The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Okay, guys, the first video in my brand new apartment. I have everything set up. I had the posters. Everything is good. Let us talk about the return of the king. The Lord of the Rings is Back As if I was drooling for this movie, everyone wanted to see this movie when it came out. I remember that I went to this movie. I remember the crowd that I sat there. I remember the level of expectation The film opens an interesting opportunity. The first scene in this film is a flashback in which Smeagol first discovers the ring and sees what happens when it is attracted to it. This is interesting because many people thought that this would be the case.

It was a better thing to open the two towers, because here you get to know the golem character and in towers you can see how golems love and experience the ring it was somebody else before but you do not really get to know so much about it Return of the King is really the movie in which the Golem character is even more eclipsed because you see this opening as he first spotted the ring and you begin to understand why he is so fascinated by it and why it is basically his life and in this movie even more than in two towers that pull Frodo and Sam apart through Golem’s delusion, he lets Frodo keep thinking that Sam He’s a pretty treacherous guy and Sam thinks Sam is smart, but beyond that, he got confused by that ring. He lets himself be fooled by people and looks at his best friend.

He no longer understands who he is In my opinion, this is the reason why the king’s return has the most understanding of the hobbits and the most depth for the hobbits in this last film. As you can see, so much more is going on with these two characters in this movie, so meanwhile, everyone who has ever lived prepares for the final battle for Middle-earth, where basically everyone from each country will face our Mons armies In order to give Frodo and Sam enough time to bring this ring up the mountain, try to gain time to get it all right and basically survive the human world.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King -
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King –

The return of the king is my favorite in the trilogy It’s very rare that the third movie in a trilogy is the best she’s ever seen, and I think that’s the case here. Return of the King is a movie that just gets you going so that every scene has that great feeling. From the expectation of finality to epic standards that you do not see in movies every time King Theoden walks along the battle lines and his Manaknie, recharges and the red sun rises.

I’m so pumped up that it takes a Gatorade Seriously, this movie is so exciting that every scene feels like it’s going to happen. As I said in my review of Two Towers, this is really the movie where Pippin finally grows up, because Mary started to get a bit more serious in the two towers when he encouraged Treebeard to join the war. Pippin was still a child until he returned to the king when he saw some of the things that happened because of his fault when he voluntarily submitted to submission.

With this corrupt king, Gandalf only twisted his eyes and as if I would not believe what’s going on, do you finally see how this character matures to his own and what he does when he sings a battle song, it’s funny when I heard about that scene I was like Pippin really singing during the fights, but I think it actually works or not and that is thanks to Peter Jackson because his films were shot so well that they can show a hobbit singing a song that is absolutely serious in the midst of this very devastating state Fight and it works what you know now, one of my favorite characters indeed is probably my favorite character of this whole series Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn and this is in many For him and this is a movie in which he makes himself a king, and there is a great scene that is so epic every time I see it see.

It’s as if Aragorn decides to go up the mountain and find those spooky people and try to involve them in this war Legolas and Gimli stands there leg. I do not think Man and Aragorn are like I’m not Death The kind of movie where every scene feels like yes, like a yes-moment, and in which certain films try to get the audience to Yes, you should feel that everything is pumped up and it does not always work. Return of the King Every scene has a moment like this. We’re like mmm Gandalf mmm Frodo like you. I’m such a nerd I do not like.

I do not care, although this movie has so much to offer that a movie lover would like to see that it’s a movie whose direction is beautiful. There are actors who take these really fantastic elements seriously, and he comes out so incredibly well, and it’s one of the few times that the academy actually has r As a recognized fantasy film of this kind, he won every single Oscar for which he nominated, including Best Picture, which has never been for a Geekdom movie of this kind, and it probably never really inspired me to watch it, and as a series, Lord of the Rings movies are among my favorite movies of all time. The battle scenes, the characters, the music, and the epic scope of all three films are unparalleled if you did not have the chance to see The Lord of the Rings Ring movies, but you’d like to see The Hobbit soon.

Watch these movies. You will not be disappointed with them, okay, if you are ok. I think you will be disappointed with them, whatever I love you. Return of the King closed it’s a wonderful series it gets an A + of course, so I’ll see the hobbit this Tuesday, my buddy John the movie is coming and seeing it with me and also do a spoiler-filled review with me.


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