I’m pretty sure this movie killed brain cells. Oh my god, this movie is Replicas, so it’s definitely a January movie with Keanu Reeves. Keanu Reeves works in this lab where they try to transfer human consciousness into the body of a robot, and his family dies in a car accident so he clones them and transmits their consciousness into their bodies. Half of this film is about Keanu Reeves cloning his family, and nobody should know about it.

The other half of this film is trying this company to transfer the human consciousness into a robot body, and if so That sounds like two different films. It feels like two different films. It feels like two different episodes. If the outer limits of the X files are as they are, let’s break it down and make a movie that still has the budget of a TV show and it will show when we show the robot, but hopefully Keanu could Be Getting it on track, he can not, because this is not Keanu, as we know him now, this is Keanu, as we knew him in the 90s, as at One Point, where it was fun, making fun of Keanu Reeves because it’s like his acting is blue. We were like Hollywood.

At one point it was, but it’s cool. Then he gets it up and running. He owns it and that makes him great. It’s John Docht’s baby and if he did not have that he would be neo forever, no, that’s like Keanu, how people made fun of Kyon if he was bad in this movie and I do not even blame him give that you just feel like he did not do it. ‘I do not want to be there.

Replicas –
Replicas –

I wonder if the studio was like Hey. If you want to do this passion project, you have to do that. It’s a dirty part of Hollywood. I do not know for sure, but I have to feel that there is something Diana’s career is to look, man, we have John wick three and you tell me he was like no. Someone had a proverbial gun in his head, he had to do that by contract I have to believe that no one in this movie is good, then one of the characters flips into a great villain, you’re like you speak like a great B Villain and it only depends on the screen. This movie is all bad 90s sci-fi. Maybe bad early 2000 Sci-Fi loves you and you hear people saying I do not like sci-fi. What they mean is that they do not like bad science fiction.

They do not like movies like this. All that I thought was important in this movie, Keanu Reeves, is like cloning their bodies, but I can not transmit their consciousness, so it just has to be find out. It takes time to find out he can do it and then he does it or how about if he clings to the corpses of his dead family, then he gets the realization, oh, wait, if I do, I can bring back and transmit their consciousness. I felt like you were just doing a moment because I needed it. I had no choice, the difference is simple, it would save us. About 15 minutes, and I could have got out of this movie fifteen minutes earlier. Call me selfish. I would have preferred if they had gone that way In this movie, nothing in this movie makes sense.

I have the feeling that this is one of the films on the shelf. You can always hear that these are films written a few decades ago. It makes it sound as if this movie was written in a really dark time for science fiction, as if Hollywood was at the pinnacle of science fiction, They were like someone writing a script after Johnny Mnemonic came out. I suppose we will do that, now they have not adjusted the original budget for inflation, that the $ 90 is not going that far now, it’s something of them again I do not know exactly. I do not know exactly why I have repeatedly come up with stories about how this thing came about.

I’m just trying to find a logical reason for the madness of how this thing exists and for the life of me. The normal processes just do not seem to fill it, so it had to contract extortion, or somebody found this script stuck in the Deduction of the grandmother or let us make five dollars. I want to talk about bad CGI, there’s this robot in the movie that’s not it alright, alright, I’m going to spoil something that I’m warning as a spoiler. Do not look at this movie anyway. This spoiler should mean that Keanu Reeves has turned his consciousness into a robot’s body so that there could now be two major winners. But when this robot steps in the door, it’s like he’s escaping my family, but he sounds as if Gianni a child away from my family. I do not know why I sound like him.

Your consciousness does not dictate what yours is. Vowel chords sound like your vocal chords and it’s not just the voice, just the robot scene in general, it was a coffin nail for this thing and I think it’s on the damn poster, so I think ‘It’s not a spoiler, oh god, the CGI robot was awful, though I thought Hollywood was at a point where it is. If we can not make semi-realistic RIS images of robots, we just do not try that somebody it looks like I’m showing you that this movie was going to be a movie about Keanu Reeves turning human consciousness into a robot. Well, if it was a movie about an organization that wanted to do that, and they would become Keanu Reeves backstab.

Well, if this movie is just Keanu Reeves cloning his family, then things are going well, if this movie was going to be a movie about someone cloning his dead family, but he could clone three of them with it he erases their memories and remembers them, and when things get bad, because that’s okay, it does not work, it’s just really sloppy, but it stays open for continuations that kidnap no sequels. C’mon, I can not get its sequel, if this movie gets a sequel before I get the final chapter 2 of Cain’s legacy to Mars Ilana, are you a fan, Studio whoever did that, you can quote me that on the Blu-ray box this movie is really a January movie, it’s as if all that is Stopping things would have been interesting, but this movie has missed the mark.

It’s really talented to miss the mark on anything he would think in terms of the likelihood that something would have hit the bull’s eye, but now it’s so c-3po Yeah, I have not seen it every time but every time everything was a touch of ISO Replicas. Did you see this movie, which is probably a rejected episode or two from a science fiction show? Why did you think about it, right? What’s the craziest science fiction movie after the 90s?


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