed.

She was so furious, in fact, that she kicked both Tom and Jerry out of the house. Now it looked like she could easily overpower Jerry so why rely on Tom to finish off Jerry? Can’t she just do it herself? Anyways, after that they see that there was a big Race thingy going on and the winner of the race would win an entire mansion and an entire mansion was exactly what they needed since they just got kicked out of their previous house and so they obviously signed up for the race and here is where things really got entertaining. Okay so now let’s talk about the Race and the Racers.

My favorite Racer aside from Tom and Jerry has to be Grammy just because of her quirky dog. I loved that moment when her dog was just throwing stuff out of her car to slow down the other racers since that was absolutely hilarious. Although the dog’s backstory is pretty dark. And the moment they were stuck in the traffic and each of them had to show the special powers of their cars had to be one of my favorite moments, especially because of the superpower Grammy’s car had. It was basically two giant legs coming out of her car and that was great and funny.

I also liked how Dirkly just didn’t care about the other passengers and just destroyed their cars with his giant wheels. Gorthan’s Car’s powers were actually pretty cool though. Even though I hate spiders, I will have to admit that those spider legs coming out of his cars was super cool. Speaking about Gorthan, I really loved it when his tongue got stuck on the South Pole and one of those hosts calling Gorthan a sore loser after he cursed them made it even better! I also loved that quicksand moment since it was of course funny and all but also because it eliminated Soccer Mom who was the most boring racer out of them all because her car had no superpowers or anything like that so it made her and her car really boring.

Tom and Jerry The Fast and The Furry
Tom and Jerry The Fast and The Furry

However, I really didn’t like what happened to her after she got out of her drowning car because this movie implied that she got killed by the insects of the Amazon Forest and that was kind of scary. Okay so after the race kept getting extended, it finally came to an end with Tom and Jerry having to do a race not with cars but with super fast airplanes and this scene was just awesome to see! It was so well animated like the rest of the movie and funny at the same time.

However, I really hated how it ended with a draw since that was sooo predictable. I would actually be surprised if it wasn’t a draw but of course it was a draw. Anyways, after this J.W says that they will have to redo the race since it was a draw but they just get angry and attack J.W and all and at the end they finally get their mansion. However, after they get their mansion the owner of their previous house comes in and claims that the mansion is hers and orders Tom to destroy Jerry.

Tom and Jerry The Fast and The Furry Movie Review
Tom and Jerry The Fast and The Furry Movie Review

The classic Tom and Jerry chase begins once again and it again brings down their new mansion just like it brought down their old house. This ending was really nice but I didn’t like how the owner of the previous house beat Tom with her broom two to three times in a row. She was just being cruel to Tom. Rating- 9/10


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