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I’m going to review RocketMan is a biopic musical by Dexter Fletcher and it’s none other than Elton John, played by Terence Edgerton, and I’ve highlighted the word musical here Because this movie is not our normal drama Biopic It is a full musical with a lot of exaggerated musical numbers, and I do not think the movie was so advertised because I was shocked when I saw it to find out how much It’s one of the many reasons why RocketMan was a fantastic, pleasant surprise for me. I did not think that I would enjoy this movie as much as I did. I not only enjoyed it.

I love him -top fantasy-like musical with many dreamlike elements that were really entertaining and very, very creative and captivating, somehow reminding me of the universe, which is another music film based on Beatles music and not It’s a mix of Plus Bohemian Rhapsody and that’s exactly what this movie will compare to Bohemian Rhapsody, as there are many similarities, especially with the type of characters he portrays and the time in music history, In general, the lifestyle of these people is very similar and, interestingly enough, the director of this film is the person who joined Bryan Singer as the director for Bohemian Rhapsody.

There is a bit of worth knowing for you, as much as I enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody, I think RocketMan is a better movie because it’s not a simple biopic for painting by numbers. Actually, it is very interesting. It has a unique structure and does what Bohemian Rhapsody did not do. RocketMan

Rocketman : Movie Review –
Rocketman : Movie Review –

It’s about delving deep into the darkness in Elton John and this movie does not hold back, it’s actually an r-rated movie, but here we get it censored, but it went for the things that Brahimi packs in, he did not go for and it made the movie much more layered and much darker and much more structured and deeper than a glimpse into the life of this man and it does not really follow his whole life but takes up a small part of his life as he rose to fame and one very dark time in his life and he gives us a really interesting idea of ​​all the dark and deep-seated demons that life with an Elton John.

Who make him who he is, it’s not really about his music or his life story about it who he is as a human being, why he is the way he is and it plunges into his mentality, which leads to a more impressive fascinating film, and the fantastic fantasy aspect plays well with it and makes it a unique experience for you, especially if you like it, Elton John, I do, and above all, if you like the music I do, it has given the music a new element through which I use his Understand songs better.

There are still songs in which I do not like Felton John after watching the movie and you see in the context of his story and his life and personality I liked these songs a lot more and there are even songs that I liked, but I have They are not as much appreciated as I appreciate them now, or even seen in a very different light, so it is a very fulfilling experience for me as a fan of the man and his music and I thought so too The style choices that the director makes in this film go so well with the man in his music that sometimes this film is very over the top and completely absurd and works because that’s what Elton John is. This movie goes well with Elton John’s personality, as well as in Bohemian Rhapsody.

I did not feel that this film fits Freddie Mercury. I felt Freddie Mercury was bigger than this movie. I am sorry for the final comparison with Barack Producer John Reed and Wayman found that he is big with the little finger and is played here by Robb Stark in both films. He’s an asshole, by the way, and as good as Rami Malek, it was not Bohemian Rhapsody, like Taron Egerton, which was a big shock to me. Where the hell came from that guy from Kingsland, what he does so well in this movie. He is absolutely electrified. He’s on fire on the screen and sings the songs.

He is really good and dances in the number Bers was and also an incredible feat of Jamie Bell as Elton John’s longtime friend and songwriting associate. He is amazing at it. He also earns awards for his performance. Your chemistry together is incredible. Her friendship and relationship is the heart and soul in the movie I got as well Commentary on the incredible production design and graphics of this movie The props The outfits he puts on You’ve brought so many of Elton John’s crazy outfits His glasses were His headgear So cool Visually, this movie is absolutely stunning.

Definitely worth a visit to the cinema because it’s again a big musical extravaganza that’s over the top. So it’s worth a big screen. It’s definitely a unique movie with a very interesting structure that feels very fresh and different, but at the same time.

This was one of the things that hurt. It felt structurally a bit disgusting for me because it was not like an Act movie felt but like two acts in the first half of the movie was the rise of Elton John and then the second half of the movie is a kind of fall plus its inner demons and I did not feel that we were having a real third act who does it differently but at the same time it does that I was not satisfied with the end and it made me want Elton John to die because we did not have no.

I do not want to. I do not wanna die. I love Elton John I’m glad he’s alive, but it definitely hurts the third act or end or finale of the movie, as if it ended somehow, with no real dissolution or even buildup or even a grand climax at the end The class happens a little earlier and nothing that disturbed me a lot is that despite the fact that it has tried again to be different from normal biopics, it still had generic action points and moments that are typical of a biopic and the moments I dragged the movie has just come down a bit, because this movie was so much better than the other In addition, these elements in some ways stood out in comparison, especially the antagonist of the evil music manager, we this troupe like that have often seen.

I did not like how it was here. I did not like the character because I felt like it was a one-dimensional mustache whirling the evil music manager as if he were very generic.

I felt like he was not in this movie. I thought this movie was more complicated and deserved to be more complicated, villain, because people are more complicated than what there are not only bad guys who just skip people nearby, there’s a reason why everyone does things and me Hope the antagonist would be here, that he was not that that was a weakness in an otherwise altogether very unique and interesting treatment of a The story of a man you know as a great icon, and it was very difficult to translate that into a movie like this. So it’s a challenging movie.

It’s another move. All in all, this movie is a definite recommendation if you’re a fan of musicals and if you’re a fan of Elton John, you have him here despite his weaknesses and some mistakes here See, most of it is a hit and it’s I’m out of the park giving RocketMan an 8.5 out of 10. Did you see RocketMan? Will you take a look at what your favorite song by Elton John is? Let me know in the comment section and share. See you.


  1. Taron Egerton was obviously pick after his involvement with Sing and with Elton John’s appearance in Kingsman 2


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