Sugarless Movie Review

Sugarless Movie Review

Inspired by Masami Hosokawa’s Sugarless, the series is about the cruel struggle of men who want to be the wildest, the best in the Kojima High School. Shiba Gaku (Shiraham Aran) is also the best from the moment he steps into the school and fights his days to fight for leadership.

Brave high school student named Shiiba Gaku, who is new to Kushima High School and is dominated by criminals. Knowing this, he wants to be the number one fighter in the school and the leader. However, this school is not just a boys school. There are also some girls in the school. The difference is that most (if not all) boys in school spend their time beating each other’s crap while girls do not.

Sugarless -
Sugarless –

On his first day, Gaku wants to be not only number one in the school but also Haruka Suwa. Unfortunately, Suwa does not interest him. What will happen to Shiiba? Will he get the girl? Will he be number one?


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