The Hustle

The Hustle

I got a nice surprise when I discovered that Alec Sharpe was in this movie from the hustle and bustle he and I had previously worked with and had no idea if he was even on that bill until I saw his face on the screen saw.

It’s so nice to see him move on to bigger projects, but his startling performance in this movie was about the only positive thing and it took time off to talk about the boys’ hustle and bustle, so today’s movie, I review, the hustle and bustle of a modern, female-driven version of the dirty, lazy villains of the 1988 comedy, in which Steve Martin and Michael Caine acted as two cheaters waiting to see who could become the $ 50,000 Pan-American heir. However, since this is 2019, every movie needs a female reboot, that’s an invitation gender role on its head and it sees Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson duel each other to see who’s called half a million dollars from a young, enterprising app designer Thomas can get out.

He is played by Alex Sharp and Hathaway is the lavish king pro Josephine and rebel Wilson is the curvy catfishing newbie named Penny. Given the obvious juxtaposition of the two polar characters, there was definitely potential for comedy. But that was not the case with this film. The bustle is a mess where you never know which note is trying to beat. It’s a complete farce and in no good way so sloppy that it borders on a youthful point.

The script of this movie is cruel. I’m not saying that it’s really that painful and funny, in places that I wish you could say I was, this was one of those songs where the two main characters managed to save the script and it entertaining, but a dragon even says there was no comedy chemistry between Anne Hathaway and Rebell Wilson personally, I think Anne Hathaway did a better job, though I know that a lot of people will probably think their English accent is terrible It’s a bit weird, but it somehow matched the crazy tone of the movies, so I’m giving up on Rock Phones sticking to it and committing rebel Wilson, though it’s just rebel Wilson is what makes her rebel Wilson-Shtick and at this point in her career, it feels like she’s really setting herself apart from her charisma.

The Hustle -
The Hustle –

I mean, she had a few moments that made me laugh like there was a scene where she hid in some garbage but got in after about 30 nuts In this movie, I felt that her performance was far too familiar and effective and that he was getting very old.

There are scenes in this film that are utterly unnecessary and meaningless, like there’s a scene where Rebels-Wilson’s character goes down in a toilet plane with that guy Anne Hathaway’s character had calmed down earlier in the movie and what literally happened, nothing What influences the narrative in any way.

This whole sketch is just so funny and badly done, just like the one who thought it was funny Or it does not make sense when they did that, how painfully funny that was. It was just an excuse for Emma Wilson to whip up some false teeth and act like an idiot. It was just wincing as it made the final cut Technical elements of this film did not have to scratch because the editing in this movie was very choppy in some places.

There were scenes where characters talked to each other and obviously some parts were removed and the characters’ position was constantly changing to frame, so continuity was terrible, the direction of Chris Addison was accessible, but nothing Wilson liked about this film it was a nice, charming way to open the movie it just annoys them, but the rest of the movie really sucks, so let’s ask Beth Lee these three questions if I look at it again. Yes, it’s easy. I would not see this second question again, you know this movie is a mess.

I mean, there is no chemistry between the characters. The script is just miserable in terms of the direction and the cut with which I had problems. You know, I can forgive things like that if the movie was really funny, but there was only one like a few moments when I really giggled and the rest of the jokes just went flat, so I would not recommend it in now I’m good at giving the hustle and bustle a score of two out of ten, guys, that’s my assessment of the hustle and bustle , I do not know why you want to watch this movie, but if you’ve seen that it’s safe to let me know in the comment section below what you think about it.


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