The Irishman Movie Review

The Irishman Movie Review

We got our first official teaser for The Irishman Martin Scorsese, one of the goats. Aging aspect of the film that Martin Scorsese wants to tackle. I’m so curious that I do not know if I’ll take any pictures of it in the teaser, but let’s check it out.

Dammit, at first it looks like it’s awesome. I hope he gets a broad release because it’s a select Peters and that can be difficult depending on how much I do not want to distribute because I do not look at the next X number I know that I have this experience on the big screen. I hope there will be a theater near my house as a paramedic in 30 minutes. I’m pretty sure it will be a theater that is at least 30 Up to 45 minutes from my house, which will be annoying, but hey, it’s Martin Scorsese, The Irishman.

I have to be there. You know, I say, but for the teaser, it looks gorgeous and the aging looks good and that’s just an allusion and you already feel that the classic Martin Scorsese feels right here. I mean and I’m just super excited about this great teaser. Super excited.  Aromatize the whole sound of the music and you have all these fantastic legendary actors here.

I can not wait to see what experiences I have never seen, like the old films of Martin Scorsese in the theaters and and and I am definitely in this wheelhouse of his classic films and I want to experience this experience for the first time on the big screen to see all those legendary actors of whom I say, I never have the experience I want them to be like Goodfellas because you know when the old O’s are coming out I did not obviously add it in Washington cinemas.

The Irishman -
The Irishman –

I really want to check this out, hopefully this will be among those calibers, but we’ll see what all this god said that is more of a positive response to The Irishman teaser most importantly, let me know what you’ve thought about.


  1. That Irishman movie is premiering soon I think. I guess it’s premiering on Netfix? I’m most excitited by the fact that it was produced by Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese. I really love those guys.


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