Rio Movie Review

Rio which was a BlueSky animated film released in 2011. So let’s begin the review! Characters- Okay so first let’s talk about the character of this movie. Blu is a good character and I really liked his character arc but I wish they gave us an explanation for why he can’t fly. Like, it looks like it is because of the fear of heights or the trauma of seeing birds getting captured something but they never really explain to us exactly why he can’t fly. And it’s pretty implausible that Linda did everything with Blu because at the end, Blu is a pet and people don’t do everything with their pets alongside them. And I really didn’t like Tulio because he was just weird and all for most of the movie.

Now Jewel was great and I liked her introduction and her leg being chained to Blu’s leg created some of the most entertaining parts of this movie so her having to walk like Blu instead of flying just because he can’t fly was really fun to watch. Anyways, Nico and Pedro were the most annoying characters of this movie and I don’t know why they decided to make these two birds so annoying. This movie would be just fine if they weren’t in it.

The side character I really liked in this movie was Rafael because he wasn’t as annoying as Nico and Pedro and also because he helped Blu and Jewel way more than them. Okay so now let’s talk about the character of this movie I hated the most- Luiz. I don’t know why so many CG animated movies have these types of characters which are just gross. Like would there be any harm to this movie if Luiz didn’t have drools all over his mouth?

The only reason why I don’t like him is because of his drools because that just makes it hard to watch him whenever he appears on the screen because those drools are gross. He could be much more likeable to me only if they removed his stupid drools. Villain- Okay so now let’s talk about the villain of this movie who is Nigel.


Now it is very implausible that a bird would work with people who capture and then sell birds but if you just ignore that, Nigel is an awesome villain! He is the type of villain who always does the job himself instead of sending minions to do everything and you can say that he did use the monkeys to do his job but he did that so that he could find Blu and Jewel. Once the monkeys found them and easily got defeated by them, like typical minions, Nigel again started doing his job all by himself. Rio 

That’s what I like about this villain the most. He is cruel, probably scary to those birds and intelligent and also he causes a lot of trouble for our protagonists! However, it seems like he is immortal or something since he survived an electrical shock which would instantly kill any normal bird and also that propeller that was on the airplane near the end of the movie which would not only kill any bird but anyone or anything if they went straight into it. How did he survive those sharp blades? I would really like to see how he survived that. Anyways, his villain song was actually pretty nice as a song but as a villain song? Nope.

Because he didn’t come off as scary or aggressive in his song, even though he clearly tried to be scary and all in the song. Villains (Human Ones)- Okay so now let’s talk about the human villains of this movie and they are just okay, I guess? The leader of the bird capturing gang is the complete opposite of Nigel and completely depends on his minions for everything and that’s why he is really not that great as a villain. I mean, even if he wants his minions to do everything, can’t he keep minions that are actually smart? I really don’t understand why most minions of the main villain are often dumb in movies. And he even knows that his minions are dumb and yet he depends on them for most things and that is exactly the reason a few caged birds were able to defeat him.

Rio Movie Review
Rio Movie Review

Final Scene- Okay so now let’s get to the Final Scene of this movie and I really liked the Carnaval Festival and the music that was playing during the festival. Anyways, Linda finally sees Blu once again during the festival and Blu also sees her but decides to rescue Jewel first and so he goes to Jewel to save her but instead gets captured himself by none other than Nigel.

However, Blu uses his intelligence and breaks open his cage like a soda can and then he frees all the others birds and all of them fly away but Jewel falls out of there instead of flying and so Blu too dives out of there and finally catches Jewel and before they fall into the sea, Blu flaps his wings and finally starts flying! This was really satisfying to watch and the movie finally ends with the same song it started with, except that in the first song Blu himself was a baby bird but now he and Jewel have their own baby birds. Really like how it has a full circle feeling to it. Rio Rating- 8/10


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