Sword Art Online: Alicization Anime Review

Sword Art Online: Alicization Anime Review

Sword Art Online: Alicization which is a pretty confusing but also entertaining concept for a Sword Art Online season. So anyways, let’s begin the review! Okay so let’s just talk about the first few episodes and they are absolutely TERRIBLE! They were the definition of boring and it the first episode also was pretty confusing since they didn’t answer us how Kirito was there with Eugeo and Alice there in that 40 minute episode.

They did answer it later on but it would have been better if they did it earlier. And also, I actually like this Alicization concept which is basically kind of like The Matrix but in a more fun way with dragons and other mythical creatures. Overall, I really didn’t like the first few episodes and this anime suddenly got good from Episode 13, when the writers suddenly decided that the story had spun round and round and round for quite a while and they actually needed to do something. From Episode 13, we really got the Sword Art Online that we knew and not some stupid boring anime with lots of confusing stuff. However, I find it funny how the first half of the anime happens over a few years and how the second half happens in like some days. Okay so let’s talk about the characters of this anime.

Kirito is somewhat improved but I still like Sword Art Online II Kirito more since that Kirito seemed to be more resourceful and more intelligent, unlike Alicization Kirito who mostly depends on his emotions for a fight. Eugeo is a new character and he is okay, I guess? His sword is more entertaining to watch than him, though. And Alice tries to be Asuna from the first arc but fails miserably because she is mainly powerful because of her sword and armor, like most Integrity Knights. If she could show her skills without such powerful stuff, then she would be cool like first arc Asuna. Overall, she is a boring character.

That guy from Sword Art Online II who told Kirito to go into GGO also appears in this and tries to be the villain, I guess? I don’t know if he is a villain or not since he does do that evil villain smirk and all but he doesn’t really do any evil things. Also, a member of Death Gun returns in this season and I like that but why does that member need to inject that liquid in Asuna or Kirito to kill them when they can just shoot them? It would not only be more practical if that member came with a gun but also it would visually look way cooler. Okay so now let’s talk about the first fight in the Central Cathedral that happens after they return to it.

Sword Art Online Alicization
Sword Art Online Alicization

The Crimson Knight specializes in fire and the fight was actually pretty good and this is the moment when I really started getting Aincrad vibes from this Season which was of course a good thing. And of course, this fight ended with The Crimson Knight Losing and Kirito and Eugeo winning.

But after they defeat the Crimson Knight, two kids who happen to be twins appear out of nowhere and start talking with Kirito and Eugeo and I don’t how they didn’t think they could be members of the Cathedral when they literally carry small little swords. Also, did Kirito just say he is not good with kids? Did he forget his memories with Yui or something? Anyways, of course the creepy little twins betray Kirito and Eugeo and take them to the Relentless Knight! Okay so this time the twins get a taste of their medicine and get paralyzed thanks to Kirito. Really liked how Kirito didn’t go easy on them just because they were kids because that’s dumb. Anyways, now Kirito and Eugeo fight the Relentless Knight who is actually not just a normal obstacle for them but also an interesting character! She has got a better backstory than Alice, to be honest, and also I liked her weapon more.

But no matter how good her weapon is, nobody can win in front of Kirito and so she also lost but Kirito actually healed her so that this boring anime wouldn’t lose one of it’s few interesting characters. Okay so now they face Alice herself and they fight like usual but somehow, when they are about to defeat her, they wall bursts open and suck Kirito and Alice outside? What? Who did that? Quinella? Because if Quinella did that she is kind of dumb sicne at the end, all she did by doing this was turn Alice against her. If she had this much power then why not just make Kirito fall out of the Cathedral? I wish they explained what actually happened here. Anyways, after Alice and Kirito get sucked out of the Cathedral they cling onto dear life until they finally get back in it within some time. Okay so while Kirito and Alice try to get back in, Eugeo himself faces the Legendary Knight who defeated that dragon in the cave near the start of the anime.

Sword Art Online Alicization Anime Review
Sword Art Online Alicization Anime Review

He defeats the overrated Knight who was not even as hard to defeat as The Relentless Knight or Alice and then we get introduced to the most annoying character of this anime- Chudelkin. He has an annoying design. He has annoying dialogues. He does dumb and annoying stuff. Everything about him annoys me. Okay so after Kirito turns Alice on his side she and him both face Eugeo who has been turned by Quinella to her side.

I really enjoyed this fight but at the end Eugeo of course won because of the overpowered ability his sword had. However, after this fight, he again comes on Eugeo’s side because I guess he thought what he was doing wasn’t the right thing? Anyways, after Eugeo rejoins Kirito’s team and they both get to face Quinella’s Ultimate weapon of destruction who was harder to defeat than Quinella herself. This weapon of destruction just instantly defeats our heroes and Cardinal herself has to come to rescue all of them and Cardinal’s death was actually pretty brutal. Anyways, just before she dies Eugeo tells her to turn him into a powerful sword and so she does do exactly that and Eugeo’s small sword begins to battle with Quinella’s Ultimate Weapon of Destruction.

He actually easily defeats the Sword Golem by destroying its weak spot but then gets killed himself. And after he gets killed, we all knew what was coming in the Final Episode- GOD MODE KIRITO! And before we get into the final battle, I want to tell that the stupid second opening spoiled me about Eugeo’s death by showing these two images back to back. I don’t know why they did this. Okay so it’s kind of dumb that Kirito’s clothes kept changing from his Alicization ones to his Aincrad ones but I don’t care, this was awesome! And also, hey, we got back that yellow eyed God Mode Kirito which forget Quinella, even Kayabe Akihiko cannot defeat and so she gets defeated but she tries to escape but then Chudelkin kills her, I guess? I am not exactly sure if Chudelkin killed her or not and maybe she can return, I don’t know.

This is an anime, after all. Anyways, after that this anime ends on a cliffhanger with the Ocean Turtle being attacked and the entire Alicization World in danger and also with Asuna coming into the Alicization world. Just when I thought Episode 24 would be the best episode for me, this happens! I hate it when animes do this just to make you see the next season which you are going to see anyways which means there is absolutely no reason for cliffhangers as the endings! The fans of this series will see the next season even without cliffhangers and people who don’t care about this series won’t, even with a cliffhanger! Why do so many animes do this? Cliffhangers are like the worst way to end an entire season. Rating- 7.5/10


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