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The Bay

Warning this program contains annoying images rough language and endgame spoiler if any of these offend you I will not be offended if you come back now found-footage movies are probably among the most hated and beloved in Hollywood but why are found footage movies so popular it’s because they can evoke a sense of realism, a feeling that you’re there, or are they incredibly cheap, so I think it’s a bit of both, especially if done right, if it’s done well, need it It’s a good excuse that cameras have to be alerted to something interesting at all times.

Some movies make that possible and others. I found that film films always seem to be a special kind of science fiction or war movies. I have not seen a POV comedy yet, but POV movies have also found their own market, and cheap again, that’s Barry Levinson’s Bay.

First, we get some stock news shots of various disasters that are weird to think they have anything to do with this movie. Immediately see the credibility of the Son Who Is True Prophecy, The Dark Lord When we booked the movie with our main character Heather Donahue as ex-reporter Donna Thompson, I bet that this looks fantastic at IMAX. This movie uses found footage that had been confiscated by the government until the footage was leaked and Barry Levinson worked it into a horror movie at least we believe it is July 4, 2009, in the Chesapeake Bay. You celebrate your normal small town, your regulars, your mayor who will not close the beaches when the shark attacks the Sheikh on March 4th, and we’ll do it Open to business problems. Wrong movie, this is Donna, who reported three years ago, and the pants are so tight that it’s female circumcision.

Why did not anyone tell me that my pants are too tight for a big event like this and that she sends her interns, you get the feeling was task nobody wanted, everyone wants jobs like these two dead oceanographers, the local one’s Wash authorities? I suspect there is an ecological underground. Mel Gibson has not defeated the Redcoats, so we can have a no-nonsense on the 4th, but obviously, there’s something in the water that’s dangerous, I think. The best damn water I’ve ever tasted is, Of course, mostly vodka, but it is still good that people start to develop strange skin diseases. It ‘s like this conical disease, but if they only had cherries, they are contagious, they were all in water or take these types of water to them The crabs that live in the water remember the pie scene and join me when everyone starts to puke, but I still want the doctors to be baffled afterward to consult with the Center for Disease Control. The Bay

The Bay –
The Bay –

What do you think Is that why I called you a smart guy? I think she just fell asleep in her pasta salad. Young couple Alex and Stephanie and their baby go by boat to where the problem lies, and they have no idea that this happens to children when their internet challenges are involved Not to laugh, to eat cinnamon and to collect peckish, even if the cops have more to do and Donna interviews awkwardly more people, do you buy your pants in the preschool department? I bet the anchors in the studio are just laughing and I’ve changed their pants sideways so even the oceanographers will find weird things, right?

You have now seen an infected fish and we will use this doctor. The openings are really funny. I’ll never eat fish again. Doctors try to keep up by chopping off the body. Parts prepare your plate, who wants a drumstick to wonder, causing all this chaos. Brody has still not been able to close the beaches for our couple again. The husband falls into the water. Someone in my mouth. Do you want to parasites? So you get parasites important I know That’s important, wait until they’re in the same room. You should have an attachment there with pictures we sent you.

Oops, it’s an accident, but the oceanographers are still in the thing, so they work for the rest before the fish dies – these are of course pets the hospital is overwhelmed and house is nowhere to be found that’s the leg of a man today in the Atlantic hospital and in Maryland is treated beautiful, false PowerPoint well the bay has found pollutants algae agricultural runny chicken manure There was a small leak from a nuclear reactor in 2002, but they have no edible seafood, hey, except a few parasites for The rest of us, who reported from the party’s former convention center on July 4, for something about the off-camera that screams and gives it an extra chill factor, as it may just be their labia, the air policeman yelling, and another call in which the inmates are attacked for me is one of the more if you chill segments in which you only see subtitles of their audio, you can let your imagination run wild and mine has painted a pretty horrible picture that’s good for the war.

So we need to figure out what happened to these two divers, asking them just as a reporter, is still going to turn one incredible career event into the most boring news material ever recorded. Let’s spice things up and look at the blood-dripping puddle. Let’s head over it. That’s good stuff he’s going to submit to a prank channel, why what do we have to do, Doctor? What do I have to do to pay him first? I think that the child’s battery survived most of the victims.

What did we say about the water that somehow made her blood worse, but he was here first, at least He died happily, oh wait, that’s not a smile. Okay, that guy freaked me out. A toxic soup containing chemicals could cause certain mutations. Also, the amount of extra chicken extra men in the bay, the number of steroids, neither a lot of it nor the 50- to 60-fold accelerated growth, want to eat more chicken chin. Alex and Stephanie, we are supposed to be here to celebrate that they are more than trendy late The last pitch would be a honey firework.

I want to get out of here, where we go. You got on a boat and just say there is no mobile, so they duck into a shop to find a landline. Maybe they are not safe. Let’s summarize a midterm action. Donna leaves the work camera and confiscates off-screen oceanographers. They eat infected police and killed the teenage girl on FaceTime and Steph well. Alex is fine too, but there’s time for the last horror. Is there something in my teeth? I think it’s something in my teeth.

Tales outside the screen. The government finally arrives and puts things under control with Minimal and Environmental impact we’re ready to do it all bring it home Donna that’s Donna Thompson signing off and that was the bay that Donna spent most of her time on Screen follows when she posts the movie with her interview in webcam resolution, but in the footage she mainly wanders around to find out what’s going on so she can do her damn job. It also has the least interesting character and history, with catastrophic hits holding back more than a few performances. Asleep Alex and Steph are the most likable, but mostly because they bring a baby in all of this, but it’s not really about those characters, it’s about the event itself.

They are the food for the story and the number of bodies Things They Are Basing On Real creatures, but Isopods do not really do most things that happen in this movie. These are mutated super creatures that you should not encounter in nature. Real isopods are harmless and no dangerous for humans enjoy swimming their infectiousness seems to vary larvae infect hosts and either eat them from inside and make them sick or grow super fast and pop out and the adults just kill them The found-footage gimmick, although it’s a bit played, is somewhat more effectively portrayed in a documentary format.

It sets up the movie in reality and it feels like it could actually happen or actually happened. The video formats vary according to the documentary feel of the news Cameron webcam a cell phone Skype call to the Dashcam, which makes sense for a documentary that has been cobbled together from different sources, but the other side of the resolution is partly solo, although the film feels realistic, cheap, as it has elements of an outbreak The story in contagion style is mixed with a documentary presented as a monster movie.

There is a loud environmental message throughout the movie, but the creature event is so exaggerated that it silences the message that there is also a conspiracy theory that is overshadowed by these tongues. I think my favorite part involves the CDC people over Skype chat, they seem to be worried and unconnected, and I think that’s how the audience finally feels about the bay Two and a half bees, there are some speed issues, especially if the doctors skype, but there is still relevant information and one little realism. This underlines the fact that they would be completely unprepared in this case and we are all doomed to fail.


  1. Highly underrated. Not the best movie, but I liked it. I think some of these found footage genre films will be quite popular later, but as of now most people seem to dislike them.


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