The Perfection “Netflix” Spoiler Analysis 2019

The Perfection “Netflix” Spoiler Analysis 2019

Perfection is one of the latest Netflix original movies. I’m currently working on. I will not review it normally. I feel like anyone reviewing it does a disservice to fans. Every review would probably be a spoiler if it matters that the movie is just so confusing that someone has to explain what’s going on, luckily it is about deconstructing the narrative.

If you like this video, then make sure you say it like this The comments below and how it works with a thumbs up and before we start obviously Spoiler warning I’m not kidding guys spoiler warning this movie is confusing, but it’s on smart Way confusing, it’s deliberate that it’s really discombobulating your system, let’s start with the essence of this movie, that anything and everyone who turns around it can offer a perspective. Well, it’s the titular title perfection the actual event called perfection, from which everything emerges that revolves around perfection, is like a musical number.

The Perfection "Netflix" Spoiler Analysis 2019 –
The Perfection “Netflix” Spoiler Analysis 2019 –

I think this foundation is very well written and it creates excitement for the rest of the movie. This will be a full score as we look further at the protagonist of the film, who is not as clear as you may think, the protagonist’s role in this film is to solve the problem or imbalance that the germ has literarily created. The aim of the protagonist is to stop the perfection the only character who actually achieves this quota is Lizzy, played by Logan Browning and specifically designed to stop everything that happens.

However, this happens only in the second half of the year Films, so you get the impression that the protagonist is actually Charlotte, but from a literary point of view. The brass must be Lizzy, it must be Logan Browning’s character, because she is the only one that is intended for a complete solution to the problem, but because their story does not start until half of the movies and because you do not really understand that it’s somehow wobbly right to the end, it’s kind of unclear that this will give us one or two possible stars next to us. Look at the movie’s main character.

The main character is the heart of the movie. This is the character that we see through most of the eyes and that is probably Charlotte, which is close to our hearts and which we see from the beginning through the eyes of most, though it is a bit confusing, though mysterious is, it does not tell you all the answers at first glance. Much of the film focuses on their character from start to finish, though it’s also focused on Lizzie’s character.

In most cases, even if the main character has to go through a growth phase, some things must be considered wrong and it has to be on one or the other To be influenced by how one actually behaves, how one behaves and how one sees the world in this case, the main character has to be Lizzie again. Lizzie is the only one who is convinced in one way or another.

Allison Williams, on the other hand, feels like an affected character who seems to be telling her entire role, Lizzie, that she is mistaken in the way she thinks Charlotte is, is a literary definition of an influential character that is strange because the movie is focused on her concentrated.

This is the main cause of the confusion in this movie because your subconscious mind sees this and you are as if something is wrong here, you do not realize that the protagonist and the main character are Lizzie and it does not really focus on them, like it does a normal movie would do if it was not focused on you have the stupid feeling that something is wrong, something is wrong, and I think they did it on purpose.

It’s an interesting direction that they have taken overall I’m not a big fan of it, because literarily it’s super, super confusing, because it feels like the main character is the influence character and vice versa, which can never be the case, because the influence character influences the main character It cannot be the same To be a person. So if you start deconstructing everything, you’ll find that Lizzie is the protagonist and protagonist, she’s the literary heroine, and Charlotte. The influencer and pretty much the whole Charlotte.

It’s her job to tell Lizzie that she’s the World is wrong about being brainwashed, and then it’s up to Lizzie to either believe her or stand firm and believe Steven Webber’s character, in which case her resolve on Charlotte’s point changes, which is now fine is, let’s look at the antagonist. The antagonist role should be opposed to the protagonist goal if the protagonist goal is to stop The perfection of the occurrence of the antagonist role is to prevent them from doing that the antagonist is the clearest character out of the heap, it is Steven Webber’s character, Steven Webber’s character is fine.

It’s pretty normal for an antagonist. The thing is to know if he believes it or not and if he does not believe that his character suddenly becomes much weaker than it already was. He plays the antagonist role pretty well, but otherwise, that’s fine. At the end of the day, I had a good solid foundation for the seed. It had a good starting point.

The protagonist is a bit weak because we do not know who it is, at least not halfway through the movie and really not until the movies about the main character are also somehow weak, because the focus of the movie is often on Charlotte’s cha character, though from a literary point of view it should have been Lizzie’s, which also means that the influenced character is a bit weak, and as for the antagonist, it’s just normal and typical, nothing that’s really amazing, so it’s technically too half of the points.


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