The Angry Birds Movie 2 Movie Review

The Angry Birds Movie 2 and I am so late at reviewing this movie that I am not even going to include a Non-Spoiler section. Yes, if I am a week late to reviewing a movie then I will only do the Spoiler section and I was late because it released sooo late where I live. And that’s not even the part I got the most angry about, when I was checking the Release Dates in Imdb I found out that it would be released in December in Japan which is so outrageous! Why are they making their Japanese fans wait? I got angry because I got to see it a week later but the Japanese Angry Birds fans will have to see it not just one but 3 months later! That’s frustrating. Anyways, let’s begin the review! Okay so first let’s talk about the characters of this movie.

They reduced Red from a hero to a loser which I was sooo happy to see because he was utterly useless in the games! He had like no superpower unlike all the other birds and so I had such difficulty defeating the pigs with him. And what was worse, the one with no superpower was the mascot of the game so I was so satisfied to finally see Red not get treated like a leader or anything.

However, the leader that replaced Red was worse in some ways because she might be pretty good in the games but she was awfully boring in the movie. Yes, Silver was boring because she is another one of those characters who are treated like superheroes just because they are smart. Like, did she even need anybody else for the mission? I feel like she could have handled the mission nicely all on her own. I really missed the all out war aspect of the first movie in this movie since I thought it was going to be all Birds and Pigs vs.

The Eagles just like it was Birds vs. Pigs in the first movie but Silver came in like a superhero and handled it all by herself and ruined all the fun. Also, what’s up with her seeing equations in mid air? Like does she not have something called “tension”? There’s a scene where they are literally falling out of Might Eagle’s mountain or something and she saves them by seeing an equation in mid air or something.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Movie Review
The Angry Birds Movie 2 Movie Review

What? How did she have a calm mind to do all of that while falling out of a MOUNTAIN! Also, I like how she is Chuck’s sister since they both have similar powers in the games so it makes sense. And talking about her powers in the games, she didn’t even use it! Not even once! The best part about the final battle of the first movie was we got to see all of their superpowers and that was so amazing but here, we didn’t even get to see the Superpower of Silver.

That also raises a question. Can only Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Hal, Bubbles and all of the people who saved the Bird Island in the first movie use their superpowers? Can no other bird use super powers because we don’t see them using any? If so, then that’s pretty confusing. Anyways, I was so angry that this movie shipped Silver and Red. Why did they do that? That was so cringy. Also, I hated how they didn’t bring Bubbles, Hal and Stella to the mission, forget about Terrance. Bubbles, Hal and Stella could help them so much! Pretty frustrating to see all of them not here. Okay so now let’s talk about Eagle Island which should actually be called Ice Island or Cold Island or something else because Eagle Island sounds like the most boring thing ever. But the concept is still pretty cool though.

Okay so are there like no normal people in this island? Like do only Zeta and her guards live here? Along with that winking seal and frozen dog? Because I didn’t see anybody else and if so, how did it become like that? We clearly know that there were high schools earlier because of the flashback between Zeta and Mighty Eagle so how did it go from that to being an abandoned island ruled by Zeta? And okay, maybe it was abandoned because it suddenly started freezing but then why didn’t Zeta and her guards abandon it too? So much is not answered in this movie that it’s pretty frustrating. And Zeta is truly pretty psychopathic, actually.

The Angry Birds Movie 2
The Angry Birds Movie 2

I don’t think Mighty Eagle made the right choice marrying her because something is wrong with her. I do love that she is purple in color, though. A purple bird looks so majestic and also purple is my favorite color and I like villains so a Purple Eagle who is a villain was truly a blast to see. It would be better if she was a little more evil instead of straight up psychopathic though. If they wanted a psychopathic villain, they should have made her feathers Red because I think red resembles psychopathy a little bit more.

Because purple is a calm color and people associated with calm colors should be calm, calculative, manipulative, evil and all, not psychopathic. Okay so I can’t complain about this movie anymore since I truly had a good time at the cinema with this film so let’s get to the final and best scene of this movie, where I have nothing to complain about! Okay so her Super Genius Silver finally trusts on her guts instead of her God Level Intelligence and along with Red, jump into the balls of ice.

They realize that they were about to be injected by that lava injector thing and Red pushes the ball a little bit to avoid that disaster. In this scene, it’s finally a complete fun blast of a movie, like the last one and at the end, they manage to drop the ice ball on the weapon but, the side of the weapon and not the weapon itself. Zeta is finally about to unleash the weapon when Might Eagle comes and tries to save the day but the movies will never let him save the day so…. At the end, he doesn’t save the day and the hatchlings who have had a side plot of rescuing the egg for the entire movie finally save the day.

Thank goodness that side plot was useful for something and wasn’t a complete waste of time. And at the end, it’s a happy ending and they build a statue of the heroes? Now I like the concept but where are Hal, Stella, Bubbles and all of those game characters who saved the young ones of the Bird Island in the first movie? I hate how this movie completely ignores the other characters. Rating- 7/10


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