Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Review

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, So let’s begin the review! Okay so let’s talk about the characters of this movie. Rey seemed to be a pretty interesting character at the beginning but as the movie progressed, she kept becoming more and more boring. I really had faith in Rey’s character, even though her character seemed like it was a rip-off of Luke’s but this movie just completely obliterated that faith. Rey being overpowered doesn’t help either because it stops her character from growing a lot. And John Boyega, someone who has worked with JJ Abrams, Rian Jonhson and Daisy Ridley has himself said that Anakin would defeat Rey so it’s not like Rey is some force godly being or something. And if Anakin, someone who can defeat Rey, needs lots of training then Rey should need it too.

I don’t know, her character just feels like such a missed opportunity. I think Rogue One did it right with Jyn Erso because she is SO MUCH more interesting than Rey which is a shame, honestly. Anyways, Finn is a better character than Rey in my opinion because he has something interesting going for him, at least, and that is him being a former Stormtrooper.

I really liked seeing stuff from the Stormtrooper’s point of view in the beginning of this movie and I liked it at the end when the Stormtrooper was facing Kylo Ren who is the First Order equivalent of Darth Vader. Poe is okay, I guess and Han honestly sucks in this movie.

His death did take me by surprise though because I wasn’t expecting such a nostalgia heavy movie to kill off Han Solo, one of the main characters in the original trilogy. But I guess they did this to replicate Obi Wan’s death in A New Hope. I mean, Rey even reacts in a similar Luke reacted after seeing Obi Wan die. Seriously, the lengths this movie will go to just to copy A New Hope is absolutely fascinating. And even if it did want to copy a Star Wars movie, why pick the most freaking boring one out of them all? Okay so now let’s talk about the First Order. I hated them from the moment I saw them in the trailer. They just took the Empire and gave it a new name.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie Review
Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie Review

They even went as far as to trying to copy Vader and Palpatine. Snoke even has those scars on his face like Palpatine and Kylo’s voice sounds like a discount version of Vader’s voice. It’s honestly sad and pathetic.

This movie could have been so much more. Gotta attract those nostalgic fans for all that moneyyyy. And the new Death Star is also pretty pathetic. And the worst thing is, the assault on this Death Star isn’t even as intense so what’s even the point of ripping off A New Hope when you can’t recreate the most intense scene of that movie properly.

This movie is such a mess and I like how I am going off track so many times but that’s because this movie honestly sucks. Okay so now let’s talk about the final scene. But his loss to a person who is not even that experienced with the force really destroyed him for me. I was honestly expecting him to defeat Rey badly like Vader defeated Luke so that Rey could try to improve her skills and grow as a character.

Star Wars The Force Awakens
Star Wars The Force Awakens

That would make Kylo seem even more intimidating and make him seem like a threat to be reckoned with. But nah, who cares about making Kylo a good and intimidating villain, make him lose to a force newbie and don’t let him wear his extremely cool mask in the next movie.

Rating- 4.5/10 Best Moment- Battle of Takodana Okay so yeah guys, and that was it for the video and I just really hate this idea of an Episode VII in the first place.  This movie is making Star Wars seem like a soap opera or something. The Star Wars Stories are just so much better and I think Disney should stick with them.


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