Shadow 2019 Movie Review

Shadow 2019 Movie Review

Shadow comes to us from the director of the masterpiece House of Flying Daggers and Heroes, the latter of whom I saw in the theaters back then, which was a fascinating experience, so it was natural when I found out that this movie would be on display Art House Theater in Akron I was like I need to go I need to watch this movie and this movie tells the story of a man known as a shadow or bait for someone more powerful than he and secretly trained to defeat a challenger the result of this struggle and hopefully allow him to regain the land.

I had no idea that this movie is coming to Akron. I sometimes check Fandango and just watch what movies are playing and I see these movies coming and I like what’s that. I love all the films of this guy. I have to watch this movie and I had no plans to see it today.

I had no plans to review this movie, but I went to the theater and saw it and I was just blown away by this movie, that’s just the best movie I saw in the theater in 2019, is one of the best Greatest movies I’ve seen in years, and it’s also extremely powerful that there’s a central romance in the movie, as is common in movies like these epic martial arts. Old-time movies usually contain a kind of forbidden love, along with them amazing sequences in which people spin and spin and fly in the air, and they get along really well because it never feels cheesy, it never gets to the point where I was alright. shadow

It’s a soap opera which is treated with the utmost skill and precision, and I have found that romance is really close to my heart although I expected bad action sequences in the movie that I found myself entangled in this romance, but the movie is also a very mysterious movie because we have all those characters who are in the midst of a kind of deception. Everyone has an agenda. Your leader is terrible at work. He’s not as bad as Joffrey for Game of Thrones. He never wants people to actually go to battle.

Shadow 2 –
Shadow 2 –

He just wants to make compromises over and over again, and so we have people behind the scenes trying to win their back without the king realizing, and it’s really a much more complex movie than I expected and you really have to be careful because most of the main characters in this movie are all silent films of which they are sure to be dialogues, but they tend to play most of their emotions silently on their faces, and you have to read them very carefully so that They understand their motivations in the scenes, and it was really fascinating to see that there was so much silence. This film, in which characters think about things, but do not express them, allows the actors to really play around, and one This does not get too much, especially in American films. shadow

Normally, you have to find that in a foreign cinema where you trust someone to really do it rstehen What they want for the movie is also presented in an amazing color scheme that mainly uses black and white, keeping the characters skin tone. The blood on the screen is obviously red and it’s incredible to see it squirting out of the soldiers and various battles.

As far as I know, this was done to honor Chinese ink paintings, and this movie looks like a painting in which every shot is masterful, but I think most people will be thrilled to see the battle sequences that take place in the shadow, and that does not disappoint them as always with all his martial arts films, the action sequences are mind-boggling, breathtaking and there’s a lot more than I expected, especially a sequence in which soldiers wrapped themselves in razor blades and they slip on a rain-lashed road, these razor-bladed umbrellas are like reflective arrows shot at them, and there was no music during that sequence to hear it was just that and effects and these painted pictures just exploded in front of me.

I felt like watching a movie that I just could not see in a theater. Often I was very happy as if I was like that. Thanks, this is like a filmmaker who really understands almost everything, because the romance gets to the point. The drama and the interaction. There is even a comedy in a roving. The cinematography and the action. Everything is absolutely perfect.

Let’s talk about the music, because the music is almost one In this movie, there are many scenes in which people play this instrument, which is called lute, and there is a certain sequence with this instrument in which two people play it and it’s connected with sequences of slaughter and blood and blood, and it was just damn amazing, this movie really gave me everything I wanted and I did not expect it to be as good as it was. I just have a little problem with the movie and I would say it’s the first 30 minutes. The tempo is not as important as the rest of the movie.

You can understand where people are and that can be a bit difficult as I said that characters do not always express what their goals are and sometimes you have to read behind the lines what is really fun but for the opening of yours Films was a bit like what this movie is about, and it was a bit of a confusing time for maybe 20 to 30 minutes, for which everything was amazing, but somehow I was waiting for the movie to start. I feel like this will not be a problem with repeated viewing, now that I’ve seen the full movie and trust the first 30 minutes that they like it Okay, you understand that you kind of understand that. One of the problems is that it resembles some of his other films.

It starts with a text that explains the world to you, and you have to somehow read that block of text and then you just have to keep it for a while to understand all this information and that’s a little bit too much. I never think that a filmmaker represents something like our world in a large block of text. I hope you remember everything you read in the next few minutes. That’s the only problem I have with this movie. It is great. It’s a masterpiece near one of the best martial arts movies I’ve ever seen. I’ll give an AI to Shadow. I strongly recommend seeing this movie in cinemas when it comes to a movie near you on a gigantic screen with booming surround sound. It is worth it.


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