The Slumber Party Massacre : Horror Movie

The Slumber Party Massacre : Horror Movie

Hey guys, it’s Monday, which means there’s time for another review, as I said in my previous review. I wanted to review The Slumber Party Massacre. I finally looked at it when I just said I’m going to unveil 1982 The Slumber Party Massacre.

This is a movie that I’m surprised I’ve never seen before because it’s such a popular 80’s horror movie and I know that there are a lot of people who really love this movie and even love the sequels that I’ll see you at some point – I know you like it, I do not know about three, but I know that there are a lot of people who like it too and it’s a nice summer party mascara, one of the better 80’s horror movies, what the Cinematic, and all I’ll say, though I’m not like the kills are alright, they’re not the best, but they’re there, they’re good, but I like the fact that a female director filmed this movie, And it’s kinda fun to have Slasher movies at this time.

For me, who made it brilliant because it’s great to come here to see the parts in the movie too, such as the pizza delivery order and the pizza delivery guy. but he’s actually dead and the one girl that brings peace to a girl is as good, you have to eat and then she takes a pizza from the dead person and basically she eats another funny thing when one of her girls did open the fridge and there’s a body in the fridge and whirl the bodies around like every time you open and close the fridge. The body falls out of the fridge, but for me it’s funny, but it works for this type of movie. Actually, this story.

I do not really understand the murderer’s motive it can not I do not I do not really understand the killer’s motive I like, even though the killer used a trail like drill because it’s something they really did not see much in slasher movies back then It was like knives and axes and Shetty’s and all the stuff that was kinda different for the time being, which I’m saying is my favorite horror movie of the ’80s, no, but still a great horror movie of that 80s, and it’s one of those movies, as I said, I’m surprised that I have not seen this yet because I just think it’s a great movie. Thank you for being on TV for this movie because I do not know where to watch this movie.

The Slumber Party Massacre : Horror Movie Review –
The Slumber Party Massacre : Horror Movie Review –

I know, I do not think so. I’m not sure if it’s on Cheddar or not, but I saw it on TV and I am very happy that I saw this movie because I definitely missed it, because there are so many People with whom I’m friends with on the line and just friends in general like horror fans and they’re like Oh, The Slumber Party Massacre is great movie, one of my favorites. I think I’ve never really had a chance to see him, so it’s nice of oh yeah yeah though I think I’ve never seen this movie, I do not know if I’ll like it or not, because how As I said, it takes game, it’s a title that says it takes place as a pajama party.

One complaint I have about this film is that high school graduates in this film are old for high school graduates and I know the main girl, her younger sister, she looks about the same age as an older sister. I was just one of those who had somehow stupid moments just because you can get younger people to play the right roles, like sleeping, why can not they actually use kids in this movie for the right age and I just think that they um, I know sometimes that you can not fill all these people for this kind of as it is I sucked at some point, I mean, it’s still a great movie. It’s not terrible that he did not really influence the movie. It’s just one of the little complaints I have about the movie.


  1. Haha I literally just finished watching this movie! Wanted to watch someone’s review and now watching yours. Agree with the score was decent. Could have been better in some of the middle parts of the film though


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