The Godfather

The Godfather

Hello and welcome to residues classics in this series of reviews I’ll talk about my favorite classics from cinema history and some of the stuff you asked for on facebook today. I’ll probably review the godfather One of the best movies ever made. The godfather actually changed the cinema. How do you even talk? I have the feeling that I am not worth talking about the Godfather. It is the godfather. It is an adjective. People use it as if it were the godfather of something I mean. How do you even start talking about or dissecting such a work of art? I’m trying it with an extraordinary director of Francis Ford Coppola. The Godfather tells the story of the criminal family of the Corleones.

He focuses mainly on Michael Corleone, who is played by Al Pacino the role now made him a cheetah and it records his rise from outside the family to the actual sponsor and head of the mafia, but why is the Godfather so big and on top the list of the best movies we have ever made? There are many reasons for this, from directing to scripting, to performances and history. It’s an incredible movie. It is a work of art that can keep up with everything in the history of cinema. It’s crazy, there’s no end. I love you very much, but I’ll try to talk about the three most important things that I liked about Godfather number three. The script is based on Mario Puzo’s incredible novel.

This film is all about the story of Marco Corleone II, who was at the beginning Someone who is out of the family, looked down on the mob life and then slowly intervened and then rose to the top of all mafia bosses in the city. I mean, it all depends on a great movie being a good story that is well narrated and this is a good story before the godfather and mafia bosses in the movies were mostly treated like rogues. However, the godfather illuminates the life of the mafia family in a very different light and actually transforms these criminals into characters and new worlds that the audience sympathizes with and perhaps even roots the godfather’s story is very rich and complex, so much happens during the term of three hours.

The Godfather –
The Godfather –

I think we have these stories overlapping between you and Michael Corleone in Italy, and you are Vito Corleone’s story of trying to cling to the past, and he can not really adapt to a new kind of mafia. You have Sonny Corleone, his son, who has to do it to succeed his father, but he is a hothead and can. but it does not move together so seamlessly that it just feels natural and flows so beautifully you sit and watch, that you are so cool, and you are so thrilled that this is an incredible script, from the complex storylines to the amazing dialogues and themes and story arc of the character that is unbelievable The best script I’ve ever written is the visual storytelling. Here is the godfather a godfather. If that makes any sense, this movie has incredible cinematography. It looks amazing.

There’s a visual and color-schematic treatment to this film that does it more than anything else more than usual. I can actually call up a screenshot of the godfather, and you’ll know it’s the godfather because it’s so iconic and because it’s visually unique because the camera is so pretty are other elements in the movie that are visual cues or representations to the themes of the movie. One of the most famous things about the Godfather is the fact that if you see oranges on the screen, someone will die, which will happen bad, although the colors in this movie are used very well, especially thematically when it comes to what the characters wear, you see most of the gangsters and most of the family members actually wear muted colors most of the time, and everyone who’s out there is actually wearing bright colors.

The clearest example of this is Michael’s wife, when the beginning of the film always carries bright colors and clothes and then towards the end the nature of the film when Michael becomes The godfather’s colors also become dumb because she is now part of the crowd she has discovered the mafia and it is inevitable for her. The godfather also uses doors as a visual representation of the split within Michael Corleone, where he showed us to separate his relationship with his family. In the family as in the crowd, you would see a lot of people talking behind doors to each other. You would also see Michael Corleone’s booth behind a door that literally divides him in half when he tries to make one of the biggest decisions.

The movie about engaging in the mafia, but of course there is a famous scene in the movie in which Michael Corleone closes the door on his wife’s face, and that’s what’s so cool about the godfather that you can actually write books about all the little visual elements that Francis Ford Coppola used in this movie to put things in this Presenting story in themes are related to the characters and their emotional state. It’s absolutely amazing and it’s got our directors to tweet their films visually. The most important thing I like about the Godfather is the themes that make the Godfather so special and go well beyond many of his films and even beyond modern cinema. It treats heavy topics in such a beautiful and compelling way that people keep coming back to argue what the godfather is.

It’s true that you like books because you know it’s trying to say something, it’s not just a sequence of events or a story of a character trying to tell you something about life in America, about that Being an immigrant, about the family, about duty, about loyalty. You can literally learn everything you need to know about the godparent’s life if I have a child one day and he or she becomes of age.

I’ll roll like 10 years old. I’ll sit in front of the screen and get them to watch the godfather so they know my life depends on it. I raised her. I’m done and that’s what makes a movie stand out It’s not just about a story, it’s about the message and the idea that the movie should be about. This fascinates people and makes it hard for them to stay with you for so long and the Godfather stays with us for decades.

It’s not just about gangsters, it’s not about gangsters, but about universal things that everyone can identify with And that’s why maybe not everyone is crazy about the Godfather since I definitely have some flaws that every movie even has. Although the nature of the godfather is almost perfect for me, here are the three most important things I did not like godfather number three.

These are some constant mistakes. This is at its best. The Godfather, like all things in life, has some technical mistakes, because there are always certain scenes in which things are in between, between the shots, and if you’ve seen the Godfather more than one hundred and fifty times, I’m out, you know, I’ll One of the examples is early in the movie when Michael sits at the wedding with Kay and talks about his father and about the family who crosses the camera between the two of them.

You can actually see that hands in one shot are a cigarette and in the other shot a job. It’s a mistake. I found it, I mean, it was huge. It was hard to shoot. It went over the budget, it turned over time in Italy and the States, so it makes sense and I have some mistakes in it and I get annoyed and they wake up number two, what I disliked about the godfather is that It’s a bit slow, I mean back in the day was the slow burning of the film part of the style and it was something the audience was used to, but now we live in a faster way of filmmaking.

Maybe it feels like it’s a small task to get through the movie. For the entire movie, the sponsor’s term is three hours, which is a long time. You do not have to spend the whole afternoon off part of your evening is a very slow build-up to an amazing climax, but I think the movie that feels like it’s catching up a bit is number one I did not do. Like the godfather’s, it’s a performance by Connie Corleone, Francis Ford Coppola has a very bad habit of engaging these family members for his films. Sofia Coppola Godfather 3 is an example of this. Connie is portrayed by Talia Shire, the sister of Francis Ford Coppola, and she’s one of my least favorite things about the movie because she’s not good. She does not really sell her three-year lie.

Sometimes she feels I mean, you’ve got Marlon Brando in one of cinema’s most iconic roles, while Vito Corleone has been shutting people’s mouths down for years to get a picture of it, and you have al Pacino in the breakout role of the century and then you have Connie Oh no, that’s honestly the only thing I do not like about the godfather, but that’s nothing compared to the masterpiece of the masterpiece that is the godfather. This movie is absolutely incredible.

I do not know anyone who has nothing. I did not see it, but if you look at it and you do not have it, you’re a crazy person and you have to watch it now, like if you’re literally pausing this video and watching it, because it’s one of the movies, who have ever made it to my top 10 favorite movies of all time and I give the godfather 10 out of 10 points. So what do you think, what are your Top 10 favorite movies of all time and what is your favorite thing about the Godfather when you love? You should love it, if you do not like it, let me know in the comment.



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