The Last Hunter Movie Review

The Last Hunter Movie Review

I’m checking these movies out these days as there is a lot of cool stuff being released for fans of Vipco. There is a book called Video Nasty Mayhem: The Inside Story of Vipco, a documentary called Vipco: The Untold Story and even a podcast called The Strong Uncut Podcast. I am Torstein from RapidDrama and this is the Italian take on the Vietnam War movies with Antonio Margheriti’s The Last Hunter.

The Last Hunter throws us right into the Vietnam War where we follow the no-nonsense, cynical American Captain Harry Morris, played by David Warbeck. After his best friend and fellow soldier Steve goes crazy and shots down both another soldier and himself, Morris accepts a suicidal secret mission that will take him deep into the jungle and behind enemy lines. He gets assigned with a small group of bad ass soldiers and a female journalist, and they together head into these unknown territories where evil lurks behind every bush and corner.

They hardly get a few minutes of rest before someone shots at them, and it will take a miracle for them to succeed on their mission and to make it out of this hell with limbs and lives intact. The Last Hunter is a film I’ve been wanting to get around for quite some time and I am happy I did decide to watch it today as The Last Hunter turned out to be a fantastic action film. This one does not attempt to bring us into the psyche of soldiers at war. Instead it goes all in on the action to try to entertain the viewer.

This is also confirmed by Edoardo Margheriti’s, the directors son and second unit director on this film, who has said that Margheriti senior didn’t want to make a political film, but rather deliver a fun experience. That fun experience means plenty of gun action, insane amount of gore, little focus on a riveting story and mayhem happening on the screen every fifth minute. It makes perfect sense to see all the carnage that happens in The Last Hunter if you’ve also seen Cannibal Apocalypse, another great one by Margheriti.

The Last Hunter
The Last Hunter

I must admit that I have seen very few of his other movies, but that is definitely about to change now. He did several more war movies during the 80’s, and I will surely check some of them out as soon as I get the opportunity to do so. A fun fact was that he went into this one filming it under the title of The Deer Hunter 2, a title that was wisely changed due to rights issues so they didn’t end up in a situation like what happened to The Last Shark. It also has some connections with Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, as The Last Hunter was shot on in the Philippines on the abandoned sets from that movie. I should also mention that the screenplay for The Last Hunter is written by the regular Lucio Fulci collaborator Dardano Sacchetti and the film also has some cool tunes by composer Franco Micalizzi.

The cast is also cool and it is steered by our main guy David Warbeck as Captain Henry Morris. He is the old school take no bullshit kind of action hero and he works perfectly in this gritty, desperate and hopeless situation that these soldiers are put in. Fans of Lamberto Bava’s Demons will also be happy to see Bobby Rhodes show up as one of the supporting characters. The Last Hunter is filled with action from start to finish and every fan of Italian action movies should definitely check this one out. It has a great cast, a great setting, and danger lurking at every single corner.

This is just a bad ass movie that I had a lot of fun with, so if any of this sounds and looks like something you might enjoy, then make sure you check it out. The Last Hunter gets a recommendation and the fine score of 4 out of 5. Have you seen The Last Hunter? If so, what were your thoughts on this one? And as mentioned in my last video, if you have any recommendations of some of the more unknown films that Vipco has released over the years that you want me to take a look at, then now is the time to let me know.


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