The Intruder

The Intruder

The intruder that is now coming from Screen Gems. Directed by Deon Taylor and Michael Ealy starring and Megan as a couple well, perhaps the best-looking couple in film history that is not so sure yet, no matter how they live in the city they’re married to and live in a really nice apartment from which they want to move out, get a real house in the country and start a family, settling down. You know how it goes and you know that you meet Dennis Quaid and that he sells this house in Napa.

It’s a really nice house and frankly, I still put it on I do not know how Michael Eady’s character can afford it in the movie because it costs $ 3.5 million even though he offers a rebate and I think so is 3.3, but still a lot of money that Quaid has not given him, you know it’s been in his family for generations and you know they have a house, right, it’s a nice time to be a homeowner too Being a great time just to be alive and to be a married couple, right, no, that’s not the case, so Dennis Quaid is very, very possessive. With his belongings, he still thinks that it is that he goes there unannounced. Mullen Laws Lanza brings food past or hits Megan.

Well, it’s just a bad situation, man, you do not want to be near that figure. He’s a cuckoo for cocoa bags, so you know this kind of movies here is the thing that you can expect in four categories, so bad that it’s good, just a bad movie, anyway just a good movie or a pretty one good movie that has an interesting twist in the sub-genre of home invasion movies I can tell you now that it is not that, so the intruder for whom I’ve never seen a trailer because I did not know what to expect at least.

The Intruder –
The Intruder –

Maybe I find an entertainment value, maybe so bad, it’s good, maybe a lifelong Schlock that he would pop you know until 4 pm on a Tuesday and drink some wine. You know exactly these types of movies, so the intruder is evil. I mean, I do not know how to handle it. It’s one of those things I’m going to know that there’s trouble as soon as it starts Yes, so let me try to break that down if you like them if you like those kinds of movies.

I think you could have a bit of fun with it, to be honest stuff did not work for me in this movie and it was kind of a fight to go through, so I’ll start with the script because of the story itself, with which I have no problem littered with stereotypes, the kind of stuff you would see in these movie types I have no problem with that because it plays like it’s supposed to play the characters my gods are those characters, so I leave Dennis Quaid out of the equation, when I talk about it, because he is bad but funny at the same time, he enjoys watching, but Michael Elia makes good, while they play a very credible couple, I have no problem with them. They know they are married or a couple like yeah.

They seem to be a pretty strong couple. It’s their characters in the way they’re written, damn it, it does not leave until after about an hour and 20 minutes and it’s really embarrassing that there were even points in the audience where they laughed each time, if she wanted to let in Dennis Quaid, because it’s a very beautiful repertory movies allowed him to come in and do things as they are, oh my god, again with that kind of gullible, little nonsense, and yes, because he did The one I rooted for, because Michael Lee’s character is easily expressed It’s a cheater who has so much to do because I do not think you mind if I ruin that for you.

It’s mentioned in the movie that he’s being cheated, that they’ve gone to therapy and then got married cool sounds like you. If you start the foundation for your marriage right, he’s just a bad guy you know he’s on other flirtatious women strikes and so and as if it were only the whole time I just do not care if he’s shot or stabbed in his house because he’s some kind of D-bag and on top of that the friend who’s in the movie is the guy he is and I think it’s cool if we just Watching a group of guys who look like they’re emotionally abusing their wives, and then an intruder comes in. We’re supposed to take root for him, so it does not matter to a very unlikely guy and I wanted to take root to do good, but it’s kind of like a Goebbels, she got what she expected, and so you know that talked about them, and then the secondary characters, whatever Dennis Quaid is, are devilishly adorable at this, he is absolutely terrible, but my god are there a few shots that made me giggle? There is an attitude in which he does not give context, as you know it in movies, when people are hanged on the ceiling and how they like to go down like the main character he does? he looks like a gargoyle-like an o Gargoyle because you know that Dennis Quaid is an older gentleman.

It was funny like he was cursing as if he was having so much fun, just eating that role. He chooses the scenery, but I think for this kind of movie it’s okay with me I have no problem with that and so Dennis Quaid is without a doubt the best part of the movie and the only reason I put it in my class a bit So I’ve gotten rid of it, so the gigs are not the problem, it’s mainly the way the characters are written, but Dennis Quaid does both if the character is just a poorly written character, it’s very one-dimensional, only that you know that his past is like a crazy kind of deal, not really deep philosophical thoughts and that’s like he’s a crazy character who just wants to start a family by doing good.

Oh, so go to the director now. Deion Taylor. The kind of directing that appears in this movie is not really creative numbers like okay let’s show that this couple is terrorizing for an hour and a half Okay, but the problem is that there is really no creativity, or that it turns out to be boring. So I took back how boring it was. I thought that it could have been so bad that it’s a good kind of movie, but no, it’s just Nur, really, just, moving, that’s a really sluggish pace. I am as if I could pick it up a little so that I am stabbed or kidnapped.

I do not know if it’s boring or not A poorly edited movie and some of the music choices were a little outlandish and very confusing and weird as far as the reason for the selection is concerned. So you know that there were several music pieces in the music choices that were played in a scene that simply was not the case, whatever the scene, and I think that was definitely a direct choice and it did not work it gets you out of the scene right away I know it’s not all on the director but he has to look at the cut before you know he’s making changes or whatever and the cut and that’s awful and I’ve noticed it again too early, because I do not even enjoy this five-minute scene. So it seems like the couple is reaching the house.

Dennis Quaid comes in and shoots a deer in front of them the deer comes up to him and shoots him like a gangster on the head, then they run to the house and this strange piece of music plays and then they come to a conversation like near a door like the barn I forgot where it was and there is a conversation between the three, right, they talk and they cut seven different settings, a wide-angle shot, a shot of the three, the same shot from behind, a few media, a cup Close-ups. I’m like we do not need all this for this conversation let this brew a bit let the tension rise by itself let the tension be there but if you cut super fast in a simple dialogue talk, it is suitable for nothing and what you want I say basically There is no tension or horror in this scene, so you want to reinforce it.

You want to know that the cuts are a bit sporadic and just a bit quick to be cut Epilepsy as you will know it triggers epilepsy because you have a fit it’s like slowing down a bit like slowing down your roll let it breathe a bit You see Dennis Quaid in the scene as they really play like a violin and as if I’ve just seen the scene that happens organically, as you do not know, made by those quick cuts and those weird music choices and weird jump fears, and it is just as you can see I loved it pretty much so well not a bit of a good movie I explained why I think the overall direction is sort of Little Miss Midge in certain sections is boring overall is arbitrary in some scenes edited, which are really confusing, the introduction of Dennis Quaid’s character should be more than enough to let this c you like Do not go away, but they will not do it if you double-type a deer like this one.

That way, people do not hunt and then in performances or whatever is great, Dennis Quaid and then the characters themselves are in some ways one-dimensional and unlikely cases, so yes, what is the expectation much the fate the theme that People like to look at this review, it’s not the case that I wanted to go in to be like wow, that was up to really make fun of a bad level or it was all, but it’s just treated badly and I wish it was a bit more, but hey, that’s what we have, so what do you think of the intruder I still have I have not even heard that this and that hotel is right.



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