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The Wolf’s Call 2019 – Netflix

Hey, everybody, what’s up, how are you? Today we’re talking about a new Netflix movie The Wolf’s Call. Just so that some of you know it’s a French movie. I’ll have to read a bit, which I have no problem with, but I’ll say this movie is weird. I just had the same feeling about this movie about another Netflix movie that I just saw like the other day that opened so incredibly hard that I really had very, very high hopes for it and that in the end it just It was a frustrating festival, but also, as with this other film, there were actually some sympathetic features involved in the plot of the film.

A French submarine, or rather, and a certain type in a French submarine something like a sonar type. While this submarine is on a rescue mission, this guy hears something about the earphones he somehow recognizes, but he can not put his finger on properly. It leads them into an imminently dangerous situation, but in the rest of the movie, it’s essentially about because he’s trying to figure out exactly where this sound comes from and how to handle it by moving forward and strongly opening it again, except for a few. The Wolf’s Call

That’s why it just got weird and it was sudden and if They allow me to make another comparison, I think this movie was actually very similar to the film glass that came out earlier this year because in my opinion the first ones lasted about 15 to 25 minutes The movie that was supposed to be the entirety of the movie, but instead he liked to rush through all this and then go his crazy direction, which is cool because it’s unexpected, but also wack Elig, because it’s not necessarily the best because it was executed At first this movie felt like it would be a different kind of Hunt for Red October or U-571 movie, but then at some point a very ridiculous one happens.

I’m not even sure it’s physically possible at which point it’s just starting to get a bit weird and it feels like a discount version of like some of all the fears or Pearl Harbor and they try to arouse somewhere a romantic interest in it and then I just felt weird like the third act of logistics behind it and it felt like everything could have been avoided if someone had had the slightest foresight.

I watched it and said, oh no, we do things like that, in case something like that should happen and I’m like who the ingenious idea was that someday somebody else would deny access to something It is a kind of stupid and the reason why it had to be denied access, and why it had to happen at that particular moment, why would not you have known that it would be passed on? This information was available a little earlier and was because all the actors tried to play them super serious, even crazier. The Wolf’s Call

The Wolfs Call 2019 1 –
The Wolfs Call 2019 1 –

At that point, it just felt super-weird because they could have had the super-serious sort of U-571 from route or they could have got the insanely fast and frantic route and it does not seem like everyone’s on the same side, but that also leads me to some positive aspects of the film: I would like to have acted because I could feel it all The emotions everyone wanted to get out of because they really get the tension of the fight or maybe the fear could feel in front of the individual characters that had been seen on the street.

That was good, and because it’s a movie about Sonar The sound editing and sound mixing, all of which worked amazingly well, and I would say that the music and the first half of the movie were actually quite outstanding, but then it all came down somehow apart, when the movie went on, it was really weird, but still, guys, you say it’s not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but it’s just a really, really, very unfocused movie that was just a vision which is almost blurry underwater, so I think I’ll get a total score of 10 to go a bit negative I’ll give it like a 4.3, if you’re a fan of submarine movies.

Maybe this is not a bad movie for you, or if you’re a fan of Tom Clancy novels or Tom Clancy, you know movie adaptations, but for Me personally had such high hopes after the first 20 minutes that I was just a little disappointment but still, guys, these are my thoughts. What are your thoughts? Did you see this movie?


  1. Just watched The Wolf’s Call last night and it was brilliant. You could nit pick a flaw here and there but “IMO” it was the best submarine movie since Das Boot…


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