Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith Movie Review

Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith, This movie opens with a blast and immediately tells the audience that it’s not messing around and I really loved the space battle scenes. They were just so fun and entertaining to watch and I really like how there’s just so much going on! But if you thought that the fun ends after the space battle scenes are over, you are wrong, because after Obi Wan and Anakin enter the humongous spaceship to rescue Palpatine, the “fun” part gets replaced with intense. Because yes, many scenes were just so intense during this rescuing scene, especially the ones with elevators. What’s not intense though is the lightsaber duel between Obi Wan, Anakin and Dooku since it just kinda feels underwhelming this time around.

That doesn’t mean it was a bad lightsaber duel by any means, though, just not enough by Prequel Lightsaber duel standards. I would say that the most interesting part of this scene isn’t even the duel but what happens after Anakin cuts both of Dooku’s hands. Although I didn’t like how Palpatine was being so direct with the “do it” and all, I still did like how he got Anakin to free the anger inside of him. I would still prefer it if he was a little more subtle with it, though. Anyways, after that we get introduced to General Grievous and I may really like his design but even I will have to accept that his voice is absolutely hilarious. And with all those robotic coughs, I just kinda can’t take him seriously in his introduction scene in the movie. I think that they were going for something Vader-like but that failed miserably.

The prequels should just not try to replicate anything from the originals because the uniqueness of the prequels is exactly what makes it stand out for me and that is why I love them. The prequel era is so much more unique and superior to the gloomy original era. What’s not gloomy though are the conversation scenes between Obi Wan and Anakin and they keep being great, heartwarming and interesting. This time, it also told how much Obi Wan needs Anakin for his missions once again. I really didn’t like how greedy Anakin was being in this movie, though. The Jedis were giving him a chance to be a part of the council and they were actually giving him that much honor and respect but he wanted more… He wanted to be a Master. The Jedi gave him the finger so he tried to grab the entire freaking hand.

The sad thing is, he could have actually gotten what he wanted if he didn’t trust and listen to Palpatine but instead listened to his Master and the rest of the Jedi. Okay so now let’s discuss about the Opera Scene. This scene is such a masterpiece and does everything just so very well! The thing that I really like about this scene is that Anakin actually gives strong points against what Palpatine is saying in the beginning but that just doesn’t work and he easily changes topics. The “Not from a Jedi” dialogue gives me chills most of the time I watch this movie and stuff like this is what has made Palpatine one of my favorite villains of all time.

Star Wars Revenge of The Sith
Star Wars Revenge of The Sith

The acting done by Ian McDarmid is great once again and I think that this is Palpatine’s best “Normal Form” scene. What do I mean by Normal Form? Well, when I say Normal Form I mean Palpatine in his “normal skinned” form and not in his pale skinned one. Basically, what I mean to say is this scene is my favorite scene of Palpatine before he turned pale and all because if it had to be my favorite Palpatine scene of all time, then it would probably be something from Return of the Jedi. It really blew my mind how Palpatine just revealed to Anakin that he was a Sith, just like that. It really caught me off guard, to be honest.

I really liked how Palpatine kept reminding Anakin in this scene that he needed him to save Padme and for his dreams to become true, like it did the previous time. You see, Anakin, this is why you don’t tell anything about your nightmares to politicians and Sith Lords like Palpatine. And not just any Sith Lord, it’s one of the most manipulative and evil Sith lords we are talking about, here, and also one of the most intelligent ones.

He just kept injecting again and again that Anakin needed him in Anakin’s mind and the sad thing is, he really didn’t because if he didn’t turn to the Dark Side, Padme would never die. And even if she did die of childbirth, she was destined to die anyways, so I think Anakin should have followed what Yoda said and rejoice the living instead of mourning over the people who have become one with the force. At least, if he didn’t turn to the Dark Side, he wouldn’t feel guilty of killing Padme, something that he probably didn’t even do. Okay so back to Grievous.

This is the first time I got to see Grievous’ lightsaber and while I wasn’t so shocked by Maul’s double bladed lightsaber because Phantom Menace was my first Star Wars movie, this one surprised me a bit. However, what also surprised me was how easily Grievous’ arms kept getting cut up by just one of Obi Wan’s lightsabers, even though Grievous had freaking four.

The duel between Obi Wan and Grievous was pretty mediocre and underwhelming, to be honest. All that Grievous build up for nothing. But I do get that that was for the greater good because Grievous would kinda be a distraction and killing him off would be the better choice for the greater good of the epic finale of the movie. Okay so this is finally where the movie gets super serious and super good. Mace Windu and three more high ranked Jedis come to fight Palpatine and while the “I am the Senate” line might have been memed to death, but I will still say that it’s absolutely a badass line.

Palpatine just defeating three of the Jedis at once is also pretty badass but it’s kinda confusing how Palpatine defeats three high ranked Jedis at once in the matter of a few seconds but then loses to Mace Windu. He even gave Yoda a run for his money, so how did he lose to Mace Windu? Anyways, Anakin finally arrives and chooses the absolute worst timing for the arrival and Palpatine acts as the victim because of course he does. Anakin killed Dooku because he was too dangerous to be left alive but then said that Palpatine deserved a chance, even though he was even more dangerous to be left alive. Why? Just because he thought he needed Palpatine to save Padme. Such selfishness and hypocrisy.

Star Wars Revenge of The Sith Movie Review
Star Wars Revenge of The Sith Movie Review

The only thing that this led to was ultimately Padme’s death with an added bonus of the Jedi existing no more and Anakin becoming trapped in the Dark Side. Order 66 has to be one of the most devastating and heart wrenching moments of Star Wars, ever. The Jedi Temple march is pretty cool, though, but that doesn’t make the deaths of the Jedi any less sad. Even though I love Siths and the Dark Side, I truly, truly hate this scene and Order 66 itself because this is what led us to the gloomy shitty original trilogy era.

The prequel trilogy era was so much better than the dull original trilogy era. I also loved the dialogue given by Padme which is “This is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause” and this is such an underappreciated line. Do people not get how ironic this line is? The irony in this is absolutely amazing and I think the only reason this line doesn’t get enough recognition it deserves is because it’s from the prequels. The youngling killing scene is pretty dark. So is the seperatist killing scene but that is what they deserve for having such stupid eyes that still freak me out and also for trusting a freaking Sith Lord.

The “Who could have done this” dialogue is just so great and that’s great acting right there. It was just sad seeing Obi Wan see who really could have done this. Okay so Yoda goes to Palpatine to fight him and it’s pretty surprising to see Palpatine’s Sith lightning even overpowering Master Yoda at first. It’s probably because of how sudden it was and because it caught Yoda off guard since we saw Yoda deflecting his lightning later on in the fight. “If so powerful you are, why leave?” is a really badass and underrated line. I also really liked the use of the clever use of those round thingies in the Senate room.

That is probably what makes this fight my favorite moment of this movie. Yes, I like Yoda vs. Palpatine more than Anakin vs. Obi Wan. I guess I like action in a lightsaber duel more than emotions. That’s probably why I didn’t like Kylo Ren vs. Luke in the Last Jedi because yeah, there were emotions behind the fight but the fight itself was such underwhelming hot garbage. So same here. Not saying that Obi Wan vs. Anakin was anywhere near the garbage fight that was Kylo Ren vs. Luke, though. Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith

The prequel fights are in a league of their own. Okay so after Anakin has arrived on Mustafar and finished his job there, he sees Padme’s ship landing there and rushes to the ship. He and Padme argue with each other and then Anakin gets too angry and starts choking her which like…. What? Wasn’t he doing all this FOR Padme? Is Anakin stupid or something? Oh my god, he has turned into a monster and will harm anybody who doesn’t agree with him, even if it’s his Master and Padme. And because Obi Wan doesn’t agree with him, he starts dueling him too. The duel starts as some awesome, epic but kinda emotional music kicks in and I would really recommend any viewer to focus on the expressions of Anakin and Obi Wan while watching the fight.

The fight itself is pretty awesome and of course, Anakin loses because he has to get that Vader suite SOMEHOW and also because he didn’t have the high ground. I know that this has been memed to death too but this scene actually tells that Anakin lost to Obi Wan just because of his arrogance. He could have actually won or it could have maybe ended in a tie but no, Anakin overestimated his abilities and therefore, lost. At the end, Padme gives birth to Luke and Leia and Darth Vader gets reborn, this time in a suit and we see the beginning of the construction of the Death Star.

This has to be the most depressing scene in the history of Star Wars and this made me cry. Yeah, a prequel movie actually made me cry but it was just so emotional! You could even clearly see that Anakin was starting to regret his decision to join Palpatine at the end. It’s just so sad and depressing. Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith Rating- 10/10


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