The Biggest Little Farm

The Biggest Little Farm documentation. Let us summarize this first of all. Thanks to Neon, I had the opportunity to interview the farmers who are the subject of this documentary. John and Molly Tester You can watch my full video interview with John and Molly here. I’ll post the links in the description box under this video as you come across a documentary in a blue moon that really speaks to you, makes you smile and laugh and cry and makes your heart full because it’s just so wonderful and alive and well is uplifting in every way.

The Biggest Little Farm is the documentary that I present to you. I’ve done a whole journey full of emotions in less than 90 minutes. I can not say enough to praise The Biggest Little Farm of my favorite documentary of the year. John and Molly Chester are a lovely couple who eventually live with their beloved dog. Leave your tiny Los Angeles apartment and move to the countryside to build one of the most diverse farms of its kind. Incomplete coexistence with nature.

The largest small farm documents their decade-long effort to create the utopia they dream of planting thousands of orchid trees hundreds of crops bring them into animals of all kinds, including a pig named Emma and her best friend, who grease the rooster. It takes a while for them to finally understand and exploit the balance of wisdom and harmony of this nature as they witness the ecosystem of their farms finally begin.

The Biggest Little Farm -
The Biggest Little Farm –

I know that the word journey is rarely used these days, but none fits better to this description as the largest small farm that John has narrated from the beginning and through the hardships and struggles and the little triumphs that happen along the way. Until you finally have this whole thing with agriculture Both John and Molly now have a better understanding of how patterns and cycles are developing Cle and the web of life are working in their farm ecosystem.

The Biggest Little Farm is a perfect combination of a well-told drama, well-placed humor, and various unexpected characters, many of which are animals that help keep the journey fresh, exciting, and full of surprises. There are so many unbelievable on every step Close-up of wildlife – I mean, some of them are so well received and so detailed and spotless that I thought I was watching a Disney nature documentary that also shows how they structure a story.

The audience understands as an element with Communicating or affecting others in a comprehensive but entertaining and non-instructive manner. The project to build and build a whole farm seems overwhelming to the testers. We’re afraid that they may wonder if they are. It needs to take more than they can handle, but that’s what makes this documentary so wonderful because there are times when everything seems hopeless and bleak, and there are times when things begin to look at his persistence perseverance persistence problem-solving problem solving and it is visually spectacular and undeniably intoxicating.

There is joy and sorrow and sorrow and chaos and beauty and serenity. If you ever feel depressed or discouraged, you dare to see the largest small farm because I guarantee that you will be inspired and come out with a new appreciation for life, this is my review of my favorite documentary of the year, the largest small farm, Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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