The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

Hey guys, what’s up, welcome to RapidDrama to talk about The Dark Knight and it’s true. It’s a bit of a proofreading review, whatever your choice. Basically, I just wanted to talk about my recent visit of The Dark Knight to the IMAX on the occasion of the anniversary and it’s been two or three weekends that I celebrated the anniversary of this film and I had the chance to get tickets and see him again I remember seeing this movie in the movie theaters it’s very clear it was midnight The screening was packed I did not see the Imax the first time. I saw it and honestly, I do not remember if I saw an IMAX later.

Maybe I’ll bring him back a bit, especially when he’s tired because, when Batman was talking, he’s talking like that, but after fighting, Joker and he’s like he’s fighting for to catch my breath, it’s something that struck me and, of course, there are small holes in the plot here and without air, for example, when he falls from the building and stays Rachel, as if they were lying on the car and that the Joker was still upstairs and then the film cut just overnight or something like wait wait what happened Joker was still up there with these guys but these are nitpicking this are small things you could choose from after the movie and now you’ve been going backward for years and you know how to be like yeah, but overall, as a movie experience, that’s not the case.

But you wonder what Dark Knight Rises could have been if the book was still there. You know he would have been in this hardcore movie. It would have been a totally different movie, probably for the better, but I mean that in the end, they are ashamed of the losses. so great a great human actor being and this film is a legacy for him Christopher Nolan I still think it’s the best movie.

The Dark Knight –
The Dark Knight –

I think at first there are a lot of really cool things going on in there, but there’s a lot of stuff in that first half position and you know a lot of Batman Begins fans I think Dark Knight is almost perfect, yeah, it’s all those things you already know, but I just wanted to restore my feelings for the movie. I’ll go ahead and say that in my opinion, the best comedy film of all time, the affinity war is a different beast, and the original sellers and all the other movies I mentioned, Logan is fantastic, but Dark Knight is all I could wish for a superhero movie and more than I thought I think you know why the directors are the best. The photos went from five to ten years.

I think it was like after night because we were like that. the night unnamed nowadays, we have been nominated and this is my chance to win and I probably should have won this year. I do not know, I have to go back to see what it costs, but The Dark Knight is an excellent entertainment a great movie.

I think this is the best movie for anybody and yes, these are all things you already know. I will score points. I guess I should guess that five out of five will, of course, be five out of five is The Dark Knight, so thank you very much for this review if you have the opportunity if it still plays somewhere near your home if there is an IMAX screen if you are able to see Dark Knight do not see it listen.

I love to watch at home I have a projector and a big screen Television but nothing beats this cinematic that goes beyond the mind to be in a theater. that sounds and that is a huge screen for scenes like that of Wheeler Oh, great.


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