The Mustang

The Mustang

Now I’ve never been a big horse fan, to be honest. They are a bit too unpredictable to be so big and powerful. I do not know how to trust them, that they do not break their bones, which seems to be fair A fairly common thing, but yes, that’s just me and it does not stop me from watching The Mustang movies about horses. In fact, this is at least a third movie about horses that I’ve seen in the last year and guess what they all were pretty good, including the training program for horses, which apparently has some US prisons, and one inmate Being behind bars for quite some time, then being moved to a new facility and working in the training program for horses at the end, it gets very abundant very quickly.

It is clear that this guy has some things in common with these wild mustangs, especially one from them, where he finds a kind of related spirit. It’s also pretty clear that the horse is a metaphor for him and his problems are both defiant, stubborn and not w Anyway, but hey, maybe they can help each other solve their problems, and that’s sort of the core of the film about this guy who has been in jail for a long time and about self-reflection and his way to self-improvement because he tries to overcome his mistakes and become a better person. As far as the story goes, there’s nothing too complicated here, but it’s a good story. Nevertheless, I liked it a lot.

I was emotional a few times, which I did not see coming. It’s above all this one scene where the main actor just comes out of the park, but he’s shown some of the arts that I think he’s called, and I’ve seen him in a number of things.

The Mustang 2 –
The Mustang 2 –

He’s one of those guys who always show up but never really excelled, and he does an absolutely fantastic job, but the side cast is also great, like Jason Mitchell, who plays another inmate who gives him the ease and humor and I had to do each one Smile when he shows up, and then we have Bruce Dern, who is just that grumpy old man running the horse training, and he’s great too, and overall I can not complain about acting that I really can not really complain about a lot in The Mustang movie. It’s just a pretty simple movie that’s very subtle and understated, even violence and tension.

A little bit of it is very understated and nothing that ever tries to put the spotlight on, because the movies do not do this, it’s about this guy and his inner fights and about the horse helping him to mentally get where he is and a man who’s just trying to do better and make the most of a terrible situation after years of seeming to wallow in hatred and anger and whatever he thinks he has had enough of and decides to do.

That there is another way he can go, it’s not an easy path and there are obstacles in the way, but it’s there and from a technical point of view, it’s a well-made movie may not be amazing, but the writing is really solid and everything else is fine – I can not really find many problems with it, even small ones.

I mean, I think there was a part of the prison drama that I could have done without but that added a bit of suspense too And increased the stakes, so it was not a problem for the movies, even if the tempo was good – and does not pull, it’s just a really solid movie with a good story I said it has pressed the right keys and has addressed me emotionally – and that’s about it, so I would recommend it. Yes, I think it’s definitely worth trying. The Mustang

Maybe I’m not your dad, but I’m trying it out, so I’m wondering if I like something Bell meets, and I support the Patreon because I really need a horse and riding lessons. Why do not you write a comment or do you look at another review? I would be happy, thank you.


  1. We have this program for inmates and captured wild horses here in the mountains of Northern Nevada. It saves both lives.
    However, I wish people would stop using the phrase “breaking a horse.” It’s violent and dominating. The whole point of this is to eliminate those tendencies in the man and the horse, and replace them with confidence and trust.


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