Star Wars: Attack of The Clones Movie Review

Star Wars: Attack of The Clones Movie Review

This time it is Episode II of the Star Wars: Attack of The Clones. This one was a bit of a downgrade from the first one in my opinion but still enjoyable for me nonetheless! So let’s begin the review! Okay so this movie opens in a pretty normal Star Wars movie shot, with a spaceship landing and all but what happens after that really surprised me. The spaceship that Padme and her fake clone was on blasted just like that right in the beginning of the movie and killed off the fake one.

This not only was a great surprise but also tells us how great of a danger Padme is in right at the beginning! After that we see an important discussion between Palpatine and the high ranked Jedi officers and Palpatine obviously steals the scene. The way he says to padme that “The thought of losing you… is unbearable…” is acted so well not just by Ian McDarmid but also by the character of Palpatine himself because at the end, he is an evil Sith Lord who doesn’t give a shit about Padme and is just acting.

The conversation between Anakin and Obi Wan in the elevator is also a pretty interesting scene, to be honest. It not only shows how Obi Wan needs Anakin’s help for his missions but also shows how good Anakin and Obi Wan’s relationship as a Master and Apprentice had grown. Only if this relationship stayed that way forever…. Jar Jar Binks returns but he is even more ignorable in this movie so again, he doesn’t matter.

Who does matter though is the secret assassin trying to kill Padme who tried to kill her again that same night with…. Incredibly ugly looking worms. Oh my god, these worms would give me a heart attack if I saw them anywhere near me in real life. Thankfully, Anakin gives those terrible poisonous worms the fate they deserve- death, and Obi Wan tries to find the root of this attack, the secret assassin and clings on to that flying droid thingy.

Star Wars Attack of The Clones
Star Wars Attack of The Clones

Really shows how Obi Wan and Anakin both need each other for their mission. Without Anakin, Obi-Wan wouldn’t have been able to rescue Padme without letting go of that flying droid thing and without Obi Wan, Anakin wouldn’t have been able to cling on to the droid since he would be too busy rescuing Padme! Anyways, they follow the Assassin’s minion after that in a truly well crafted scene which is incredibly intense and fun to watch. It also makes me want to stay in night time Coruscant forever and ever and ever because night time Coruscant is just so beautiful! This scene also kinda shows the arrogance that Anakin had developed.

The same arrogance that would lead him to lose to Count Dooku later on in the movie… They finally catch the Assassin’s minion after a kinda intense scene and then it is revealed that the assassin is actually a bounty hunter but before we can know what his name is, the minion gets shot and poisoned or something.

I really like how this scene now shows Anakin’s anger and intolerance. How? Well, Obi Wan asks the minion about the assassin in a really calm, tolerant and Jedi-like way but when she doesn’t answer, Anakin gets frustrated and asks the same thing in a really angry manner. And you can clearly see the anger within him, which is clearly not a good sign. Okay so Obi Wan is trying to find this planet which is producing all these clones but he is having a problem with finding the planet called Kamino because it isn’t in the archives… He goes to Master Yoda for help and this is where we get to see Yoda’s teaching brilliance.

I saw how good of a teacher Yoda was for the first time because I had seen the prequels one day before the originals so yeah. Anyways, Yoda asks Obi Wan’s questions to his students and makes them answer to Obi Wan’s problem which not only gives Obi Wan an answer to his question but also tests the particular student and his Jedi intelligence a little bit. Also, are all the students wearing a freaking VR headset or something? If so, then that’s amazing! Makes me wish the real world was like prequel era Star Wars even more in terms of technology and looks of the planet. However, what I don’t want in the real world are these weird weird WEEIIRD aliens on Kamino.

These look so weird and they are kinda like human and snake hybrids and it just creeps me out. We also see the Clones for the first time and also the “original clone”, Jango Fett for the first time. And I like Jango Fett more than Boba Fett even though they are the same thing, probably because of what follows next. What follows next is an awesome fight between Obi Wan and Jango Fett which is actually pretty intense! Obi Wan is surprisingly pretty smart during this fight and manages to outsmart Jango Fett not once by faking his death but two times, by attaching a tracker on his spaceship! So of course after attaching the tracker he follows them and if you thought it couldn’t get more intense, you are WRONGGGG, because oh yes, it does.

The intense thing about this space battle scene is even if Obi Wan manages to dodge the bombs thrown by Jango, he still won’t be safe because they are going to hit the asteroids and it’s going to have a terrible ripple effect which will cause havoc! And even Obi Wan knows that, so he decides to fake his death once again and the smile that Boba gives after he thinks Obi Wan is dead is…. Disturbing. A little while after that, we are finally introduced to this Count Dooku guy that they had talked about from the beginning of the movie. He turns out to be an evil guy and actually manages to capture Obi Wan and here, it is revealed that Count Dooku was the teacher of Obi Wan’s teacher, Qui Gon. So… at the end, Anakin faced his teacher’s teacher’s teacher along with his teacher… What a Teacher-ception. Talking about Anakin, he and Padme also join Obi Wan in the execution after they have an intense adventure scene of their own.

This execution scene was not really intense but really fun to watch and Mace Windu’s entry was absolutely awesome. Seeing so many Jedis take out and activate their lightsaber all at once was such a blast to see and really makes me wish that I could see this on the big screen. Jango Fett’s death was not really sad but it surely was surprising. And no, this time, even Boba’s reaction wasn’t sad because I am not going to feel sad for a person that smiles like that when he thinks someone is deadk.

However, the Jedi get immensely outnumbered but they still decide to go out like respected warriors- with an awesome fight. Thankfully, they fight but don’t go out, thanks to Yoda coming there along with the clone army. The clone army saved them this time, only to destroy them forever another time… Okay so Anakin and Obi Wan go to face Dooku together and Obi Wan tells Anakin to stay together for the rest of the fight but at the end, his arrogance leads to his downfall since he goes in first and gets Sith lightning’d by Dooku. Okay, this was the first time I saw Sith lightning since again, I saw the prequels before, and it absolutely blew my mind due to how cool it was.

It’s so cool that even Obi Wan isn’t able to handle it and loses to the combination of Dooku’s Sith lightning, Lightsaber skills and experience. You could see by Dooku’s smile that he was successfully predicting every one of Obi Wan’s moves and was planning according to that and you can’t win with that, can you? Well, yes you can if you are unpredictable and that’s exactly what Yoda is! Yes, Yoda himself comes to rescue Anakin and Obi Wan and it’s revealed that Dooku was once his padawan… And the Teacher-ception continues.

Thankfully, this was the end of the Teacher-ception since any more would be too much Master-Apprentice drama for me to handle. And some people surprisingly make fun of Yoda’s battle style but, it’s actually very clever. Not only does Yoda turn his disadvantage, his size, to his advantage but he also becomes extremely unpredictable like this which makes it impossible for Dooku to predict his next moves, like he did with Obi Wan. Dooku, after having remembered the true power of his Master, Yoda, immediately gets out of there while Yoda gets busy in saving Obi Wan and Anakin from those weird pillar shaped thingies.

We get to see Dooku’s Sith name and also the hooded form of Palpatine in the prequels for the first time. And Anakin and Padme give into it and finally marry, which leads to the fall of the Jedi… Rating- 7.5/10 Best Moment- Anakin vs. Dooku Okay so yeah guys and that was it for the video and I am really surprised by how many people hate the “I hate sand” dialogue. Yeah, the delivery might be a bit strange but I always overlooked that and saw the meaning behind it. It really shows the anger and hatred that Anakin has for his home planet, Tatooine because of how bad his life was back there. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace


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