The Secret Life of Pets 2

The Secret Life of Pets 2

The Secret Life of Pets 2 – is the sequence of personnel that came out in 2016. This movie is about the time when the lighting was going to lead a secret life in the TV show of pets, and for some reason, someone said no to them, so they were as if they knew what we were doing with these three different storylines make and publish them in a movie. Deep Continuation We can just take these three mini storylines and put them together, and we’re fine that this will be our TV show pilot of the movie, if you remember my review for The Secret Life of Pets movie that no Film was I was a big fan of it and looked at it again before watching the movie.

I tried to do that with many other franchise rates. I liked it a bit more and bought a bit more. I mean, it has gone from a C to a C +, so the guys some go for it, so I think so let the first movie I make I had some expectations because there are some people on Rotten Tomatoes still talked about it a bit.

In this movie, I did not have high expectations for all the videos, but like the little mini-character videos I just saw, all I did not want to see, and I just did not care that I only liked lighting films and only one of them has me The first Despicable Me movie and the other three that I liked are just good but could have been a lot better, so I went into this movie with little or no expectations, and I ended up surprisingly disappointed. I never knew I could go in with something that literally has no expectations after being disappointed I did not know I could be disappointed with that, but here I would like to get something from this.

Positive out of the way The animation I got looks great again and it’s a bit silly to say, as I watch pretty much any animated movie that comes out, apart from the norm of the north or something like that, the animation looks fantastic, So I do not really know why I have to tell you that you can see from the videos that it looks so good.

Another thing that is really good, as in The Secret Life of Pets, is that Alexander displays dots when you remember me. Actually, I like to love this score a lot more than I expected and in this movie There are a lot of great musical hints that he comes up with again, and I really enjoyed that when I was disappointed that later on, his music was no longer the other things I liked about the movie, and occasionally it might be weird There may be this one scene where the vet actually made me laugh, except that the rest of the things I got was just a mild giggle you know to be me anyway it’s a giggle, but it was somehow amusing.

I’ll say that Jenny Slate Sqg is still like that My favorite character in this movie I think I like Jenny Slate’s performance a lot and I like the funny writing she makes with her as if she’s really entertaining, even if she’s not the main focus of this movie.

I would say that as well Patton Oswalt does a good job of replacing Louis Ck, if you remember that Louis Ck was maximal in the first movie, but after certain things came to light he was deservedly freed of him so obviously, but Patton Oswalt does a good job as a substitute for him and I really like the idea of ​​what you want to do with max ‘inner struggle, he is scared and scared because his owner kd meets a husband they marry and have and who is now Worried about the child, because he is his child.

He is not a small dog, but he likes this child especially and wants to take care of him and he is afraid that the world will hurt him and there is this A character named Hahn, played by Harrison Ford of all people, and when Max and Duke go to the farm because Katie’s uncle or one’s uncle visit him.

The lame somehow interacts with Max as if you had to let go of all those fears and more open to the upcoming challenges, as this is a good idea for many people, because there are a lot of anxiety issues around the world, so making a movie an animated film of all things and trying it could be a hamming point if it were okay to have fears, but if you let those who you are are overthrown and you will not enjoy life to the fullest, the story gets cheaper, and then the news suddenly feels like it, as if buried under a bunch of stupid things that are supposed to extend the life of the game so that it is at least as long as the first one In fact, when you look at it, it’s almost as if it were scientifically done.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 : Movie Review –
The Secret Life of Pets 2 : Movie Review –

If you look at the other lighting films, you may notice a certain trend that they all clock in or at the same time, which is very strange. It is strange, to say the least, but it confirms my suspicion that the story does not really matter to them is that they have a good idea and then start in certain places that might be really good, but then they have relied too much on the good.

We usually have to entertain the kids, so we’ll put in some stupid, cute stuff that might occasionally giggle, and that’s why I was the most disappointed because I saw where that was. The phone could have disappeared and I thought that this is good to pursue this idea further, and then it’s just glossed over, because we need to concentrate more on captain snowball Kevin Hart, baby out of the three storylines of captain Snowball one, where he’s’ It’s a superhero who certainly the worst.

It’s so annoying that I did not like Snowball in the first movie I do not like him here again, he has a rap song at the end of Panda so bad that I do not know why they wanted to close the movie with it, but whatever in this story they introduced the villain who someday impacted on Max Storyline will be.

I do not like the last ten minutes because they need to rewrite these ends to merge like an actual movie, which makes me guess that these three only TV show plots are too late in as many episodes as you did back then, the book was so rewritten that the endings fused to one and The Secret Life of Pets TV show could actually be fun, like a nonsense that’s almost a TV show about these pets who are going on crazy adventures and doing their pet gimmicks, which sometimes viewers can refer to, because they have pets that could really work, and you need your K not to bring to the theater.

You can leave them sitting right at home to see the show. It could have worked very well, why they decided to shoot the movie I do not know who canceled their pilot or whatever happened, but that should not have been a movie. At least not the film, which is at best a direct-to-DVD quality. to-DVD movie but still direct-to-DVD quality at the end of the day I noticed this mainly when it came to the end of this movie and there was a certain moment that could have been so nice and touching when you see Alexander Desp I go back to the score of yesteryear here.

There is a moment towards the end of the film that could really touch because at the end of the first movie there is such a woman in which you can hear the pianos of the song welcome home track from the score and you’re like wow, I feel really touched in my heart. At least I found Alexander as fantastic, so I really felt touched when it came to that end, more touches than I consistently felt this movie pretty much and this movie There’s another end to this kind of slow, nonsense Moments could have been there, but instead the entire movie is too fast.

When they come to this end, it really has to work to make it work, and impact people need to be stretched a little bit as far as the light goes, until they do not, and then they play a hip-hop song about it, while max something says she could have met directly The heart while Alexander plays piano music but they do not have an Alexander Nespa score, they have a damn hip-hop song and it takes away the mood of what that movie might have it takes away the mood of this scene and what that movie might be was Illumination, why are you cheating Battle and Story Dude?

I love how Illumination never surpasses the animations of these animals’ designs and just the little funny animal jokes I associate with the type of pet that are always cheap out when it comes.

It’s so much about Despicable Me 3 recalls where there is an idea why alienated families reunite with them, but then this message was glazed to look like several different storylines that felt like TV episodes that really had nothing to do with each other until they finally did. It feels the same way you can.

I’m rather disappointed because I know the lighting with their films works very well if they just try, but the pandering and corporate style they write about these movies always seem to be so annoying that I enjoyed the score I enjoyed the animation. There are a few things that made me giggle Gidget’s son.

The funny character Harrison Ford does a good job as a cockerel, even though he’s not in it enough If your main plot really has no reason to exist, if you do not want to deal with the movie’s theme and influence it in any way, if only so it’s just like one, two, three al good, you’ve got the message, and then they’ll continue with this circus rogue from the snowball story. I did not even know it, but it was voiced by Nick Kroll.

I could not even say when I saw the movie, but after that, I looked it up on IMDB and I thought that was Nick crawl wow. I did not even realize that I just love how this movie literally just built up an action scene for the end and then it was and then they just pack it in quickly, okay, let’s end up with the max. The sweet scene sees, all right.

We are waiting well, we have to play the panda, which plays almost a medium weight role, or am I good now? This movie is too fast for its own good lighting. I know that you like to do things on the cheap side, so most of your films are less than an hour and a half old, but for once you can do something that’s almost as fast enough for everything to work right for you Story comes alive to the full and why is there a three-tiered snowball that does not have to be as much of a movie.

I was entertained by because Jenny is so much fun that the character is in the Katzenlady apartment Even if she does not have to, in this film the rest of the pets did not even have to be in this movie, just focus on family dynamics, with Max Duke Katy, her husband and the kid and Harrison Ford’s house or something on the farm It’s no longer The Secret Life of Pets movie, just the story of Max and Duke, but it’s fine if you’re able are to deliver a message that works so well and if you are able to influence the people at the end of the day you are wearing you do not need a main rogue to get your movie working.

You do not need signed characters just to be cute. So you can remember their names. You can do something really emotional and powerful with a little story as long as it’s evolving as long as you’re up to something and you almost did it, but you keep messing up, as mentioned earlier. I can not hate this movie because there are things that I thought it was good that I mentioned her.

I do not have to mention it again, but the most important thing that annoys me is that it feels too much like a corporate product that just wants to make money. Not even integrity is very important to us as if at some point we would become minions Rise of the GRU bring.

At some point I heard that they were developing the Despicable Me for the movie and also singing and and and the Mario movie Super Mario Bros, you know I’m going to mess this up and maybe that’s not as bad as the live action movie, but they’ll probably find a way to mess up the problems of the first movie, because the snowball character annoyed me, that certain things are going too fast, and you can not commit enough to actually feel anything at the end of the movie. It does not even have a nice point momentum that makes you go wrong as you’ve just seen a nice movie, like many jokes.

For the first movie, I did not even think we had so much fun as I did say there are some cute animal things that they sometimes do, but that’s not the whole movie. There are many stupid jokes I do not like. The other pets still have no character. Duke, who is an important aspect of the first film, will not get a piece here unless we write him into this one scene because he was in the first movie, so I think he needs to be here. We are good overall.

Kids Will Really LOVE THIS MOVIE, BUT IF YOU ARE ONE A guy like me, especially if you did not like watching your first movie about pets, then you really do not miss this movie as if there was nothing special about it Film, except that he had an idea that made him a bit better than what it could have been, that’s just a movie with no news, but then it fell flat on his face, not even that it was not flat fell on his face.

The lighting did not do it well intentionally, that’s what they’re doing right because they did not flatten li – oh, we messed up and we did not even realize they did not know what they were doing, but rather that they advertise children they know make products that they do not believe will be good, but oh wait, people did not like it because we screwed it up somehow, we did not foresee it At this point.

I start to think that I have big movies Liked by mistake You know what I mean, they made good movies by mistake and they did something like The Secret Life of Pets is also something we should expect from them all the time, especially when it comes to contraception ideas that could be really good but then wasted by QC Kid Bull to take advantage of them and them there to think that they have seen something great, if they are really growing up with something that is really lame and looks like I’m really lame to see pets’ secret life, somehow it’s worse than the end of I did not even like the first movie.

I do not know how much the lighting has not figured out, that when you make good films, you seem to do what you do. Hey, they made a good movie. Let’s go I do not think they realize that if they focus too much on the minions’ side to eventually make money out of those cute things that are somehow conspicuous and in order, we will not let ourselves be seen in this movie like this night, which is not up to our standards, we have to watch the new Pixar movie, as it’s much better than the lighting it ever suggests that the lighting has the potential to be one of the best animation companies out there with others those, but they never expect to go where the money goes.

They are catching up, obviously the minions have made them a lot of money, but critically when it comes to how much these movies actually live on people who they are they do not make any memories, they do not make characters like that Woody or Buzz we connect within the other films and we cry about. You make characters that you remember at the moment, but then you will forget them immediately. They are gone and this is only for the children the adults will immediately forget.


  1. I figured from the trailer as it looked so disjointed. I couldnt see how the vet, child and super bunny fit together at all


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