Hey guys, you stand here and I hope you’re all fine no matter where you are in Middle-earth. I had the pleasure of seeing the new Tolkien film reviewed early on and this was the video I referred to last week’s video hopes to release it this weekend and here we are now. This is a spoiler-free review of the Tolkien film as it has not been widely released yet and I know how to spoil biopic well Although we know or can explore the life history of tokens, this film tells the first part of his life in a way Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins as Jr Tolkien and Edith branch, respectively, have shown some controversy and misunderstanding in connection with the Tolkien estate in recent weeks.

The movie is complete, but it’s not so hard It seems like Tolkien’s estate did not endorse or support the film. However, this clearly differs from an open rejection of the film, as Tolkien estate has not supported or advocated any of the Middle-earth movies that we have been very happy over the years, I just wanted to clarify a bit and I will add a few articles in the description I have to say that I really liked it and it was a pleasure to see that you all know what I’m looking for when you’re media on this site read.

I know that certain elements of an adaptation must deviate from the original source, but I believe the theme’s attitudes and stories of characters to be told by Tolkien and his life must remain true and if they are, they respect the professor and his works. I believe that the film does this wholeheartedly. The themes of brave love and camaraderie are very prevalent throughout the course of the film and the story. It is said that he is very loyal to Tolkien and his life, although there are some natural changes that bring about this genre of film as I film has seen.

I have often searched for references and Humphrey carpenters. Tolkien’s biography and, frankly, this is one of the most faithful biographies I’ve ever seen, and there were also many parallels in the film between Token’s life and his stories that we all know, and especially fans of The Silmarillion knowledge. Should I be happy with this movie again, I will not ruin anything But just looking for parallels between certain great battles and characters from The Silmarillion. They blew me away and made me enjoy the movie even more.

The Aragorn Arwen Elrond dynamics or the infertile lúthien Fingal dynamics also seem to be a driving archetype, as well as the film that brings me to the point that you can see many of the inspirations for Tolkien work in this film one of myth speaking art music religion and trees that I consider very accurate and respectful Tolkien life The film is also very much about the love of token life, the Edith Brats, and in relation to it, the film has made some changes from what actually happened in their relationship, but they have done so for good reason to consider all the significant aspects and people in Tolkien life together for an incredible and coherent film and I really loved what they did to Edith in this movie.

Both Nicholas and Lily have done a great job in their performances and I can not forget that they have played all their roles very well and faithfully. Fantasy elements have been well intermingled with the story and the fantasy and monsters that Tolkien would write about later were used as symbols for other things like the war in the movie.

The film does not shy away from the sadder or darker aspects of token life, nor should it really be part of the token life for these elements, as well as the technical aspects of the movie, I thought the camera was the Cinematography lighting special effects sound editing music costumes and sets were all very well done as they worked in this smaller and more personal movie.

They almost always got me more into the film and never really gotten out of the experience, except maybe for a few moments with some of the CGI, but those moments were rare, although there were a few very small issues I had with the movie There were definitely some biopic tropes that were used throughout the movie, and there were certain moments in Tolkien character that I did not think he had or would have done because of his temperament and his life, to make it entertaining and exciting These moments were necessary, but I understand how some people do not like these elements altogether.

This was a really great movie, and since I know you are all fans of Tolkien and his works, I ask you all, yourself to watch the movie as soon as possible, so as not to be disappointed I have heard criticism that the film does not have its religion or its spiritual beliefs and I do not have to agree. Tolkien religion is not the center of the downfall, it definitely plays a role in the film and we can also see how it is contributed to his education, as well as his financial situation, and it was really a great movie centered around the community and if I had to give him a rating I would give him a nine out of ten after watching this movie.


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