The 3rd Eye 2 Movie Review

The 3rd Eye 2 Movie Review

Welcome to the channel, so today we’re talking about a The new movie. His name is The 3rd Eye 2. Like the first movie, this one is an Indonesian movie. I will read some subtitles and if you want to know my specific thoughts on the first one, I will leave a link in the description, but overall I really liked the first one.

If I know that I sat down to look at this, I was like hell. Yeah, let’s do the second round, but unfortunately this time it’s just not that it’s far from a bad movie. There are many good things, but I felt that it was not comparable to that. I would say in both this and the first film that there were both films that clearly outbid in certain aspects, but outperforming in the first Film did not do it at the expense of the story, so it was still very, very enjoyable, while this movie kind of the story for me personally in a certain way.

One of the sisters is actually killed very fast in the movie to cope with the surviving sister going to an orphanage, and then Big Thicket surprises that Orphanage, and she also meets someone who has an open The 3rd Eye 2, and then there’s a whole other puzzle and story to tell, and that’s pretty much the movie that is the first to contribute to this film, To seriously kill a serious protagonist just as seriously as I did not expect this movie. Just to make my expectations so Bourne Supremacy that this part was very commendable, one sister did a good job again. The drama was pretty solid, which I can gather even though I do not speak much of the language.

The sound effects were really good too, not as scary voices as the first and the music was just fine, it was there, it was solid and what it just was not as good as the first one and this movie had a fair bit of a scare in it and surprisingly it did cause a lot of daylight fright or not much but as if there were at least a few in it and that is pretty hard to go through and I thought that they did a few pretty well. Interesting ways of dealing with the story, how to know that the sister is trying to deal with her sister’s death by helping other people, as I thought, that one thing really cool thing is, and I really liked how her character and actually some other characters just like you have all these characters very slowly and with one developed at a good pace.

The 3rd Eye 2 -
The 3rd Eye 2 –

I thought that this is all well done, but as I said earlier, it is clearly exaggerated in certain aspects, but I will say that the special effects in this movie were a little better, although they w In the first movie of which you know that they do slightly better in this department, but this is irrelevant if the movie shows you something too much, only in general, because they have tried to do things on a much larger scale and then in the third act they continue to do things on a much larger scale, to the point where it gets a bit ridiculous, to be honest, there’s a lot going on in the background, especially in the third act, where I think that’s it. It’s a clear fake, as if I had just felt so confused when I saw this, and as if I had purged it in the second half of the film.

There are a lot of things that I think are over the top. I think what I’m trying to say is that the movie is not so reserved and it does not feel so personal and if you connect it with the movies that are not that scary, it will hurt the movie a bit, as if I said that the story is still solid The selection was really interesting and the whole thing was deciphered The overall puzzle was pretty good, even though there were one or two things that I thought were a bit predictable, but compared to the first one I felt This story is simply more intriguing, while this story is as similar as I could have given up some of what I think is a score often. I think I’ll call it six points seven. It was decent, there were things you could like about it, but there were also many critics. But there were not enough critics for me not to look at one more.


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