Sleepaway Camp Movie Review

Sleepaway Camp Movie Review

Sleepaway camp stars Felissa Rose from her adoptive mother in the camp for the summer. I definitely like this movie as a superior slasher to Friday, and I just liked it more because it had to do with things the movie and what it did for the director. I also really liked how he built-up tension. From what point of view. Sometimes they faked you, and I liked that part of it very sparingly, but also really good.

I really loved the character too, not because it behaves badly, except Alyssa Rose and the bad behavior makes it better for me because We do not make an effort, this negotiation and it makes it pretty funny, so I like The characters like Ricky loved Angela, she is very sympathetic in the movie, to the very end and talking about that Nina is one of the best endings I have have seen for a long time.

I watch a movie for the first time, usually it’s the way the killer gets it or they kill the killer, but then he comes back and I like to count this movie, but it’s stuck and I really like how the movie was made.

I also loved that the movie has good gore effects, which is necessary for a slasher like this one because he’s definitely a B-movie that I did not really know was on Friday the 13th.

Sleepaway Camp -
Sleepaway Camp –

The Olympic board is a good idea. I felt entertained because the music was so over the top and all the stuff at Sleepaway Camp was definitely more fun than I thought I think it’s definitely a good time to see it, but there are some Shortcomings that I would say that sometimes acting can be a bit annoying and some of the characters are just unnecessarily mean to Angela, which is also helpful for the movie. There are no really likable characters except her and her aunt, I mean Angela and Ricky. So you’re like there’s nobody you like, and it dissolves you when other people are murdered for things, but I do not think that outweighs the pros and aunts.

That’s why I think it’s up In any case, what you guys think in this movie is legitimate. Did you like it as much as I did or did not you inform me below?


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