Terminator: Dark Fate Movie Review

Terminator: Dark Fate Movie Review

Terminator: Dark Fate stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis, and Natalia Reyes and was directed by Tim Miller. Set 25 years after the events of T2, it tells the story of Dani Ramos, played by Natalia Reyes, who’s been targeted for termination by an assassin sent from the future. With the help of a future soldier, Sarah Connor, and a franchise mainstay, she must try to stay alive and kill the Terminator assassin. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the Terminator franchise over these last thirty-five years, it’s that nothing is set in stone.

Right from the very first movie, we’ve been told that there’s no fate but what we make for ourselves and that’s a quote that the rest of these movies have really lived up to. Very little has stayed consistent from one film to the next and our understanding of the future, as well as the past, has been complicated and straight-up changed on more than one occasion. So how has this franchise gotten away with that and persisted for so long? Time travel.

The answer’s simple, but the execution of it isn’t. And so the franchise has utilized it with various degrees of success sometimes as a means of pushing the story in a unique direction and sometimes as a crutch to keep things limping along. In either case, every movie in this franchise has utilized it to change something significant in the story and Terminator: Dark Fate is really no different. Due to the multitude of timelines in the franchise at this point, it can be kinda hard to keep track of where things stand for the characters and the fate of humanity. So, Dark Fate simplifies things for us by making it clear where (in time and chronology) this movie sits. This film is set after T2, but a significant event alters the trajectory of the story, effectively erasing T3, Salvation, and Genisys from the timeline.

That significant event comes in the opening minutes of the movie, but I’m not gonna spoil it for you cause it’s big and essential to the story, but it also starts things off with an unexpected tone. It’s a big change that’s definitely gonna upset a lot of people, but it’s one of those things where you kinda just have to role with the punches and remember that nothing in this franchise is set in stone. There is no fate. And there’s nothing to say that a seventh Terminator movie won’t alter the events of this one. As far as the actual story goes, I think Dark Fate is the strongest since T2. It certainly borrows heavily from that movie and hits many of the same basic story beats, but I think there’s enough that’s different here to still distinguish it and set it apart.

Terminatör: Karanlık Kader
Terminator: Dark Fate

This film also continues the exploration of humanity in machines that’s been a main theme in the franchise since that second movie. It’s familiar in the way that it approaches that idea almost an amalgamation of T2, Salvation, and Genisys, but approaches how this manifests in certain characters in a way we haven’t seen before. This Terminator humanity concept also gets a good deal of focus devoted to it, which is nice after how glossed over it was in Genisys, despite potentially being one of the most interesting aspects of that movie. Much like the story and themes, Dark Fate’s characters are also very familiar.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 is back once again, but we’ve never seen him quite like this. There’s more of an emotional and heavy backstory for him that adds a bit of heft to the story. Don’t worry though, he still has that quirky literal humor that we’ve come to expect from his character. And he’s got a lot of good lines and moments in this one, including a weirdly entertaining conversation about drapes. Our other familiar face is Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, returning to the role after twenty-eight years. She also has some good moments, but overall I found her to be a pretty unlikable character here. There are certainly reasons built into the story to explain her actions and general demeanor, but she was very cynical and, surprisingly, one of my least favorite characters in the movie.

The returning characters are obviously gonna be familiar, but many of the new characters are also extremely reminiscent of past players in the franchise, once again, heavily drawing on T2. Now this wouldn’t be a Terminator review if I didn’t at least briefly talk about the action. For the most part, it was quite good. There are a few very good chase sequences and the CGI’s pretty impressive too. There are a few weird moments and it does have that more modern action sheen to it, but the action was generally on par with the other sequels. In fact, I think Dark Fate as a whole was pretty on par with the rest of this franchise and serves as a good, slightly reimagined, continuation of the story put forth by the first two films. Alright, let’s talk about the pros and cons.

Pro number one is Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800. He was easily my favorite character in this movie and actually brought a little bit of everything to the story. He was an obvious nostalgic connection to the earlier films, but also contributed to the action, emotion, and nearly all the humor. I might be a bit biased cause I’ve always found his character to be very entertaining, but he truly was the highlight here and the film improves considerably as soon as he’s introduced. The second pro is the unique continuation of the story, specifically with how it relates to T2.] I know that this is gonna be a point of contention and a lot of people would put this in the cons, but I kinda like where they go with the story.

The franchise altering event at the beginning of the movie is a bit shocking and I can see how people could be upset with it, but surprisingly the plot works even with that change. It’s unexpected and results in some story threads and character moments you might not have ever anticipated for a Terminator movie. On the con side, I had a few minor issues with the pacing and rehashed story beats, but I only had one major issue and it’s not one I ever expected to have with this movie: Sarah Connor.

Linda Hamilton’s return to this role has been the major marketing tool and source of hype for this movie, but I really didn’t like the character. I think the fault lies with the script rather than Hamilton’s performance, but she comes across as very one-note. Like I said, there’s a reason for her character’s demeanor and she does have some really good badass action scenes, but there’s just something about her character that’s kinda off-putting here for me.

The story had clear paths of character growth for her that just never got taken and so, I hate to say it, but her presenceÖ her whole thing just got old pretty quick for me. I’m gonna give Terminator: Dark Fate 3 out of 5 paws. I’d say it’s a high 3Ö I was kinda on the fence between 3 and 3.5, but a 3 feels more appropriate cause this movie has a lot to like, but doesn’t offer much in terms of overall quality to set it apart from some of the other better Terminator films. I would recommend Terminator: Dark Fate to fans of the Terminator franchise. I do think, however, that this is gonna be the most divisive film in the franchise cause of its major opening event, but also cause it essentially wipes out the last three movies in the franchise.

Her iki şey de fan bankasının farklı sektörlerini ağırlaştırmak ve yabancılaştırmakla yükümlüdür, ancak yine de T2’den sonraki hikayenin sağlam bir devamı. Bir Terminator acemi için bir aksiyon filmi olarak eğlenceli olsa da, bu filmden en iyi şekilde yararlanmak için önceden T1’i ve özellikle de T2’yi incelemelisiniz. Eğer Terminator: Dark Fate’den hoşlandıysanız , Terminator 2: Judgement Day’i tavsiye etmeliyim . Bu film, yalnızca olayın ardından kısa bir süre sonra ortaya çıkıp, onu bir parça da bağlamakla kalmıyor, aynı zamanda T2’dekilere benzer yollar izleyen birçok hikaye ritmi ve karakter var. Başka bir zamandan geliştirilmiş bir asker hakkında başka bir film izlemek istiyorsanız, Kaptan Amerika: Kış Askerine bakmalısınız.

Herhangi bir robot yok, fakat asıl düşmanının biyonik kolu var. Ve bu noktada Terminator filmlerinden bıktıysanız, 2018 Cadılar Bayramı’nı denemek isteyebilirsiniz. Bu önceki sekelleri görmezden gelen ve birkaç on yıl sonra dönen yıldız dişi karakterini gösteren çok gecikmeli bir devam filmi için başka bir örnek. Pekala, size bir kaç soru. Birincisi: Terminator: Karanlık Kader’i gördün mü ? Eğer öyleyse, bunun hakkında ne düşünüyorsunuz? Ve iki numara: Önceki netice olaylarını görmezden gelen netice ne düşünüyorsunuz? Cevaplarınızı aşağıdaki yorumlarda bıraktığınızdan emin olun, böylece tartışmaya devam edebiliriz.


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