The Silence Movie Review

The Silence Movie Review

I’ve never seen a movie and I thought that sound familiar. That’s what you’ll feel when you watch The Silence today. I’ll take a look at the silence. Silence is a post-apocalyptic film that tells the story A family going through this episode you know shows their story of how they are going through it, and I’ll be honest, it reminds me of a lot of quiet, quiet place, which opened one of these films opened up a whole new era of the post-apocalyptic genre, and now we see more and more films that are very similar.

But with the various twists and turns like the bird box and the now appearing bird box and the silence and then to the quiet place I want to say that you have to buy that, because I’m pretty sure it’s not on Netflix, but we’ve gotten involved.

So basically, that there are scientists who are archaeologists investigating a cave and they are accidentally digging too deep, and a whole bunch of these creepy creatures eats on them and then flies and then we hear nothing from them until now we cut into the family and they cut the daughter through stories in the movie I do not mind, but I understand why many people do not usually like it.

The narrative in the Silence movie kills the tension of the story in a way because it already tells you that these characters will now survive if done in a Silence movie. Good that you know the character could die and that you can because you did it well, but for that character, I did not really feel that the narrative was necessary.

She has always said the obvious and it was somehow the purpose of us in one place she says literally, that’s our story and I had the feeling that I’m watching you I mean it’s not the story of your neighbor it’s okay the main characters are a family a husband a wife grandmother son and daughter the daughter is deaf we do not have I do not see that there are a lot of similarities between the silence in the quiet place.

The Silence Movie Review2 –
The Silence Movie Review2 –

I always had to remember that I saw the same movie, but with different twists, you might know a bit of another plot, but it’s just so similar, for example, that the daughter is hard of hearing at the quiet spot in this story. The girl is deaf but she was not born deaf or it’s not something she lost long ago. She’s just in a car accident that left her.

She’s faced with this disability, and that’s why you get the feeling she’s the one to save the day, and that’s just how this movie is not going at all, which is sort of weird because I feel they have thrown it a bit too much, especially with their narrative that she gave herself. It’s pretty intense, you know? I have a point of which she literally only speaks, how she differs from all others and how she notices things to everyone else.

Maybe she should notice that and you are the way you are, at some point, you will feel so you are just looking at a memoir from someone telling you that she is the greatest person ever, and it’s just annoying. If you go through the movie then you know there are certain deaths in the movie that are somehow like me.

I can not really say that I care too much about them and honestly I think that’s the only reason is because the movie does not really give them too much meaning, like the uncle or the dad he obviously was not he was not in the movie long enough to make me feel too much for him anyway and honestly.

I think so that it just served as a kind of sound, as a way to be something that could be done to drive the family to do something different, so it’s as if he’s just there by accident for something like a product If you want a prop to get around it was very decent pressure but it is still around I felt that grandmother had played a bigger role, especially when it came to helping her mother when she learned more about it later. I did not really feel we needed to know what the purpose was to take this boy into the life of this girl.

I understand that it’s normal to love and trust in the teenage years, but he really has no other purpose in the movie, so they are. How could the movie have gone on without him? Yes, we could have done it. There was no reason for him to get involved in this movie, and I just did not feel that it really added to my favorite character what the father, the father, was absolutely amazing in this movie just because he did not really look that way, as if I know no panic. You know he was just like everything.

Okay, sure, not okay. We’ll just go through that He was just everything was there, everything was alright and everything It was just that he just went in and did all he had to do, so to speak, and it somehow made the movie very boring, because you did not feel you were watching a family fight and you go through it.

It was more like a dad, you know that you’re holding everyone on your back and bringing his family in and dying, and it was boring, you know, because you in one of these types of movies you could not see more than you want to see the fight you want to see the despair, the fear, the emotion and it was just a kind of character, a sense of survival, the family just did everything he said he was the leader and there is always a leader you know. But I, just this family, would have died without him doing it.

If I want to find the Silence movie really nervous, then there are a lot of nervous things that you know you’re going to make the decision to leave the van a little too so there’s nothing that could protect you. You know, before the creatures I mean, one wrong move on a branch, and you’re done. There are no mistakes.

Yeah, I know, obviously it would not have been a good option to use the car because it makes a lot of noise, but at least the car has you so well protected, or one Art Minister has served as a good buffer of which you know the creatures will reach your car head around, but that’s just that I’m very nervous, but yes, and then there’s this scene where the family becomes one House is coming and this lady with the shotgun literally comes out of the gun, and she must have been the only one who did that I do not see the news because she made all sorts of sounds and of course it was again one of those props that were there were to advance the story, because she knows that she serves as a distraction for her creatures, because they know on her.

She evidently did not realize that she does not silence the family. She takes this opportunity to seek shelter in her home and to do so You have to go through a pipe and obviously you know something is wrong, so they go through that pipe and I had a little problem with when the child goes through.

You know that there is a rattlesnake into which the creature lands and flies As if one would simply swallow this snake completely or tear it to shreds, and the way this happens is so fast, but I find it really hard to believe that this child would not make a noise, as if you know what I mean you are you I’m surprised and he just has nothing and I mean, we’re talking about features that are as close to each other as you are and it was a bit unbelievable that you believe this creature can not hear you know so much as do you know what or do you know what? I do not know if it was because he was too busy swallowing the snake.

Maybe I’m just too picky, but mm-hmm, it was the track and then I’m also doing you know when the creatures come and because of the rattlesnake they We begin to As a post-apocalyptic creature like a chicken bone at their Legs nibbles, it looks as if you know it well, and I was so weird that the story goes into the father and the daughter, who now need antibiotics for the mother spooky village no empty Koopa village that you normally see in zombie movies, and all of a sudden no more, but then you’re kidnapped into this weird world, and there’s another character that’s been introduced to the story Whether or not she does it I suppose he’s a bit like the anime characters who do not want to be seen, and they’re super-mysterious.

They just scare on a random building and that’s pretty much what that priest did. He was a very scary anime guy and he did that first.

It took quite a while for them to get what they needed, and then he resumed his normal interaction with them, but then something even deeper developed As a highlight of the film, now I was not particularly pleased with it, just because you usually know for the pinnacle of a post-apocalyptic movie that it’s character versus creature or zombie, or whatever you know, and here.

I was kind of like a person against a person’s season premiere may not be the highlight of a movie, especially if you’re dealing with a movie like the quiet place that looked like such a movie and then having the climax with that creature of mine thought it lasts much longer memorable and much more exciting, but with that and I’m not saying that you know that I was not like that, oh wow okay, I did not see it coming. Wow okay, what’s going to happen.

I had those moments, but I still thought that this is not going to happen. When it turned out to be that way, I thought, oh okay, that’s pretty flat and so was my attitude towards the end of this movie because pretty much afterward, they meet again with this friend, the random boy that they er, you know that you really have no emotions for them and they end. You know that this could be a second part.

It could be a second part to this movie being quiet place it ended up with a kind of how you see that you know that they have developed there and how to fight these creatures and go off and what I think in a sense that you know with post-apocalyptic films that it’s one of those things that is as if I want to see you as the end. I just want to finish one. You have something of a happy ending to bring back to World War II.

I do not particularly care about solving movies because I think they are overplayed. I have not really seen one that is really good or I say that has a lot of depth, but I really liked World War II. I thought there were a lot of you who knew the depth, and I liked the way they worked on the movie ends, you know.

There might be a second part, but we know, we know and you know in a way, and it gave you the feeling that there is hope, that you know that it leaves so much to be desired, but you know that this is only my opinion. I encourage anyone who likes to watch these types of films. Tell me how you feel about it. It’s not a bad movie.



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