Stranger Things – Season 3

Stranger Things – Season 3

The third season of strange things was uploaded to Netflix at about 3 am last night, so I was able to watch a few episodes at bedtime because I’m a huge night owl, and then I watched the rest today because I always I’m still sick, which gave me the perfect excuse to do nothing but watch stranger things, so it was really fun, and I’m not sad that I did not do anything this season, hopper Dismay 11 and Mike are now together and learning things about each other because it’s about as old for both of them. Joyce mourns a defeat from last season and tries to record the pieces that Dustin brought back from camp.

He announces that he has a new girlfriend that no one believes him to do, Nancy and Jonathan both try to stifle jobs in a terrible environment Steve and a new friend named Robin work in an ice cream parlor in the new Star Court shopping mall and are beginning to feel that people are upside down and the entities that live there may not be quite coping with them, while Billy encounters something pretty scary I liked both seasons of strange things so far, while the second definitely started slower than the first and Doing three exactly the same thing, the first few episodes are usually okay because I like those characters and that’s when a great TV show has some leeway, when the show is not doing so well, at least you love the characters and want to see what they do for storytelling in the first episodes, which feels very much similar to the setup ga There were some funny jokes that they staged well and played well, but it did not really feel as if anything happened. A plot with bad Russians was introduced and it felt a bit cheesy, but that’s the attraction of strange things. Part of the show looks at the kitsch mood of the 80s and finds ways to show versions of it.

This season is exactly the same as a character who is obviously a riff on The Terminator, or there are many sequences within a movie theater where people are watching Day of the Dead or back to the future, and obviously the styles should be I do not think this show depends on it as the drama is just way too good, the characters are way too versatile and the show is extremely well geared if you just look at nostalgia would not have missed Season 1, because that’s all it has, but it also has great storytelling and that’s pretty awesome for the first few episodes I’d say about the episode for this season.

I’m having some problems with that, however, and we’ll talk more about this right at the end of the video. The best thing about this show is the production, which makes this show beautiful, especially in this mall, where they spent a lot of money on this mall What a 1980s mall looks like, and my God, I mean, you really have to give it to the people working behind the scene. All this makes this look and feels look like a 1980s show. All performances are excellent. All the kids are great.

Wynonna writer David Harbor Millie Bobby Brown is again one of the best young talents working today She proves that throughout the season Dacre Montgomery and especially Billie had much more to do this season. At this moment, I would like to warn you ahead of time that I have enjoyed this season if you feel like it. ‘I have not seen anything yet.

I had a good time with it. Look at the rest, but if you have, we’ll deal with spoilers now. That’s your warning. Montgomery had much more to do, and that’s because he’s kidnapped. In a way, he’s becoming a kind of vessel for this thing, which is getting bigger in this factory.

Stranger Things Season 3 -
Stranger Things Season 3 –

Rats in the city or eat fertilizer. People eat fertilizer and then they explode or when they turn into goosebumps and suck the thing They get bigger and bigger and become a gigantic force, but throughout the season Billy gets overtaken by this thing and makes decisions that all his friends, especially his sister Max, who have no idea what’s going on, and they have a lot of jokes to play this season, both informal and romantic, they’ve done a lot of good work there, especially with Hopper and Joyce.

There are some really cute stuff that they argue a lot and it’s kind of cute and obvious at 11 and Mike does a pretty good job this season to show the ups and downs of the young romance, how great it can be in one day and the next day you have no idea what’s going on and everyone hates and it was entertaining to be well enough for the comedy, but they also have it to a serious level and I appreciated the fact that they were able to to go there without letting it look cheesy.

This show is about the hilarity of a nasty Russian underground organization in a mall and Dustin and Steve and Robin catching that signal and then deciphering it and figuring out where it’s coming from and what it’s all about for me today as a mere ’80s felt. Some people will look at this and think that it is stupid and it is, but I feel that it is love.

I take seriously the fact that Russians in any movie were for a long time like the villain and that it basically recycles that What this show does, and for that it was criticized, but I’ll say it again, if this show was just recycled, if it was just nostalgia it would not be as successful as it is, because we’ve seen tons of shows and movies, they’re trying to do that, and they’re not going anywhere because they did not care about which characters in this show have characters that people love, which is why it’s as successful as Sean Astin for the final season in this one season? Cary Elwes is another actor who was very famous for the 80s, especially the Princess Bride.

I like seeing him as this wicked corrupt mayor, and there are some great arguments between him and Hopper reminding me that hopper is mad at the entire Season 1 episode. He’s at this heightened rage level and I love that he never really had a chance to calm any obstacle. They gave this character a boost that pushed him out of his comfort zone, so to speak, that he was constantly feeling unwell. The decisions they made with the characters during this season really helped, and to be honest, I found it pretty intense after the fourth episode was awesome.

The finale of this episode was really impressive, as were the last two episodes. Everything after four was really solid and entertaining. Very fast. But let’s talk about how to get things done. I actually like the idea of ​​Dustin’s girlfriend, even though I predicted I’d like from episode 1 when everyone doubted you would not see her for the whole show, and then you would find out that she’s real and everyone’s surprised and that happened, but I’m glad it happened. By the way, I also loved what they did to Steve and Robin, the friendship I showed there.

I found them really adorable and well developed and then took from the Russians was weird and I have to talk about Praia Ferguson as Erika Sinclair because she was weird the entire show because she had so much to do and that is a risk, because this is a young figure who has not much of development in the past few seasons, not a ton. She was thrown into this world, so to speak, and I thought Brother Ferguson was great. She really ate it out of sarcasm. And how blunt she was about everything that I thought was the best humor in the whole season.

I was also surprised at what they could do with the character Alexi because he somehow outsmarted his comrades, viewed him as a traitor and his development, and then his ultimately tragic fate was truly heartbreaking, surprisingly, they did great work, characters too It’s as if Steve Harrington is one of my favorites, but in the first season he somehow sucked in the second season It was amazing and he’s even better now, so they’re doing a really good job introducing characters that make you think it will work that way and then show you that we do not have a better idea, but in the last few episodes when the Mindflayer destroys them all and xi tries to use their powers, but they do not really work on it and you see all these characters, who come together to defeat this thing and finally hope that they give their life, was surprising and it was weird because I thought about it all season one of my problems was that I thought no one would die, they would not risk them taking any chances.

These were all kids, it will not happen, and then they’ll kill Hopper and the letter he wrote was very sad that I did not expect it to affect me so much that reminded me how much I loved them Characters. Nevertheless, the credits scene has this Russian base and these guys take somebody and feed him to something you do not know exactly what’s going on, but before that happens, they say no, not the Americans. So you assume that an American is in one of these jail cells.

That’s probably funnel. I do not know who else it would be I mean you c I can tell by the way they cut their quota unquote death scene, because they never let it evaporate, as if those four or five random scientists were there and they just evaporate, but they do not show what happens if they do not show you for one reason that he’s probably coming back, that he’s way too much of a fan favorite and I’d be really surprised if they never did anything else with him but I was pleased with the entire last half of this season and the aspects of the first few episodes I mean, there was no episode that I really hated.

Surely there was nothing worse than the storyline of the lost sister episode last season, which they totally rejected. I’m not blaming her for the fact that this was such a misstep and obviously it was okay, nobody likes us moving on, but somewhere out there or with Eleven’s buddies. I guess besides some things that I’ve already talked about, I did not really think that Karen Wheeler has a crush on Billy and wants If she cheated on her husband, it was really everywhere, but there was a lot of time spent and it felt completely unnecessary because I found out Billy was about to change, because he started and everyone loves her and all the girls look at him and everything and then he just is weird and now something is wrong, but it does nothing to do with Karen Wheeler.

It never really came into play for them and so it just felt unnecessary and there are some extreme similarities to the general course of this season in terms of the last will. He senses that something is happening and maybe something will come back if he’s like goosebumps and tingling in his neck and so on. This is a sign this time and people are not sure if he’s telling the truth. Joyce has died a new Crush Hopper Hopper in the last season.

Sean asked and died A similar route and a similar feeling that I can fully understand, but it never really bothered me that there is a part of this season where you definitely feel it’s a bit more the same is, and I completely understand when one feels that way, but already liked that it only becomes what you liked. I wish there was a bit more originality in each season because sometimes it seems like the same happens again and again and this tiny city just has to keep fighting against this thing and it keeps coming back and there’s always something coming back and it’s a bit tricky with this storyline. I never once felt bored, that’s impressive. Overall, I really like this season. I think I liked it a little better than the last one.

Sometimes it’s a bit hard to tell, if you’re careful to breathe and think a bit more and think about a show where you can only see one episode a week, when you see the whole thing, and how a day or two you can not really feel the nuances and I’m looking forward to looking back on the show in the future and really looking at each season and finding out where the strengths and lows are. I’ll be stranger to Season 3 and a – again a good season – to give the stranger a few minor issues with the first episodes, but the characters are really just to make the whole thing entertaining. It’s one of those shows that have come to this level for me, even if an episode is not the best, the fact that I enjoy watching these people makes it rewarding.


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