Terrifier Movie Review

Terrifier Movie Review

This is a review for Tara Fire. I have only one question. What have I just seen? This movie is crazy. Terrifier is a great horror movie if you’re a fan of horror.

I’m a fan of the gutter door of Oh my God, yes, that’s for you, if you’re here, if you’re a really crazy people like a fan of psychopathic nut jobs, then This movie is about the art of the clown, a serial killer, I got it!

This guy is insane, he cuts off a girl’s breasts, puts them on, puts on her hair and just lays down like that as if that’s possible, sister, and then gets up with the girl breasts hanging from her hair. It’s crazy, I’ll definitely say that on Netflix, there’s not something for everyone, it’s like torture, it’s not for everyone, but for me it’s these films.

Terrifier 2018 - rapiddrama.com
Terrifier 2018 – rapiddrama.com

I think this Terrifier 2018 movie is great. It’s a retrospective with 80’s of movies, if it was done in the 80’s, it would be a classic. Now go and look at it, that’s all I can say that you can not really talk about in this movie You first see the movie and then talk about it, so just look up at Netflix and let’s play it


  1. Saw it last night , worth the wait ! Brutal , fun , and actually terrifying at times . I loved that the baby sitter from All Hallows’ Eve came back in a new role too .


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