The Lion King Movie Review

The Lion King Movie Review

The Lion King was staged this time by Jon Favreau. This is the adaptation. I hesitate to say that there was a massive debate on this classic 1994 online animated film, and if you do not know the plot of this Simba movie, his right to the throne of Pride Rock is called into question as his evil uncle. Scar one Tragedy triggers and Simba banished from the pride countries.

This is another live-action remake of Disney that we already had with Aladdin this year and Cinderella in The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast and Pete’s Dragon and Dumbo that I still have not seen, and probably not, because I’ve heard rough things about it and I’ve never been a big fan of the original number movie anyway, but when it comes to living action the jungle book, which was also staged by Favreau.

I really enjoyed that at least one young actor in it, who in the case of this film was surrounded by a digital environment, though it’s basically just another form of animation is not the traditional hand drawing that the original Lion King. no matter what you think about this movie.

You must praise the artists who worked on it. They have created a beautiful world that looks absolutely photorealistic. The trees, the sky, the mountain peaks, the blades of grass, the insects, all the animals.

James Earl Jones again,  he laughs when Pumbaa and I hear Seth. Rogen laughs as Pumbaa in a movie that has me very satisfied and where I’m going to be to praise the rest of the movie, which also contains some great stuff but it’s all stuff from the 94 movies I mean, Hans Zimmer score I put it on vinyl I love it I’ve always loved it , but this film did not make it The opening scene with the circle of life song is a cult scene, here is modeled. The story is as emotional as of 1994. The characters are entertaining as in 1994. Timon and Pumbaa argue.

The Lion King 2019 -
The Lion King 2019 –

It’s funny like 1994. Do you understand where I’m going? The Lion King‘s for-shot remake, there’s no personality of its own, it’s predictable in every way, there are no surprises, there are very little new and the new things are mostly things that have just been removed or shortened like the one Song to Prepare for Yourselves Example is greatly shortened, there is a new song added, and strangely you can sense that the love was originally in a scene that took place at night tonight, but in this movie that is Scene in broad daylight,  This movie is not that some songs have been cut or some scenes removed, but that the personality of the original movie does not exist here.

This movie is soulless. It does not have to be that I love Jon Favreau. He is one of my favorite filmmakers working today.

I loved almost every movie he made especially for Iron Man and Chef, and I love the idea of ​​he took that and made it his own, but he did not remind me when Gus Van Sant made psycho in 1998 and it was essentially a shot-for-shot remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, and he added weird things like weird visions and you know some scenes here and there, but for the most part I’ve seen Gus Van Sant’s Psycho and wondered why the meaning of this movie is. Why is this necessary psycho already a classic? It was good.

Everyone loved him. What is the meaning of Doi? Do it again, if you do not want to add your own touch, and that’s exactly what I think about Disney’s live-action remake of Lion King, because it’s essentially the same movie and I’ll always love this original movie and always want to see it.

I guarantee that every day I want to watch this original movie about. This and I know that there will be many people who enjoy this movie and just want to see exactly what this movie is exactly the same movie with a different look and more realistic characters And if that’s all you want, when you’re satisfied, you’ll have a good time enjoying this movie, but if you want a filmmaker to actually pick up this material and take a spin, it will feel fresh or unique If you do not do it at the same time, Favreau risks injuring many people, for oh my God, you slaughtered the Lion King for what it was It is unnecessary that it should never have been done.

Lion King 2019 is a classic of a movie like The Jungle Book. One can make a remake of the fact that there have already been tons of jungle book films. The Little Mermaid This is the top-tier Disney, it does not make sense,

I mean, we really need you for Bob, yes, Jeff Yes, another problem. That arises when you make these characters look like photorealistic lions is that, they do not show the level of emotion The facial expressions in the original animation During the stampede sequence, Simba sees what he sees and he screams, no, it looks like a lion just opening his mouth.

There is excitement, there are fighting sequences that you can expect between the characters, as lions arguing in the middle of the movie and it felt shameless as if I were giving studios and people the benefit of the doubt I was doing.

I might be a bit naive about this movie. It’s probably true, I mean ‘I almost hated the Aladdin, but people seem to like this movie. They have obviously preserved much of their humor.

This film has nothing of the vitality of the original story, little of the energy, and the emotions and humor seem to strip off a story in favor of a boring retelling of a story that we all know and love, but you still have to give it to the people behind the scenes, who make this film the technical artist, the people behind the visual effects, because it is breathtaking and in this way may change the game for you I will give the Lion King a place.

I think Disney tapped something here. I think they know exactly what they are doing and they will make so much money with. This movie because nostalgia sells and people see a movie where they know exactly.


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