The Curse Of La Llorona

Where we talk about everything, and today I wanted to share my quick non-spoiler review on the curse of La Llorona. Directed by up-and-coming Michael Chavez, who will also do that, Summon 3 is produced by the modern master of horror James Wan, who has not insidiously summoned and seen the franchise. As this folklore legend is so rich in history and James Wan supports the project, I hopefully went with the director just because he does not have that much experience, he only shot a handful of short films, and I say for his first big movie that he does do a pretty good job of making it a useful horror movie that I consider experienced horror fans.

Maybe it does not live up to our expectations because much of it was as we’ve seen in the past. Maya Dona is a scary character, so of course, there are some moments of suspense in this movie that I thought worked well, as they are very obviously jumping fearfully I would say that things are going the way they do and I would equate this movie with the nun.

The Curse Of La Llorona -
The Curse Of La Llorona –

It did a good job. I’d like to see a sequel that explores this story more and completely explores the story, but I would do it. Honestly, an experienced director who will take on the role of Michael Chavez. In any case, Linda Cardellini, who is the mother at the center of this story, has been very well-directed.

I thought she did a really good job trying to bring her two children to safety. So a lot is going on in her life and when Linda Cardellini realizes that I’m not coming to her family, she asks a Mexican Witch Doctor for help, played by Raymond Cruz, who is also in Breaking Bad and one of mine’s favorite elements of the film. He added a touch of charisma and humor to a sometimes boring film. I was not a big fan of some of the CGI elements that were used throughout the movie, especially in the third act. It was not a deal-breaker but it was.

It could have been more practical, so I found this movie all right, there were some nice moments when the writing was a bit boring. Motherhood was at the heart of the story, not only with Linda Cardellini as a character but also with Lyta Dona and me. As if they had not explored this piece as much as if they had enjoyed the review.


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