Taxi Driver Movie Review

Taxi Driver Movie Review

I know this is not a horror movie or an exploitation movie, but it’s damn close. I love Taxi Driver. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time, so I’d like to go into a bit more detail with this movie so there will be spoilers in this video, which is a spoiler warning if you have not seen a Taxi Driver. How dare you seriously if you have not seen a Taxi Driver turn off this review and watch it.

It’s so good movie every night when I bring the taxi back to the garage, I have to clean the backseat. On some evenings, when I purify the blood, the film takes place in New York City. We follow a mentally disturbed Vietnam veterinarian named Travis Bickel, who suffers from insomnia So he thinks about why I should not earn some money at night and drive a taxi. It is only a matter of time before he complies with this urge. It is not the question of whether he will do something terrible.

It’s when he’s doing something terrible Taxi driver is basically a character study of a very damaged individual Travis Bickle by Robert De Niro is one of my favorite characters in all the movies in which you’re not necessarily on his side because he takes a dark path But you can not help but be fascinated by the guy who is a very lonely person and who are spiritually influenced by this loneliness.

He does not really have the reality under control. He does not really understand the people who have shown this perfectly when he takes this in. Lady Betsey, played by Civil Shepard on a date, Travis is the guy who goes to cinema just because there were those  ad*** theaters on and Street He would not watch the whole movie they would do and then leave, but Travis just likes these movies, and he thought it would be a great idea to put this woman on her first date in Maybe it was her second date.

I mean, that was something he just decided on this evening, and as you’d expect, Betsy does not take it very well. You know I did not know you would feel that way about movies. Yes, I’m not coming This is the trigger for his descent into madness. Of course, Travis was not in the best shape before this incident has a secret behind him. We can say that he was mentally unstable even before he started his taxi ride.

We know he was in Vietnam, but we do not know exactly what happened to him, which caused him to lose him. Robert DeNiro worked for a month as a Taxi Driver in hourly shifts and also studied mental illnesses that have paid off some have come really round and wash in. When this scum comes off the street, the most famous scene in this movie is without question that you are in to talk me into it.

The scene in which you talk to me. They talk to me. It’s one of the most notorious scenes in all the movies where it’s been parodied so many different media from WWE to Back to the Future you talk to me you speak to me fir trees even if you’ve never seen a Taxi Driver you know that line with all the parodies it’s hard to imagine that as a serious moment, but when you’re finally on, look, you understand how disturbing it really is.

This is a man who dreams of killing someone. It shows us how far Travis has come from Martin Scorsese and the writing by Paul Schrader is fantastic. First, it’s one of the good old, dingy New York scenes. If you were on my website, you know that I love urban decay. I hate to be one of those guys who say they do not make movies like these are not there anymore, but you literally could not do that movie. They cleaned up New York City. The Taxi Driver really catches the filth that was on the streets back then.

Taxi Driver Movie Review -
Taxi Driver Movie Review –

Midnight Cowboy Maniac Cruising It’s the filth that gives these films their charm, which makes them take a shower afterward. What I love about Scorsese’s movies, especially movies with a screenplay by Paul Schrader, is that all the characters stand out even the supporting characters. They are so good that they have an impact on you. You know, the guy was a dwarf. The blonde is late.

Scorsese himself has a very memorable role in this movie and he only plays a guy in the back of Travis’s cab talking to him about how his wife is cheating on him, but it’s such a great moment, such a memorable one Character, and I really love that they pay no attention to the fact that it is Martin Scorsese. Did I tell you to play? I have? Did I say? If you do that with the counter, reset the counter, keep the numbers running. I do not care what I have to pay. I did not do it.

Most directors do not come out when they give themselves a part in one of their movies feels like hey look who but it’s not here when I saw this movie for the first time. I had no idea it was Scorsese. I’ll kill her with a Magnum pistol and a Magnum pistol. Another great scene is when Travis deals with the gun seller, it’s a short scene, but in that short time, we learn all about this guy. I just love how he starts to sell Travis more stuff when he buys that guy, it gets kind of weird when it comes to Grass Ash Coke Mescaline Downer’s never get torn up.

How about a Cadillac he wants to sell him a damned Cadillac the most important character would have? Thank God he sees her as someone he can protect, and he made those little ties to both of them because they’re both broken people Hey, look, the sport has never treated me badly.

I mean, he did not beat me up or anything, but you can not allow him to do the same editing, that’s the little thing that Travis and the audience’s need gives us the hope that Travis will get off that dark path can remove. Of course, it is just a coincidence that he casts a spell over some very bad people. The Taxi Driver manages to be a very exciting movie without completing until the end. Another tense scene is when Travis will kill a politician. This is the same man Betsy works for. He thinks he will free her by killing this man. The setup is perfect.

The politician has just finished a speech that dispels the crowd that is just where the scene is so tense it’s these little moments that I’ve loved in thrilling movies, those moments that make you say something bad is going to happen, and again it’s only because of blind luck that he does not go through it Travis has his weapons and he’s ready to do anything to hell. The scene is so bleak and violent that you feel like you’ve just watched a snuff movie, and what I like is that Travis does not just walk with flaming weapons and suffer no injuries. Schwarzenegger, which he gets shot several times.

The shooting feels almost too real and it’s one of the biggest shootings in the movie whose end has been discussed for years. People are deterred by it, while other people see how disturbing it really is. Everything seems to be alright.

Iris is back with her parents. Travis is seen as a hero he has survived being shot all the time, and he even has a nice little moment with Betsy, everything seems to be all right, but then we found out that it is so easy to Adjusting the rearview mirror a few times during this film, as he was thinking about his violent actions, which were communicated to us by simply adjusting the mirror. If it does happen again, it will shoot down more people and it will be tragic, It’s amazing how such a simple act can leave you with such an uncomfortable feeling. I obviously love the Taxi Driver.

I think it’s a movie that everyone should see at least once if it’s one. A perfect example of why I love watching movies. It was a time when movies took more risks and talked about things that other people feared. Let me ask now What do you think about Taxi Drivers? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Whatever do you think? Put it down here, your buddy Justin is here to remind you that the Grindhouse will never die. Are you talking to me? Are you talking? for me no, no matter then.


  1. Why did they stop treating movie trailers like works of art? The last twenty or so years trailers have been utter SHYTE. This is what a trailer is supposed to be. It’s beautiful. It presents the movie honestly and also piques your interest.


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