The Night Comes For Us

The Night Comes For Us

Hello people, thank you for stopping by. Today I do a film review and this is the title. The Night Comes For Us. Um, my husband and I liked a movie The Night Comes For Us. That was in his five picks and I looked at the trailer and I thought that this was related to a couple of other films, but I chose it. I just thought that he was interesting and the trailer looked pretty intense. I guess why is not my husband at first pretending to be a movie with subtitles um, but he said he chose it and then it’s like I do not want to read it. I relax. Come on, you are so lazy. Come on, it’s a movie.

I’ll give you information from imdb and then we’ll move on. This is a two-hour and one-hour action thriller released in The Night Comes For Us in October. This is rated 7 out of 10 star- Netflix production.

It’s a wildland enforcer trapped in his skin amid a treacherous and violent erection after his return home from a stay abroad, that’s terrible somewhere I believe not that that’s really true I don’t know who wrote that, but they have to rework that this is not good, which I did not realize Everyone in the movie, that’s okay, oh my gosh, all these actors are really like real Well, they are great, they know what they are doing, so start that, it has a bit of intro in them and me. ‘I’ll only tell you about %95 of this movie, it’s just that you look at it.

The Night Comes For Us Movie Review –
The Night Comes For Us Movie Review –

There is not much reading. It is very action packed and so damn intense. It’s very bloody when you’re so action-packed. I fight movies like blood and blood and other things, that’s it for you and there have been a few times in the movie where I seriously knew that Jenna passed out, that I was fainting or so, and it’s good I had my trusted chocolate bar on my left eye, which I got from Aldi, which is now like my favorite chocolate bar. You know how the milk chocolate is the blue shell as if it were just a plain candy bar, It looks like a Hershey bar, but it’s like real chocolate because it’s European chocolate, which is my favorite chocolate from Europe.

I’m watching this movie and it’s a bit like a god. The big part I did not really like about the movie was that these subtitles went in and out very quickly, as if there were not all the time to read it, and me and my husband do not really see each other every day either or every week many subtitles and he comes to film or show so that we can now read slowly when it comes to knowing how to read subtitles in a movie or a show I think I can be proud to say that I’m a fast reader with books, but read subtitles and with everything you know, what you have to do and process you know what they say as if it is. The Night Comes For Us

It’s something else, so that’s the only downside to me, that the plot of this movie was just that I swear to God that I was going back and forth with my dog Grief here and a throw pillow on my other side. I like to hug it and also to cover my face and look like that and just screaming all the time, covering my face, screaming in a pillow that just hugs loudly The pillow hugs the dog like the old two hours. I am like ah oh my god, it’s like sticking to it. It felt like the whole two hours. The Night Comes For Us

I was like this is an incredibly thrilling ride and there are no limits. I love a lot of foreign films, sometimes they are many times because they do not fit in with the Hollywood checklist, as you may often know. It’s so predictable that this movie was so damn unpredictable that I had nothing in it. My God, that person will do what will happen to that person. I have the impression that I will always get a bit of something, especially from Hollywood action movies. They look at everything this person will not live on and that person will die or die. It is quite predictable that this movie is unpredictable, and there were times when I thought that a person died.

Wow, for whatever reason, it somehow reminds me of a more intense, faster version of Game of Thrones and Gore Ear Tip That’s just like blood and only broken limbs and just as good as the parts that hit and hit like and are cut off. Or how I feel like I’m going to vomit again. Did I enjoy watching a movie or a show? and it’s so beautiful that it concerns me physically that I want to surrender now.

I remember the whole thing because we saw this last night. I just feel a bit dizzy and a bit dizzy because I remember all the bloodthirsty nests and I felt like I was going to tie myself in now, I feel like I’m going to throw up again, or I have the feeling that I will vomit I never really vomited because I was so worried I wanted to miss something in the movie that you know, even though you did not remind me I just did not want it to end and I wanted it to end. That makes everything I know no sense. It was just so nice. The story was just really there and it was not like movies in Hollywood where it’s super action packed, where the worthy or the action is often a joke or just a bit of a joke.

Do you know what I mean? The story was great. I had not expected so much action and more eno or intensity. The Night Comes For Us

But oh my gosh, there have been a few times that I looked at my husband because you know he complained about the fact that I chose an idle time when we, although he chose her at first, I saw him a couple of times and he looked like he was complaining about it as if I could see it in space, as if there was no moaning or complaining or anything. I did screaming on the other side of the couch screaming like a few more times hiding behind a pillow hugging the pillow, hugging the dog, hiding me as I look at it a few times like oh my god, oh ridiculous, ridiculous, because it was just so intense and just so bloody and delicious and like oh my god morbid like hell but I enjoyed every single second.

I loved it as much as the only light. I just complain that the subtitles have to be shown a bit longer, maybe a few seconds longer, so you can read the whole thing If you’re worried about subtitles, it’s less than 5% of the movie.

The subtitle, like its majority, is just action freaks, as if it were not like 20 minutes, but like a bundle of subtitles or like a spread and the whole movie or something like an hour out and stuff like that, though I’d recommend that the teeny parts and the subtitles are in there, maybe it’s a bit more than 5%, but it felt like it did not have much to do with the TD part so it’s such a beautiful movie, it is an incredibly dark, disgusting, pathological film, and everything is packaged so perfectly that it comes out so wonderfully delicious, as I know You may have thought, when I said it’s disgusting, it’s negative, it’s not disgusting, it’s so tasty, positive. It made me want to turn myself over.

It made me stupid because I felt sick Film I screamed I screamed and some just like an emotional rollercoaster, it’s very rare for me to go through a movie like this that I love like a fight movie because it’s It is very funny to see him, and if you like it to fight against movies and gore and morbid and disgusting as only you know blood and other things that I do not want to be I do not want it I do not want it to be like I’m one of these spoilers is there because I think the blood is part of this trailer and if it’s not ok then it’s your only tiny spoiler and that’s all I’m going to give you.

But other than that, oh my god, I know not if I could look at it again i’ll probably want to see it again just because it’s so nice and i’ll just let it y’know that oh and before I go forward Let them know that my husband is his colleague and very good friend from him said that he loves martial arts movies and he said that he likes to call him as a text message or as a caller or something like Hey Dude, did you watch this movie and then his friend said: Oh yes Every time I feel like that I’m in the mood to watch this movie when the credits are reached, I just play it again and here’s a strange role he’d never like to have.

It’s strange how you sometimes know you have so many friends and families and so and sometimes they just read or look at something and do not really talk about it until someone randomly brings it out and then it’s like you have It also liked, you would have seen it too, oh my god, as if you had not done Tell me that I could have seen it sooner, when it would be done. We are there. I do not know why, but I feel like it is. It’s not someone I feel is okay. I read it now.

I write it as. I have never forgiven this review and point two-five is just because the subtitles are in and out for me because they do not stay there for so long and there are times when they have conversations and you just do not read them That’s the only part, if that were done, if only a little bit longer.

I would give it an out-of-stars rating, usually in the movie ratings they usually do. So I’m just going to return to this review would say that’s a. For me, it’s not a star to get your thumbs up, it’s like a breath of fresh air when it comes to action movies. The actors are phenomenal.

I wish there were more movies known from different films because they are really talented actors.


  1. This is the third time Julie Estelle is working with Iko Uwais after Headshot and The Raid 2 and my mind was blown by just how badass she was in this movie. Damn, now thats how you create a strong female character. Overall, I loved the fight choreography of the movie and enjoyed the hell outta this movie. =)


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