Stress Movie “Crawl” A New Banner is Shared

Stress Movie “Crawl” A New Banner is Shared

On July 12, a new banner was displayed from the horror and tension genre “Crawl“. The film focuses on the struggle of Haley, who is trying to save his father after a 250-km hurricane in Florida, USA. In spite of all warnings, Haley finds his severely wounded father in the areas he should not enter to find his lost father, but while he is trying to leave the area, the other obstacle is the tasters.

Alexandre Aja, who is known for the productions of Mirrors “,” Eyes on the Hill “and High Blood Pressure , is directed by the horror movie lovers. The screenplay of Michael Crawl “is written by Michael and Shawn Rasmussen, who are known for their ile Ward ile,“ Bad Seed “and productions.

Crawl 2019 -
Crawl 2019 –

Haley Keller, who has risked his own life to save his father in ken Crawl ın, was born in 1992 when Kaya Scodelario, born in 1992, known from the films eye The Battle of the Titans ’and’ Pirates of the Caribbean 5: The Revenge of the Salazar “; ’Saving Er Ryan“ and mak The Masked Horseman “, Barry Pepper brings to life his father, Dave Keller. The film is accompanied by Ross Anderson, Colin Mc Darlene and Ami Metcalf.


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