The Last Summer

The Last Summer

Hello, I’m here to talk about The Last Summer, which is a Netflix original movie featuring the guy from Riverdale. I do not see this show, so he was just a guy to me Summer before you go to college just becomes magical. Somehow millions of dollars will be available to you. Let’s just go back a bit. Okay, all those teens have just finished high school and it’s like American Pie Meets I do not know if Netflix is ​​a romantic comedy that’s not really funny.

So it’s just a romantic movie that high school kids like to think about before they go to college. Many of them are like us Probably it is the premise of the movie that the main character is the guy from Riverdale, who has very intense hair. I do not know what it is, but it’s as if the hair is really intense. I do not know if he dyed her or if it’s just extra he’s trying to find this girl he’d had a crush on for a while, and she seems to focus on my documentation, which lasts about two days like she’s like I can not go out with me.

The Last Summer 2 –
The Last Summer 2 –

I’m super concentrated and then he asked her out twice and she’s just kidding us, as if we should probably be together, so I did not really like the fact that she literally just had no rudeness and no stamina and only gave it immediately their goals, second, the other characters who fall in love and disintegrate, and wherever they have the boat, they were both in each scene.

Nice boats with you, you know where you can wakeboard in the end and then there’s one more Like in hoses everywhere it’s like you live where and how much your parents trust you to be only 17. I do not know what my parents are up to. Would not that be the case if our boat had a great weekend anyway, just ask a couple of those I had for the r the teenagers and mainly their parents really like what’s going on, oh, and that’s a spoiler?

I appreciated the turn of the affair with the parents, which in the end seemed very interesting to me, although I do not know the end that I just do not know that I do not know how the college works, but I can probably say that you are not just opting not to go in August, if you agree to go to Columbia, and then music from the Berkeley school like Yeah, we’ve certainly finished third.

Come to Netflix. Overall, the movie was pretty bad. Yes, pretty bad. The cast was pretty, so I think and I think if you like both, this movie was great for you because everyone had a damned boat that I probably had. I will not see it again because, frankly, it’s a bit painful was. The soundtrack was really good too, so I would watch the soundtrack to get corns. I would never see him again.



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