The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption is a movie that asks and answers a lot of questions that come out of the title itself. What does The Shawshank Redemption mean, who or what is redeemed? The obvious first guess would be Andy, our protagonist, but there’s something wrong with that. He falsely condemns the prison. He begins the story as a morally flawless individual and ends up the same way one might argue that the title refers to the salvation of the prison itself.

The Shawshank’ Redemption is the Redemption of the Shawshank, How Andy’s Work Could Turn It To a place of torture and violence into a place of learning and self-improvement, it could be the salvation of reading someone who accepts his mistakes and a fulfilling one Life, a young, stupid child who has committed this terrible crime, but I think The Shawshank Redemption embodies all these ideas.

It’s about bringing light to a place of darkness and defeating good before Andy arrived in Shawshank. It was a place Declaration of Conformity The prisoners went through the same cycle day after day. Nothing changed. Every day passed. The prisoners gave up their individuality. We learned that red stopped playing the harmonica cycles that formed in the prison walls they enslaved, so they depend on institutionalization. One of the main ideas that go on throughout the movie is the passing of time.

The Shawshank Redemption -
The Shawshank Redemption –

The film progresses, days, months, and sometimes even years, without the audience realizing that time means nothing, if nothing is achieved, and the overseer Norton tries to take away the humanity of the prisoner, robs them of everything they know from the outside, and apply a new set of rules, but you trust the Lord, whom the overseer is more interested in appearances than anything else, as long as everything looks like it is on the rise, he is more than willing to break the rules, As long as nobody knows why he has changed Andy’s numbers, why he He abused the religion only to use what he wants from the Bible as a justification for his terrible deeds, when in reality he missed the point that the prisoners behaving as much as Albert Camus’s absurd hero and his novel The Stranger After Him Absurdism focuses on the conflict of people seeking a meaning in life, and their inability to Finding a meaning in its simplest form implies that the only way to lead a substantial life is to stop finding a culprit and instead simply exist instead.

When Shawshank tries to persuade his inmates to live outside bars and walls he prepares exactly the opposite. By the time Brooks is ready to enter or re-enter the real world he can not enter, he keeps his prisoners in an endless loop of violent crime and deceit.

In prison, he was deprived of his individuality, leaving a shell of his former self. It is very obvious that he is a good man who was just bad in his youth and we see this with a love for Jake and Hi. His pity for the other prisoners is the only time he is violent when forced is to face the idea of ​​leaving When he leaves, he is not fit for the real world. When Andy arrives in Shawshank, he begins a serious change to turn the prison into a place of self-improvement. He teaches people how to read and write. He opens up a library and does his best to get to the root of the film’s message, no matter how bad your life is, no matter how caught you are, there’s a way out through hard work, anyone can improve their lives All you need is to do something positive and through his hard work Andy is able to improve the lives of other prisoners.

He finds beauty in a place where there should be none, and then to bring it into the life of everyone, he does so on the roof that we have said and drank sun on our shoulders with that and felt as for you men and later through music it was as if a beautiful bird in our trap would flutter in a cage and dissolve these walls and in both cases punish itself for the betterment of others and though he may spend time in the hole or Helping Hadley’s taxes, the good he brings to others, is more important than the bad thing that comes to mind, but at the beginning of the movie, Andy is not all good, and in the course of the film, he is able to break free he entered shawshank they may not have been guilty of murder, which does not mean that he is the perfect person he blames himself for, that his marriage falls apart, she has killed, the withdrawal, he is e in natural liar and helping with the guards’ plans to scan the system, the present is a place of evil and he quickly learns that if he wants to do anything well, it also means that he has to behave badly throughout the movie.

We watch him find freedom through beauty, but he finds his ultimate freedom through immorality. The funny is from the outside. I was an honest man, straightforward like an arrow thug, ready to break the rules and bad for the betterment of others and is able to use his evil deeds to truly expose evil while in prison and be the innocent man who breaks the rules to escape while the guilty one obeys the rules to gain his freedom and finally both men land on the same beach in the same place.

Shawshank Prison deprives of its sociality After Redd was released from prison, he took the same path that Brooks could not survive in the real world, but again Andy managed to bring the positive change to Red’s life and he cares not about how others perceive you. He does not care about the quality of the individual that Andy Redd has taught to stop trying to be what others expect of you, leading to something. Instead, he should be honest with himself and only then can he find freedom? Hey, I hope you enjoyed The Shawshank Redemption. This is one of the films that have so much to discuss, and I’m glad I can finally share my thoughts on it.

There’s so much to love about being a movie and it’s always so much fun to look at it, think it over and just read it. Let me know what you think about the movie. I am interested. I would assume that he is positive, but I suppose you can never be too sure if you’re new here. Make sure you press this button. There will be no new video next week. I am working on a really big video that I would like to bring to you soon. If you are interested I have a link to my last movie video in the American dream.


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