Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so let’s begin the review! Okay so now let’s talk about the characters of this movie. I would actually say that they improved Rey in the Last Jedi because at least she doesn’t easily defeat such a powerful force user like Snoke like she defeated Kylo Ren. However, her character still wasn’t all that interesting in this movie and her parents being nobodies makes the sequel trilogy even more pointless.

Why is this in the Skywalker saga again? And no, Kylo Ren is either a Ren or a Solo, not a Skywalker and he is not even the protagonist! The protagonist is a freaking NOBODY! What is the point of this trilogy? What is the point of Rey? Speaking about Kylo Ren, he absolutely went downhill in this movie. First they destroy his cool mask and then they try to ship Rey and Kylo for some reason and then they just make a fool out of him in his battle with Luke.

The big brain purple haired commander came out of nowhere and she probably thinks she is a strategic genius or something when she is not. She almost destroyed the Rebels rip off! And her hyperspace thingy was a nice visual but as many people have pointed out, it breaks Star Wars lore and also Admiral Ackbar could have been a better option for that scene. Yes, I seriously prefer what happened in this movie’s How It Should Have Ended over the thing that happened in the actual movie. Okay so now let’s talk about Rose Tico.

If you saw the entire Star Wars: The Last Jedi Red Carpet live stream, which I did before this movie release, you could see the excitement that Kelly Marie Tran had for this character and the movie… And it honestly really makes me sad that her character wasn’t very well received. Even though I don’t think Rose is a good character, I still don’t hate her character or even dislike it just because of Kelly Marie Tran’s excitement for it. Anyways, let’s talk about Leia. And this is where I will disgaree with the people who don’t like the Last Jedi.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Movie Review
Star Wars The Last Jedi Movie Review

I honestly thought that the “Leia Marry Poppins” scene was awesome. Yes… Why? Well, because Leia knowing how to use the force has been hinted to us from Return of the Jedi or maybe even Empire, when Yoda said “No. There is another”. And seeing her finally use the force was really mind blowing. And yes, I will accept that it’s kinda cringy but I can overlook that because come on, it’s Leia USING THE FREAKING FORCE! Okay so now let’s talk about Luke. He is now this grumpy old grandpa who drinks green milk. I mean, I don’t hate the fact that he drank green milk since it’s a reference to A New Hope’s blue milk but I hate that creature he took the milk from.

What in the world is that? Him training Rey was honestly pretty boring to see which is surprising because I really enjoyed Yoda training Luke in Empire. Speaking of Yoda, he makes a surprise cameo in this movie and I really liked it. Here is a subversion of expectation done right, FINALLY… Seeing Yoda interact with Luke once again was nice but what’s not nice is KANTO BITE! I was so excited for this planet because it looked really nice in the trailers but oh my god, little did I know that this planet would provide us the most boring scenes of this movie.

I guess they were trying to replicate Empire like Rey is training instead of Luke and Rose and FInn are on a side quest like Han and Leia but that failed miserably. So, we get to see Snoke in person this time. Hmm, seeing him in the first movie as a hologram and now, in person.

The sequel trilogy really likes copying the original one, I guess. I will give Snoke one thing though, his Throne Room rocks. That vibrant red color looks really cool, to be honest but what’s not cool is Snoke dying. Yes, that death did surprise me and many others. But was getting that 2 second reaction out of us worth ruining the entire story? No.

Star Wars The Last Jedi
Star Wars The Last Jedi

This is a subversion of expectation done WRONG! And Kylo and Rey team up to defeat his guards after that and this fight was pretty nice to see on the big screen but Twitter ruined it for me. Some person had to point out all the flaws with this fight and that person ruined this fight for me. Now, whenever I watch it, I can’t help but notice the flaws.

Disney has a lightsaber duel problem. Seriously, is Disney trying to replicate the original trilogy’s lightsaber dueling too? WHY? They did give us some fast paced lightsaber action in Rogue One and that turned out to be so awesome!

Why can’t Disney do that with a duel instead of Darth Vader mercilessly slaughtering poor rebels? This was so underwhelming and this is the moment I got angry. Yeah, Mildly frustrating but okay, I guess Kylo is going to replace him. Rey having nobodies as parents? Umm, I guess Rey will be her own thing then. But THIS! After so much build up? They give us THIS? Pathetic. Okay so now let’s talk about the biggest plus point of this movie.

It’s a visual treat. Even if you hate this movie, you cannot deny that it looks gorgeous! In fact, the visuals are the reason that the trailers for this movie got me hyped even though The Force Awakens had let me down. I thought that since another person was directing it this time and since the visuals looked amazing in the trailers, it must be a more ambitious project. But this movie taught me to never be hyped for Disney Star Wars ever again.

To be honest, the sequel trilogy isn’t even in my headcanon and while that may seem like a very childish thing to do, I just don’t like the idea of dragging on Star Wars after Ep 6. I just think Disney should stick with Star Wars Stories. Rogue One was amazing and Solo and pretty good. But the sequel trilogy itself is such a disaster. Rating- 5.5/10


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