Storm Boy Movie Review

Storm Boy Movie Review

That’s kind of interesting because there are two parallel narratives that somehow intertwine and have a lot in common and work together to Storm Boy tell a story. The basic requirement, however, is that there is this old man who seems a bit disillusioned at first, but he is told of his childhood, where and how he grew up, and they can, because of their complicated relationship with their fathers, but On the one hand, the story follows this old man and his granddaughter, on the other hand she tells the story of this old man as a little boy, and although I did not necessarily love the parts with the granddaughter I talk about Parts liked In his childhood, I found that more or less fantastic.

I mean, little Finn is really great. This is Jai Courtney playing his dad and Trevor Jameson playing some kind of neighbor or slash friend I think you could say that, and I found that part of the movie was just great, it was cute, it was a lot of heart and maybe I shed some tears or not, it actually got quite emotional in several places and overall I thought it was mostly handled well. I mean, at a certain point, it was a bit too silly for my taste.

I’m a bit too cynical to just join in, but overall it was a kind of a little moron in the big scheme of things, in which I’m actually torn a bit more of this movie now, is the overall eco-conscious aspect, because it’s actually I have a considerable emphasis on it and on paper I do not mind the message that I absolutely believe that we should care about the environment and a thing in which the killing of animals is not behind it for no reason I can not understand but the way the movie dealt with it was not exactly subtle or elegantly impossible, even ignoring even the did not bother me so much, but there was one thing that the portrayals did, it’s not exactly fair and I would even argue that it is not representative, almost real hunters out there.

Real hunters do not behave like the others In this movie, and even as a hunter, we simply call the wrong picture of what it means to be one, and for my information. I do not even hunt, but I know hunters and respect what they do. In fact, I think they eat factory-bred meat like meat.

Storm Boy -
Storm Boy –

I’m much worse than the hunt, so I really have no moral reason to judge someone who hunts to feed themselves, but I do not appreciate how that movie Hunter as essentially villains This has definitely cut the movie one or two points for me personally. It’s basically preaching a bit and trying to send some pretty distorted messages.

It’s a shame, because on paper I have nothing against what it’s trying to say y it’s just that I was not exactly a fan of, but luckily there’s more in this movie than that, too there was a lot of real heart and that saved it for me and I even somehow missed it on the environmental agenda, because I really liked a lot of this movie and wanted to weaken the propaganda a bit, it could have been excellent, and I would still say it’s good, although I’m definitely torn, I would recommend it, yes I think it’s worth trying, and others may not be as sensitive to some of these things as me , Maybe try it.

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