The Sun Is Also A Star

The Sun Is Also A Star

Hello everybody, with my review of The Sun Is Also A Star that appears in cinemas today in North America and elsewhere. The Sun Is Also A Star that Rui Ruis staged so young and was written by Tracy Oliver.

Yara Shahidi as Natasha, whose family is The imminent deportation from the United States turns out to be a very bad timing as she crosses the road with Daniel, a first-generation Korean who is convinced that Natasha and he have the fate Now, together, Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton playing Daniel, whom you may not have seen in many movies yet, but you may know from their television work that Yara Shahidi from the blackish and moaning Charles Melton is a recurring one Role is playing in Riverdale, and I’m sure these roles play two good actors in their own rights and other projects, but I did not feel that they are particularly strong in this movie, leaving much of The Sun Is Also A Star that relies on the chemistry between these two, yet there were many scenes in which I simply did not feel it.

They felt like two younger actors who were trying to make this material really emotional – for lack of a better word and some of the scenes some scenes later in the movie it has improved a bit, but when so much of the movie is on Based on chemistry and having two actors struggling to find this chemistry, by and large, it does not really help the film, to be honest they did not do much of favors on the film’s script The Sun Is Also A Star is based on a book of the same name.

The Sun Is Also A Star that sounds poetic but does not you think about it, it’s really just a factual statement. I feel like maybe I could get rich when I write a book, that is, you know that the moon is up in the sky or the water surrounds the whole ocean. These are technically factual terms, but they sound poetic, right? Transitioning the mentality into the script and the screenplay altogether the screenplay itself is pretty much full of the same tropes and clichés that you’ve seen so often in romances and especially youth romances over the years, but the movie is so serious and feels as if you take him so seriously and try to be it so much deeper than it really is, that it really backfires and you start thinking, wait a minute, there is not really much here.

This movie thinks it’s a lot of meteors than it is that the script is actually pretty boring for a movie has progressive intentions and I think the studio should be credited with the involvement of a writer and a director and a multi-ethnic cast. More films should be shot with more variety both in front of and behind the camera, I think this is possible. At the same time, I have to admit that this film has many shortcomings, and one who really impressed me was that a very progressive movie, but I found many of his ideas about love and romance very unfortunate.

I think when you get to the bottom of the story, it’s about this Daniel, who literally gets Natasha out of the crowd and follows her and confronts her and basically says we are destined to be together and you are destined to love me and she rejects him, she says I do not believe in love This is really a bad timing for me. My family will be deported tomorrow. This is not a good time for me to start anything. He only says no, we are destined to be together. I’m going to convince you and because this is a romance and because the movie progresses so much that such thinking is ultimately confirmed by the movie itself, I do not think this is a very healthy message that should be specially sent to a movie, young audience I do not think you want another film that reinforces this idea.

If a guy thinks he’s destined to love you, he just has to follow you and wear you down until you’ve proven wrong. Although your instincts say this might not be the right move for you, I like it Message not really and I do not think it’s a particularly healthy one, and yet it’s one that this movie seems to wholeheartedly support and that gets down to the very core of what I think is wrong with Mo That’s that it should look very deep and very pretty. 20% of the movie I would appreciate are New York shots that were filmed from strange angles, and with a rotating camera, there is a scene where the two characters go to an airport. It begins with a long shot, They drive over a bridge and then take a long turn outside the airport and then a long shot over the airport and then another shot outside.

I understand that they are going to the airport, which is a crystal clear message to me. But I think the film’s aesthetics in conjunction with the script that both want to paint this story is something very deep and very important, but the content is not there and indeed, the context of the film is, I think, the opposite If I look at The Sun Is Also A Star, then there are two different facts that I think must be acknowledged. It is absolutely admirable that a large studio would produce and market a comedy in which they star and perform in multi-ethnic novels. When a woman is at the top and a woman writes the screenplay, that is the kind of variety that we need more in the studio films produced today, but I think you also have to acknowledge that this particular film was not accurate for me.

A very good movie, unfortunately now, which happens so often when a big studio gets its backing behind the scenes Diversity, if the film is critically or commercially well received, they will basically reject the idea and say that we have tried and it did not work and I hope that this is not to the detriment of this film, since I think that both facts can coexist, as this is an admirable step from a large studio to having a diverse crew both there in front of the camera, but the end product just does not work I hope these shortcomings are captured in this movie and can not be transposed to any other ideas, just as The Sun Is Also A Star, is a very deep core and root the idea of ​​t be film but the execution itself is very superficial, so it is not a recommendation for me that the sun is also a star but I hope there are more stories like these that are the big sick green ones that I have to think of a great example of a film This is a multi-ethnic romance that allows its characters to engage in their differences, but now not allow them to define them, and whether more studios crack this kind of filmmaking and really only human stories While they acknowledge this, the diversity of the United States and the world is more than just a few types of people.

I think we’ll be in a better place so no recommendation for The Sun Is Also A Star, but what do you think, did you see that? movie did it connect you on a deeper level that did it to me, did you read the book, how is the adaptation of all sorts of things to talk about with this movie? Let me know in the comments below. I’d like to hear it when you think and as always it will be down to Fandom Entertainment We’ll be here with reviews of the latest movies as we move deeper into the summer blockbuster season.


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